Watch NFL Legend Talk About Being Boycotted For Supporting Trump

It seems the Left is not as tolerant as they accuse the Right of being. That seems to be the case again in the boycott against NFL legend Hershel Walker who has come out in support of Donald Trump for President. The comments came during a recent interview on gossip site TMZ according to The Blaze:

NFL legend Hershel Walker said he has had speaking engagements canceled due to his support of presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump.


When asked by TMZ about rumors of his Trump support interfering with his professional life, Walker quickly confirmed, “That’s true.”


“I’ve had a lot of people cancel speech engagements with me because of my relationship with Donald,” he said. “I’ve known Donald before he became ‘the Donald.’ Donald is not a racist. … Just because you build a wall doesn’t mean you’re a racist.”


Addressing Trump’s controversial rhetoric on the campaign trail, Walker said the businessman understands that any publicity is “good publicity.”


“I said, ‘It’s good for you, but not for me.’”


Despite the collateral damage its caused in his professional life, Walker said he won’t stop supporting the Republican to appease his critics because he thinks Trump is the best man for the job.

It’s refreshing to see someone like Mr. Walker stick with his convictions and continue to support Trump even though he has paid a financial price for doing so. It’s rare in this day and age for principled people. It seems Mr. Trump is attracting people with strong values, while those who are easily offended and put-off by Mr. Trump.

It’s clear Mr. Walker is not the only one suffering consequences for supporting Mr. Trump, and he certainly won’t be the last one. The Social Justice Warriors are in full hateful, attack mode against people they think are hateful. Go figure.

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You can watch the interview below: