You’ll Never Believe What Scandal They’re Trying to Pin On Trump Now – Absurd

Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 8.03.42 AMThe establishment does not want Donald Trump anywhere near the White House and is pulling out all the stops to sidetrack his Presidential ambitions. Now comes word that the Washington Post is publishing an article short on facts, but long on outrageous accusations against the presumptive frontrunner.

According to Daily Caller:

Roger Stone wants you to know that Donald Trump is so not gay.

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Appearing on the streets of Austin, Texas on Friday with conspiracist radio host Alex Jones, Stone claimed that he had recently been approached by a Washington Post reporter to address several rumors about Trump.


According to Stone, a longtime political confidante of Trump’s and famed “dirty trickster” political operative, the unnamed Washington Post reporter first asked him about Trump’s alleged use of cocaine.


“Completely bogus,” Stone said. “Did I ever attend parties where Donald Trump used cocaine? Folks, Donald Trump has never used drugs in his life. The man doesn’t even take aspirin.”


Stone said the reporter then asked him about two different potential Trump sex scandals.


“Did he have girlfriends on the side, today or previously?” Stone claimed he was asked.


“The answer is no. Yes, during the time he was unmarried, he was a ladies man. He did date many beautiful models, but the answer is no.”


It is well known that Trump did have at least one girlfriend on the side during his first marriage to Ivana Trump, Marla Maples. Maples later became Trump’s second wife.

Stone said he also denied to the Washington Post “reports” that Trump is actually a homosexual.


“Lastly, she wanted to know what about the reports that Donald Trump is gay,” he said.


“Folks, there is no report Donald Trump is gay. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but he is a red-blooded American male and he is most definitely heterosexual.”

Opening his interview with Stone, Jones claimed the Washington Post’s story was coming out in two days and would be “dealing with a Trump sex scandal.”

We knew it was just a matter of time until those in power and threatened by Mr. Trump start throwing any and every accusation they can at him. However, what will be abundantly clear is that like all liberal attempts at scandal, these will be short on actual facts, and more on name-calling.

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You can watch his comments below:

  • desert

    May God strike down lying accusers with confusion, let their lies be so obvious to EVERYONE and let the accusers be a laughing stock to the entire country…!!

  • jim mccollum

    Democrats lead a life of contradiction and total hypocrisy! Each of these accusations….drinking, cocaine use, marital infidelity, rape, homosexuality, pedophilia…. are all values ascribed not only to the Left and the Progressive Democrats but to most of their candidates and Presidents. The mentality of the Democrat is unfathomable! They blindly accuse the opponent of their very own immoral and criminal trespasses.

    • Dr. Clifford N. Alford

      Before LBJ got in office the Democratic Party was the conservative party in this country. I am still a Conservative Democrat who voted for Reagan, never voted for Obama, and is campaigning and voting for Trump. You know where to shove all of your crap about how all Democrats do a certain thing just because we are Democrats. Some of us know how to think for ourselves, and you should try it yourself sometime.

      • jim mccollum

        I am fully aware of what the Democratic Party “used” to be before LBJ, Doctor. JFK was a perfect example…he would be considered a Conservative today and his policies of lower taxes and smaller government are a thing of the past with the present day Democrats and also the Republicans. Times have changed in this nation and it is due primarily to liberal philosophy and the policies of the Democrats. I’m glad you feel that you are from the “Old Party” but today you have nothing to be proud of as a Democrat. As far as shoving my opinions, I stand by what I have asserted. If that offends you, then I’m afraid you will sadly have to remain offended!

        • Dr. Clifford N. Alford

          The point here is to stop blaming everyone of every party as being corrupt. Judging by what you have written before, I dare say that you are one of those Republicans who no longer has anything to be proud of either. Most Republicans, like most Democrats, say one thing and vote another so damning all of either party is wrong. There are some of us in both parties, and possibly the Libertarians and others as well who are still what we are supposed to be and strive for the Constitution that has made us all free as well as free to be of the parties we were once proud of in our youth, and hope to be able to be proud of yet again before we die.

          • jim mccollum

            Let me just cut to the chase because I’m not going to give you what you seem to want…an ongoing argument. I washed my hands of the Republican Party years ago; in fact, I have identified not with “The Party” as is so important to every Democrat these days and evident in your own words….”There are some of us in both parties, and possibly the Libertarians and others as well who are still what we are supposed to be and strive for the Constitution that has made us all free as well as free to be of the parties we were once proud of in our youth, and hope to be able to be proud of yet again before we die.”
            That seems to be the major difference between you and I, Doc, and every other Democrat that I have any discourse with. I am not about “The Party”. I am about “The Country”. I am and have been loyal to neither Democrat nor Republican ideology my entire life, you see, I identify as an American!

        • preferred user

          right on all…… counts …..too bad Oswald didn’t get LBJ instead .

          LBJ left a legacy of ruin ( to this day ) just like Hillary Clinton ,Bill Clinton and Obama and he sold us out for the black democratic vote legacy and the war on poverty money pit fantasy since 1964 like Obama is doing with the ACA ,illegal immigration & immigration & business choking regulation and taxation now and he knows the blacks & Latinos have been brainwashed and will stay on the plantation anyway .

