Watch Liberals Describe Hillary with One Word

liberalsdescribehillaryIt’s refreshing to see journalist that don’t have a political agenda and ask questions other journalist would avoid like the plague. Most newscasts blatantly omit the tough questions, or as my attorney friend points out; “don’t ask a question you don’t want to hear the answer to.”

Well, refreshingly, The Blaze sent journalist around New York and ask them to describe Hillary Clinton with one word. According to The Blaze:

Our informal poll came just about a week after a formal Siena College survey showed Clinton with a negative favorability rating for the first time in New York State, where she has headquartered her presidential campaign and once served as senator.


“Opportunist,” replied one woman, when asked to describe the leading Democratic presidential candidate using just one word.


“Liar,” said another man. “[Because] she lies all the time.”

Of course not every response was a negative one. Several responded “strong.” One responded “safe.”

You can watch here:

Regardless of the many scandals Mrs. Clinton has been involved in. Regardless of the ever-widening criminal probe of her private email server and attempt to hide her official correspondence, the press continues to anoint her as THE Presidential candidate.

The Blaze interview of New Yorkers is a breath of fresh air in the otherwise stifled political environment.

What do you think of the responses? And how would you describe Hillary in one word? Leave your “one word” as a comment below.