What Bush Just Said Gives Hillary an Unfortunate Advantage

jebbushIt seems the Bush family sets a high standard when it comes to inserting their foot in their mouth at the wrong time.

There was Bush ’41’s “Read my lips” pledge. Next was Bush ’43 “Mission Accomplished” and too many to list here. Now comes Jeb Bush handing the Clinton campaign an unfortunate gem. Unfortunate because it allows a distraction from a much more important topic of Planned Parenthood. According to Politico:

Despite his swift damage control efforts, Bush’s casual aside Tuesday afternoon that “I’m not sure we need a half a billion dollars for women’s health programs” threw the Democratic attack machine into overdrive.


Hillary Clinton, who had tweeted at Bush about it Tuesday afternoon, savaged the Republican that evening during an appearance in Denver; Correct the Record, the organization heading up her campaign’s rapid response operation, blasted out a graphic with Bush’s quote in big, bright letters that stated “Bush belongs in a time capsule.”

Meanwhile, some Republicans fumed.


“The biggest short-term problem from this is that it allows Hillary Clinton, at a time when she’s under federal investigation over her email server, to go on offense,” said Steve Schmidt, a GOP strategist who guided John McCain’s 2008 campaign. “Hillary Clinton is playing from a position of weakness right now, but now she has an opportunity to go on the attack against Jeb Bush.”

When most compassionate people are focused on the heinous behavior of the Planned Parenthood executives in recent videos, the Clinton campaign now has a cause to distract from this issue.

When will the Bush family learn?

What do you think? Was Jeb’s gaffe a big deal? Or do you think the Clinton campaign won’t be able to milk this issue for much? Leave a comment with your thoughts below.