Watch Politician Stumble Over Simple Question for Sanders: “Who Pays For That?”

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 7.50.06 PMIt’s become cliche, but Margaret Thatcher summed it up when she said “The problem with Socialism is eventually you run out of other people’s money.” And that sentiment was certainly on display the other night during a Chris Matthews interview of former Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor Barbara Lawton.

According to The Blaze:

In an interview with liberal politician Barbara Lawton — a former Wisconsin lieutenant governor and staunch supporter of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders — MSNBC host Chris Matthews wouldn’t let her off the hook.


After getting what appeared to be political talking points over why she supports Sanders, Matthews shifted to the candidate’s free college tuition proposal.


“He’s talking about free tuition at the University of Wisconsin, wherever the campus is,” Matthews said Tuesday. “Free for everybody, free at University of Michigan, free Berkeley, free Penn State, free for every state university, and I keep asking myself, ‘Where is all that enormous amount of money coming from?’ And do you think he has a way of getting that money?”


“Of course he does,” Lawton replied. But after she continued further, Matthews apparently wasn’t satisfied.


“You say ‘we,’ but who is going to pay for it, who?” Matthews asked.


“The people of the United States,” Lawton answered before Matthews interrupted and continued to dig. But Lawton’s reference to “when everyone is paying their fair share of taxes, and when we set the priorities as a nation …” wasn’t sitting right with the host.


“So you don’t know where it’s coming from?” Matthews pushed.


With that Lawton admitted, “I don’t have to right at this moment, actually.”


While Lawton later noted Sanders had spoken of tapping into the financial industry for funding, Matthews seemed skeptical: “There’s no such thing as a free lunch. Somebody pays. And I think we ought to know who it is, okay?”

What’s interesting is this is a former Lt Governor of the state of Wisconsin who hasn’t done the simple math to tell you that about 20 million college students would cost approximately $15,000 per year (very conservatively) totaling at least 300 billion (with a B) dollars. Perhaps Bernie needs to pull out his pencil and do a little calculating.

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You can watch the exchange here:

  • james Elder

    Bernie is an honest guy but I don’t believe they have thought out how to finance all of their proposals. I am labeled as a conservative by friends but really I am Libertarian to the core, all the while recognizing that a majority want socialism. When comparing key proposals of all candidates I could support Bernie if he would make this position go away. Its the exact wrong thing to do, our problem now is over demand for college fueling price increases far in excess of the CPI. The over demand we are experiencing now is a result of easy money and grants which lure many the college route when they are better suited to be plumbers, electricians, and a whole host of things that there are jobs going begging. Instead we have far too many kids in degree programs that will never get them a job. In many cases they would be just as well off taking for instance, basket weaving, or water skiing! There is no plausible excuse for costs to have risen as fast and as high as they have. If this proposal were somehow (fantasy) put in place, costs would go through the roof.

    • CZ Brightday

      ”Bernie is an honest guy”, and clinically, completely delusional. If he is not now in treatment, he should be .

      • marshmil

        DELUSIONAL is correct Brightday.

    • marshmil

      I’m with you here james Elder. Sanders’ “free education” talk is pure political BS to sound good and attract votes. He might as well promise everyone free ice cream, free new Hummer II’s, four-day weekends, a four bedroom, three bath home with swimming pool. It all sounds great but the people he appeals to don’t have the educational levels and experience to comprehend that what he offers is pie in the sky. He merely wants a guaranteed Presidential pay check for at least four years then government support with a Secret Service detail for as long as he lives. Incidentally most people are of the basic Libertarian mindset; they just have not had it explained to them.

  • J. Harp

    Lawton is atypical of the brain dead, propaganda driven, nitwit Liberal/Socialist/Marxist Left Wing Control Freak politician who believes that everyone should have everything that they want and be happy . . . and also vote for them! There are people who need transient help in society – perhaps from the government – to get through a rough patch. HOWEVER, we have an EMBEDDED WELFARE CLASS in American society who continue to vote themselves largesse from the public treasury by electing such ilk as Lawton, Sanders, Clinton(s), Obama, etc.; ad infinitum. This EMBEDDED WELFARE CLASS continues to rob the resources of the people who actually WORK for a living AND IT NEEDS TO STOP! The EMBEDDED WELFARE CLASS will eventually break the back of this country regardless of what the Left Wing Control Freaks propagandize to the contrary! We really do not want to experience and FEEL what that society would look like in America! The way we are going, it would make the Great Depression look like a walk in the park! If you are a true American Patriot, it is time to put an end to this destruction, NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES!

    • David169

      Aw Come-on now! Just remember Hank (Guam will capsize) Johnson is a graduate of a fine liberal arts college and everybody certainly got their moneys worth from his education paid for by the 1.0 program. (sarc)

    • onefour

      Well said

  • Marc E.

    Sounds like someone else who has the hots for Russ Feingold.

  • Dwimby

    Bernie’s a pinko and I guess Lawton is too. Losers – lost in the dense fog of left wing non-think. They’ll never find their way out of the haze. And Bernie will not be president. He’s lucky to be senator. Very lucky.

  • David169

    What a ditz! Anybody with a brain can do that math in their heads. 300,000,000,000 dollars paid for by 149,000,000 households. Wack off six zeros to make it $300,000 divided by 149 households= $2,000 plus the cost to administrate the funds by the federal government and if we use the administration percentage for Obamacare it will only cost every household in America about $3,500 annually.

  • Holy Shirt

    Double-talking a Chris Matthews is infinitely more coplex than the passive excuses for journalists now flooding the airwaves, and their mindless audiences.

  • American ex-Pat

    These two lines explains it to where even ‘millennials’ can comprehend!

    “So you don’t know where it’s coming from?” Matthews pushed.”
    “With that Lawton admitted, “I don’t have to right at this moment, actually.”