Watch Ted Cruz Brilliantly Shut Down Reporters Attempt to Get Him To Attack Trump

cruz-commentsThe GOP Presidential race has provided the perfect venue to showcase the liberal media bias and one such blatant example was the recent persistent attempts by a reporter to bait Senator Ted Cruz into attacking fellow competitor Donald Trump. According to The Blaze:

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) refused to attack his 2016 opponent Donald Trump on Friday, despite a reporter’s persistent attempts to spark a war of words.


“I’m a big fan of Donald Trump’s, but I’m not a fan of government registries of Americans citizens,” he said when asked about Trump’s remarks on the need for a Muslim-tracking database.


“The First Amendment protects religious liberty, and I’ve spent the past several decades defending the religious liberty of every American.”


When a reporter then pressed him on whether he was concerned about Trump’s “messaging” as the frontrunner, Cruz shut down the line of questioning.


“Listen, I like Donald Trump. I recognize the media would love to get me and other candidates to attack Donald Trump,” Cruz added. “There may be other candidates who want to do that — I ain’t going to do it. So, I’ll tell you my policy views, but I have no interest in attacking Donald Trump or, for that matter, attacking Ben Carson. Both are good men. And I’m not interested in throwing rocks at either one of them.”

You have to hand it to Senator Cruz and his ability to not go where the reporter was trying to take him. He showed real poise under pressure, kept to the issues, spoke well of his competitors and only addressed their policies.

Chalk one up for Senator Cruz, and strike another blow about the agenda-driven liberal media.

What do you think of how Senator Cruz handled the situation?

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