          • MARYANN33

            LBJ is a lot of our problems now…What a wicked man.

        • MARYANN33

          JFK rises constantly, even with his crook of a dad, the man himself was a good guy, except of course for sex addictiion.

      • Bigzers

        seriously person… one could actually buy that say… 10 years ago. But of recent few years the democrat party has become a hodge podge of every mis-fit type of the worse human beings on the planet in all history. The democrats of today ain’t you mama’s democrats. You need to leave the party if you have any decency about you.

      • junma973

        I have a black friend who shifted his allegiance to the conservative republican party after LBJ. My friend reads a lot and is not swayed by the unions nor the liberal media. Like yourself, he knows how to think. I can only hope that Trump can correct the wrongs that Obama has inflicted on this country.

      • MARYANN33

        I myself liked Truman…He was a bit like the Donald. He was certainly himself…But many dems have been a disaster. Half of my family was democrat…I made up my own mind what I would be.

    • Virginia Allston

      I think this is called “projection” in psychiatry.

      • MARYANN33

        Donald is not a perfect person and he has made mistakes in judgement along the way just the same as we all have in our growth to whom we become. BUT, Donald is a good man and loves our America. Shout that from our housetops but be careful the enemies that O has brought in here does not get a shot at you.

    • preferred user

      exactly IMO democrats are the new Jihadi from within

    • Bigzers

      yes haaa ha haa ha ha ha… these are the requirements for a democrat politician… to be an absolute psychotic pervert. He’s then a guaranteed shoo-in

      • MARYANN33

        Well, that is like Hillary huh?

  • Dr. Clifford N. Alford

    They are just jealous because Trump is generally surrounded by the most beautiful women alive on the planet. Most beautiful women like intelligent men so I am both happy for him and happy that will have an intelligent President again.

  • Ron

    If you tell enough lies enough times somebody will believe it. The Establishment’s goal is to get enough voters disenchanted to get Hillary (who has committed so many of these crimes herself) elected. If they can get enough dirt to stick before the Convention, they also want to “do the right thing” and have Donald’s pledged delegates vote for a true Insider, who of course will be unelectable, guaranteeing Hillary’s election. And, obviously, if Hillary is indicted before the election, or even before swearing her in, Obummer will dole out another executive pardon.
    The odds are stacked against Trump. I don’t think Hillary will use the usual Clinton solution (murder), but there are plenty of other dirty tricks.

  • David Stewart

    Consider the source; WaPo? Who not high on dope or communism would even read that rag?

  • Bert

    Here we have an honest candidate (Mr. Trump) who speaks not in double talk, or forked tongue, who calls it like it is, and to whom black is black and white is white! All those whino’s and crybabies ought to take their marbles (if they have any) and go home. Go Trump! God Bless Trump! We are praying for you. Thank you for saying the things you do, and thank you for running for President.

    • MARYANN33

      Donald Trump is our voice…Keep him talking for us.

  • preferred user

    IMO WA PO ,NYT and some others are disreputable liberal tools and should be viewed as any other desperate and dying tabloid or incompetent news venue .

  • preferred user

    IMO WA Po is a liberal tool rag and maybe like a dying Tabliod

  • Marie Andrews

    She dares to talk about Trump University, when she and Bill were involved in the Laureate Education’s Walden University, with Bill as “honorary chancellor.” Bill was paid through a “shell corporation” pass through account” that was over screen by Hilary while she was secretary of state. How convenient. In October of 2015 Judicial Watch found paperwork that revealed Bill was paid through the shell corporation pass through designed for consulting fees paid Clinton off the books of the Clinton foundation. They were able to scam millions before leaving due to Hilary’s bid for the presidency. Boy the pot calling the kettle black. They have no conscience. They are under investigation for the illegal doings of the Foundation. All this corruption will bury them both. And to think Chelsea is breeding the fourth generation of the same.

  • Jim Terio

    the liberal-progressive-Marxist-Democrats always attack the man and not the ideas or principles. It is called “as hominem” attacks, and is a cornerstone of their playbook. If you can’t find skeletons in the closet of those you would destroy, make up bullsh1t and tell it over and over. Rumor and innuendo. Use the press to spread the lies.

    The liberal-progressive-Marxist-Democrats are vile creatures, peddling lies and false promises in their quest for power and money. It is ALWAYS about power and money, and never about what is good for the USA or its people.



    • MARYANN33

      I think it should be burned and buried.

  • Tony

    Who cares what tittle-tattle the press care to uncover about Trump? The only thing you need to know about Trump is that he’s a vulgar narcissist completely lacking a consistent belief structure. He’ll say whatever he thinks will most prod what he perceives to be the collective anxiety. A cocaine habit and string of girlfriends makes him no less suitable for public office – how ever could it?


    Our president is the Doper in Chief.


    The media is going to be the next one hit by God himself and to reveal how terrible and corrupt they are…There is not place on earth right now that we can get the truth and nothing but the truth. We need a news station we can rely on. Aside from that we need the terrorist in chief in the white house hauled off to prison right now.