77 Year Old Disabled Vet Faces 15 Years And $750,000 In Fines

Oath Keepers — a pro-Constitution advocacy group — has released a call to action over yet another Federal land-grab out West.

Joe Robertson and his Montana property has become the target of unbelievable Federal charges concerning minor improvements he made to his land.

Oath Keepers’ Jason Van Tatenhove writes:

Joe and his wife had put three small ponds onto their property.  Ponds that they would use for the evil, vile purposes of watering their animals and fighting wild fires in their community. They also improved a road leading up to their property which includes 200 acres and an unpatented mining claim.

            When they decided to put in ponds for their animals, and to use with their wild firefighting business, they asked what permits they might need. They received a 310 permits and the rights to use the pond water from the DNRC (Department of Natural Resources and Conservation in Montana).  Joe and his wife believed they had done all they needed to.

            That did not stop the EPA from charging Joe with two counts of depositing dredge materials into the United States water ways and one count of Depredation of Forest Service property.

Mr. Robertson, 77 years old and a disabled Veteran, is facing 15 years in jail and three-quarters of a million dollars in fines — all for the “crime” of improving his own property, according to the Montana Standard.

The Robertsons have run afoul of the EPAs new definition of “US Waterways” — which includes water from any source, no matter how small.  By altering the nature of the water on their property, they have opened the door to EPA interference and retribution — even though the nearest navigable river is nearly 60 miles from the Robertson’s land.

Never mind the EPA holds the honor as being the worst water polluter in recent history.  Their gross negligence turned Colorado’s Animus River a poisonous, sickly yellow, and went completely unpunished.

Federal Agents are time and again treated as being “above the law”, while average Americans are disproportionately punished when they get entangled in the vast, unconstitutional web of Federal regulations.

Mr. Tatenhove further claims that in order to sabotage Robertson’s case, expert witnesses have been barred from testifying in his support, as well as EPA agents caught trespassing on Robertson’s land in the act of creating incriminating evidence.

The veracity of the claims made in a case like this can be hard to ascertain, especially as the government is never very forth coming.  However, the activities described by Oath Keepers and Joe Robertson are certainly in keeping with the many stories out there of Federal abuse of property rights in the Western states.

According to Oath Keepers, Joe Robertson is scheduled for sentencing this Wednesday, July 20th.

A full punishment of 15 years in jail would be a death sentence for the elderly Vet, while the maximum fine of $750,000 would surely bankrupt him and his family.

Oath Keeper members, allies, and supporters are being encouraged to attend the sentencing.  A caravan is planned to leave from Missoula, MT after the sentencing and will travel to D.C. in protest of the treatment of Joe Robertson and his wife.

Who is Oath Keepers?

In their own words, “Oath Keepers is a non-partisan association of current and formerly serving military, police, and first responders,  who pledge to fulfill the oath all military and police take to “defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”