6 Ways Obama Severely Crippled America

The mainstream media and the rest of the liberals are, and have always been, in constant denial about the direction America has taken during President Barack Obama’s two- terms.

Obama campaigned with his slogan “Hope” to win the 2008 Presidential Election, but what transpired was the complete opposite.

Leftists act as if President Donald Trump’s campaign slogans “Make America Great Again” and “Drain The Swamp” are incomprehensible because they’re too blind in their allegiance to Obama.

The new administration certainly has its work cut out for them in repairing the damage the former administration has caused.

In fact, here are six examples to explain to your deaf and blind liberal friends as to why Obama’s reign failed:


Obama has always stood behind his insanely dishonest view that terrorism has gotten better under his administration.   Forget foreign terrorism for the sake of this argument – which is a disaster in Europe and the rest of the Middle East.

But the Obama administration and the rest of the mainstream media have always maintained that the countless domestic terrorist attacks that have occurred inside the United States borders aren’t truly operatives of the Islamic State or Al-Qaeda.

This is a logical fallacy.  Terrorism, in its essence, is an idea fueled by a passionate hatred towards an entity.  Although ISIS is a terrorist organization that has a recruiting process, the countless ISIS “sympathizers” – as leftists consistently call them – is somehow supposed to discount that they aren’t “terrorists.” That’s a ridiculous notion.


Refusing to embrace the notion that poverty grew to an all-time level high under the Obama administration is incomprehensible.  It’s simple to understand really, welfare has skyrocketed to historic heights at 15.1% under Obama.

Food stamps also hit an all-time high under Obama, too.  More than 46 million Americans have been on the program for 35 straight months. Official data from the Department of Agriculture (USDA) show the food stamp program known as SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) grew unprecedentedly [sic] in terms of both enrollment and spending, from the time Obama took office.

As of June 2015, the official figure stood with 46 million Americans receiving $76.1 billion yearly.  In 2010, the number was at 44 million.  In 2009, nearly 39 million people were on the program. In 2000, the figure was 17 million.

Cyber Security

This is painfully obvious and anyone who refutes it is delusional.

According to Breitbart:

“His primary concern was controlling the public-relations fallout — keeping cybersecurity disasters off the media radar because they made his administration look bad.  Who can forget how the administration lied about the extent of the Office of Personnel Management data breach, leaving millions of victims vulnerable, while it scrambled to contain the P.R. damage?


And remember, the intruders had been creeping around that gigantic, vital government database for a year.  The one-two sucker punch of Obama going nuclear over the menace of Russian hacking and WikiLeaks to delegitimize the 2016 election and then springing alpha WikiLeaker Manning from jail three decades early, should cement his careless and destructive infosec legacy forever — as if supporting his former Secretary of State’s presidential run after she trashed security protocols with reckless abandon wasn’t bad enough.”


There’s nothing more to note than this:  The national debt was $10.6 trillion when Obama took office in early 2009.  He leaves office with a national debt of $19.7 trillion, which is nearly double.  Open and shut case.

Health Care

Who could refute the disaster that is Obamacare, which spent $2 trillion of taxpayers’ money on a program that perpetuates a widespread lackadaisical epidemic?

Millions of hard-working Americans lost great health care plans because they were forced to pay wildly inflated premiums and deductibles at the expense of illegal immigrants and lazy citizens.

Trust in Government and The Free Press

President Trump may not have exposed this, but he did bring the awareness to new heights – in particular, the mainstream media who are painfully objective to their own narratives.

Americans trust in the media is at an all-time low.

According to Breitbart:

“Obama’s presidency clearly hurt both metrics. He produced a string of expensive big government flops that shook public faith in Washington, prominently including ObamaCare and its train-wreck launch.


Big media burned away its credibility protecting Obama, pushing Hillary Clinton’s candidacy, and getting the 2016 election spectacularly wrong.  Their conduct since the election — pumping out Fake News stories, falling for hate-crime hoaxes, loudly announcing that investigative reporting was about to make a comeback after eight years in hibernation — has only confirmed the public’s distrust.“

So, the next time your liberal friends – who were bombastic about President Trump before he even took the oath of office – question your stance on the gigantic flop of the former administration, you can point to these 6 unequivocal reasons.



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