Watch Hollywood Comedian Shows True Contempt For DNC Delegates

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 8.53.37 PMIf you recall, comedian Sarah Silverman was a staunch Bernie supporter during the primaries, and demonstrated a willingness to attack Hillary Clinton. But at the DNC convention, Ms. Silverman belittled her fellow Bernie supporters by telling them their behavior was ridiculous.

According to The Blaze:

“To the ‘Bernie or Bust’ people: You’re being ridiculous,” Silverman, leaning over the podium, shot back at those in the audience who booed her speech at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia.


“Hillary is our Democratic nominee, and I will proudly vote for her,” she continued. “She’s like the only person ever to be overqualified for the job of president.”


Silverman praised Clinton for moving to the left on a number of issues — largely because of the progressive campaign Sanders, a self-avowed socialist, ran.


“Hillary heard the passion of the people — the people behind Bernie — and brought those passions into the party’s platform,” the comedian said. “And that — that is the process of democracy at its very best.”


She told the audience she, as a Sanders supporter, “will vote for Hillary with gusto,” even as competing chants of “Bernie!” and “Hillary!” broke out throughout the convention hall.

Silverman addressed the delegation alongside Democratic Sen. Al Franken (Minn.), who, during his remarks, went after the Republican presidential nominee for his controversial Trump University.


“I got my doctorate in megalomania studies from Trump University,” the lawmaker joked before being joined by Silverman on the stage. “Sure, I had to empty out my 401k and take a reverse mortgage on my house to pay tuition.”


In the end, though, Franken offered Clinton a sincere endorsement, saying Americans should cast their vote for a person who has “spent her entire life working to get important things done for the American people” instead of “someone who’s never done anything for anyone other than himself.”

It’s interesting that Ms. Silverman, who did not like Mrs. Clinton, and supported Bernie, would so quickly throw Bernie supporters under-the-bus for being upset that the nomination was outright stolen from him.

It seems Ms. Silverman sells her soul to winning with little regard to what she originally stood for.

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Go ahead and watch Silverman’s remarks below:

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    ” I didn’t watch it…”
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    Sarah Silverman your being ridiculous… stop voting with your vagina.