ZoNation to Dems: ‘Black People, You’re Voting for the Party That Fought to Keep Slave Markets LEGAL’

zonation dems history

Alfonzo Rachel recently released a new video with a history lesson of the Democratic party. In an effort to explain why Democrats continue to be the party of slavery and victimization, Rachel elaborated on how the liberal policies that black Democrats think benefit them actually keep them “brain-chained” to a way of thinking that doesn’t serve them but only helps keep Democrats in power.

Rachel recounted an earlier statement made by ESPN’s Steven A. Smith that, “every black person should vote Republican at least once in this election cycle” and expanded on it by likening it to getting an obese person to try a salad at least once.

“Sure, it would be really good for them, but when they don’t see the immediate effects of eating that salad, they’ll go back to their earlier eating habits and look for any excuse to reject proper diet and exercise. And try to convince themselves that they’re happy being who they are… while being miserable.”

He went on to say:

“Getting all American blacks to vote Republican doesn’t suit their palate. Republicans are too bland for them. They need their food flavored with the MSG of race-baiting and class-baiting.”

Watch ZoNation’s history lesson right here: