A Benghazi Survivor Delivered This Powerful Message To Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton has lied repeatedly about Benghazi.

She lied about the attacks being caused by a YouTube video.

And she lied about the “stand down” order which prevented our military assets from rescuing our consulate personnel.

But a Benghazi survivor who was on the ground during the attack sent a powerful message to Hillary and the supporters who continue to lie for her.

Kris “Tanto” Paronto is a former Army Ranger and was part of the CIA annex security team on duty during the Benghazi terrorist attack.

Paronto was interviewed on The Blaze TV, responding to a Hillary Clinton campaign surrogate who claimed the family of slain Ambassador, Chris Stevens, was fed up with all the focus on the Benghazi attack.

You can watch the video below:

Paronto responded forcefully.

The Independent Journal Review reports:

“I’m tired of hearing people defend Hillary Clinton, because she left us. The bottom line, she left us.

George W. Bush – I served overseas when he was President as well – he never left me behind. Not once.”

Lydie Denier, fiancé of the murdered Ambassador, Chris Stevens, also believes Hillary lied.

Breitbart reports:

“Denier said that if she could talk to Clinton, she would ask why it took so long to send help to the consulate on the night of the attacks, and “Why are you coming out and saying it’s a video — sending someone to say it’s a video, when she was texting her daughter like, oh, we’re being — we’re under attack.”

Denier added that if it was a member of Clinton’s family who was the Ambassador to Libya during the attack, “She would move earth. She would call everyone.” And that Clinton “no doubt” lied to families of the victims by blaming the attack on a YouTube video.”

The attack at Benghazi and the lies surrounding the administration’s conduct have haunted Hillary continuously.

Many critics contend the attack was a direct result of the war she supported which ousted Libya’s leader, Muammar Gaddafi.

Removing Gaddafi from power created space for jihadists to establish their base of operations where they were able to launch attacks such as the in Benghazi.

Hillary and Obama have lied about the attack from day one.

Blaming the attacks on a YouTube video served as a distraction from their failed policies which allowed the terrorists to strike in the first place.

The terrorist attack occurred in the middle of a Presidential campaign, and if the public were given the opportunity to hold Obama responsible, it would have cost him the re-election.

And if Obama lost the election, it would have severely weakened Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential prospects.

Will all the lies and deceit eventually catch up with Hillary and Obama?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

  • Lauretta A Tate

    I still maintain that the American people are not stupid. They sometimes get led around like sheep by some politicians, but basically I think they see through Hillary Clinton as a pathological liar, a cheat and a thief. I still have faith that they will come to the right decision in November and decoide that this person would be a great disaster to this nations well being, and will not put her in the White House.

    • Maura69

      I truly pray that you are right….God Bless and God Bless and save our Country! Thank you Lauretta A Tate!

    • Jo Ann Campos

      Obama and Hillary have American Blood on their hands.

      • Ted for President

        They should have their bloody hands removed!!!!

    • Ted for President

      I wouldn’t bet on that ..I wouldn’t have thought that American Voters were stupid enough to put Obozo in Office , but I was proven wrong ..I hope not again!!

      • Bobby Hopkins

        maby the american people didnt reelect him.

    • Graham

      The main thing I worry about is the union programmers on george soro’s voting machines! It worked before!

  • sam52054

    Be assured if Chelsea Clinton was at that Embassy, the entire 7th Fleet would have been mobilized in 10 minutes…….and F-16’s flying over within the hour

  • Jake319

    Seriously Kris Paranto is a self promoting lier. His book was riddled with inconsistencies and the movie was financed by money launders and human traffickers .

    • You don’t have a clue what you are talking about Jake. You weren’t there and you don’t know Paranto. Crawl back under your troll rock

    • marshmil

      If that is the case give evidence. And also tell us if you are a Veteran (yes or no). If yes, were you at Benghazi? What’s your duty there? What did you do to assist the Ambassador and the three military men who were murdered by Islamic thugs in the name of Satan Allah. We the People await your reply.

      • Jake319

        Im not telling you dick. Murdered. Drama much.

        • marshmil

          Oops! You are overdosing yourself on whatever it is you are smoking, swallowing, snorting or injecting. Proof: it is affecting your cognitive processes and we all can see the results in your posts. Take a break. You’ll like it.

    • Dennis Dumas

      You sir are demented, seriously please take your treasonous venom elsewhere!

      • Jake319

        Lol your last name says it all dumbass

        • Dennis Dumas

          My last name is “DUMAS”, your the dumbass for misinterpreting it!!

    • David Markham

      Jake, I’ll bet that YOU can’t prove one word of your statement about Mr. Paranto. You are nothing more than a little POS, and pathetic lier.
      I would like to meet you and your sorry little punk ass.
      Any time any where !
      You are talking about my Brother in arms, and I can bet my life on this mans statements.
      Your NOTHING, you understand that, NOTHING !
      A dog turd has more loyalty to America than YOU WILL EVER HAVE.
      Prove me wrong about the statement that you shit out of your worthless mouth !
      And then tell me where YOU, and I can meet.

      • Jake319

        When do you conservatives need prove of anything…
        You don’t want to meet me sissy boy. I’m the real deal. Not like your fake ass Paranto.
        So call your names it won’t make your delusions real. Romney and the republican party hired the IDF to do this hit on Stevens . They blew it like they have the last two presidential elections…losers

      • marshmil

        Markham the anti-American at whom you are directing your rant is not worth your or anyone else’s time. That person by use of substandard English has a lot of growing up to do. That person going by the name here as “Jake319” refused to answer my question about him being a a veteran or not. He refused. That gave me the answer. An American Veteran is proud to have served the United States of America so we can all enjoy Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

    • carlolisa

      Jake? Jerk? whatever, it was the video, right idiot ?

      • Jake319

        Just like the planned parenthood video. Wrong punk ass

  • Lynda

    With all the propaganda proclaiming Trump and his supporters racist, I fear Trump may not make it. The Socialist/Liberals are very good at pushing peoples’ emotional buttons and most of the sheep are incapable of forming independent thoughts based on logic and facts instead of emotion. Hillary will not be good for Americans but people who only care about protest and entitlements will not be swayed. They are like children who have been turned loose in a candy store. They will eat until they are sick and all the candy is gone and demand more. I fear this country is doomed. Obama and Hillary won’t care. They will just get richer.

    • marshmil

      Lynda if you listen to and let negative thoughts and people rule your life you’ll get nowhere. With no apologies I say to hell with the low information entitlement voters who want only their monthly trinkets tossed down to them. They and racists voting only for color, not substance, got us into the past 7.5 years of stench. Interesting that Hillary’s secret computer was in a toilet room. Now THAT really stinks. Ignore the negative news which is the only thing today’s media understands.

    • EmmJaa

      What I don’t get is why the right dies not get better at messaging. For example, why isn’t this article and video trending?

      • unbridled

        The drive by media, owned by the elite, suppress things that don’t support their narrative….That’s why.

      • Bobby Hopkins

        maby they are part of it emma

      • Dusty

        You don’t think those who are behind ‘the press’ want us to know these things, do you? The Bilderberg group wants Hellionry to be their puppet and she was promised the job 8 years ago. The Press only prints what is approved by international elitists who control the planet.

    • Sean Edword Foley

      You can just read Hitlery’s face and know she is pure EVIL! nothing but a greedy power hungry LIER! She will let no one stand in her way and if they do she will just have them taken out ! wiped off the Planet! but wait she’s Hitlery clinton she get’s away with everything where’s the goon squad to take her out?

  • Jo Ann Campos

    We American have to do what the Brexit DID, demand good Government! Down with Demicrats who had a sit down in the Senate, but at same time they were passing around a flyer asking for donations. Orlando was a tragedy. No one not even Democrats should be making a profit from the love ones who died. Democrats are just as crooked, corrupted as their nominee Hillary. If you want to know the truth tune into Fox News. There you will watch, The Kelly File, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and others.
    Remember Vote For Donald J. Trump 2016, on November 2.
    We can take America BACK!

    • Dennis Dumas

      Sorry to tell you this, but Fox News is not much better than the rest of the lame stream media! If you really want news I suggest you check out brietebart news online! If you have satilite radio, Chanel 125(brietebart news), from 6:00 – 9:00 AM. There you will get a sampling of real news.
      Other sources can be found on line, WMD being one example!
      Fox News is only giving you 1/5 the facts, don’t base your views on anything they say.

      • David Markham

        Sir, I believe that you are 100% right.
        Fox has become just another site to push one world government.

      • Randy822

        I watch FOX periodically and really have never seen any distortion of the facts like other news stations and especially MSNBC.

        • Add CNN to your list.

          • Randy822

            I have seen a few reasonable news stories on CNN but they definitely seem to lean left.

          • Agreed. But Fox (exception Hannity) engages people from multiple viewpoints where CNN will have panels of several persons tweaking the same leftist idea.

            O’Reilly is the best of the lot and has been the leader for many years.

        • Steamer

          The issue isn’t the facts they report. The real problem is the larger quantity of news that they choose NOT to report!

          • marshmil

            Maybe that “larger quantity” is useless gibberish that intelligent people care not a flip for. About 99.9% of television today is adjusted to 9th Grade level mentality and development.

          • Steamer

            I would still rather have all the available facts presented so I can make my own decisions. Fox news is better than most, but still plenty of room for improvement. Considering the track record we have as a nation electing our leaders over the last couple of decades, adjusting “to 9th grade level” may still be too high.

          • marshmil

            I’m with you on that one.

  • Jo Ann Campos


  • Jim

    I’m curious what Stevens knew about the clintons because why would hitlery send him there with so little security? She has more security just to go to the bathroom! Second why didn’t they have planes and a big team ready to go and be there within minutes! If this is the best this administration can do than it is very weak! I believe this whole thing was just a way to get rid of evidence in the form of a ambassador! Shame on you people for supporting this corrupt lady!

    • marshmil

      Well stated Jim. You just might be right.

    • junma973

      I think so myself. Just like the Foster case. Hillary, the liar, has so much blood on her hands.

      • Ron

        Do not forget about Secretary Brown, who, just days after telling the media he was to testify against the Clintons in their upcoming hearing, died, mysteriously, shortly after takeoff on a White House scheduled “Trade Mission”.

    • David Markham

      HOOAH Sir.

    • voncile fullwood

      This guy was in Benghazi as a CIA the movie the 13th hour and the book goes into more detail is just like he said.Chris went over to make a speech,he arrived at night and the next day he made his speech.they put the four in a different compound and it was safely guarded but in another compound across town was some Military snipers with personnel and CIA Agents,before Chris ever arrived there was on leader in Libya, that gather up groups for the attack they bombs,missiles,the first attack they did a lot of damage and Chris called for help three times telling the CIA in the other compound to send help they were under attack in meantime the leader was gathering up more and more to attack,they attack the other compound and snipers were laying them out left and right,the military and what snipers that were there was ready to go when one of the personal told them to stand back and stand down and the third attack when missiles was going into the compound one behind the other ,a plane was ready and waiting for the order which they were loaded up and ready to go and was told to stand down but the snipers that was with them they disobeyed that order but time they got to the other compound Chris and one other had made they way into a bathroom with no way out and they burn up in the compound,now this is the story that the movie and the book told and it will make you cry knowing that they burnt up in that compound but terrorist and it was a plan attack…I still can not understand how in the he&& can she run for President and she has no conscience all that has ever came out of her and Obama’s mouth has been nothing but lies,and for her “what difference does it make” to me four lives burnt up that’s the difference it makes to me,and we think our country is corrupted now if she is elected we will not survive the next ordeal

      • unique201

        Three phone calls to Clinton. If I remember correctly Clinton was the one that said she would answer the phone at 3 AM.

        • Jake319

          What a crock……..there has been testimony that all communications were from the CIA safe house. Steven was driven there after leaving the tempory consulate. He phoned ahead to tell them he was being chased by milita that he didn’t recognize…. This movie and the book are all inuendu and out right fabrications. three years of investigations at $600 million and you have nothing. Republicans spend tax money only to further there political fortunes…..why dont the republicans investigate the 5000+ soldiers killed in your lame ass war on terror.

          • Moe

            I’ve seen interviews from these guys and they said it was completely accurate except it needed more explosions. U can’t buy that Hillary crap. Don’t be deceived. She cares about money and power and will lie or have people killed that get in her way. Her whole life is a cover up.

          • Defend America

            You are one sick dude. Please get help now.

          • Bobby Hopkins

            u are are not faceing reality because of ur love affair for killery and o bozo.u poor fool i feel sorry for u .your awakeing to reality may be more than u can take and u may commit suicide .oh well one less left wing nut job.

          • Dusty

            Doesn’t matter which Party is in office. Both lie and are traitors. This is how politics works. Problem is the voters are too lazy to research candidates or question what is told them. So, can’t blame it ALL on politicians. Voters are as much blame for their laziness in allowing our country get this far out of decency.

          • kingwarren

            Trump may not be the complete answer but his election would be a step in the right direction. The only reason for political parties is to elect candidates to office. The answer is easy. Being elected to public office brings political power. To much power is held by the bureaucracy. The elected officials don’t do enough to keep them under control. The professional bueaucracy can’t be fired even with cause. There are a lot of examples but Lois Lerner comes to mind.
            Bureaucrats who have a political agenda should be fired when that agenda becomes apparent through their actions or even inaction. I bet half of the federal and state bureaucrats have their own agenda. They all need to be fired so they don’t do any more damage.

          • Dusty

            You’re spot on. Another thing. No more than 2 terms for other offices should be taken into mind. Then, we have SCOTUS who should be automatically ‘retired’ after 8 years. No more of this lifetime job security. They are do nothings, and un-necessary as they create more problems than solving anything.

          • preacher bill

            Kingwarren, Trump was not my choice, but now he is all we have to stop killerie . Just think for a moment what we would have with her ” for without are dogs,and sorcerers, and whore mongers,and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie” Rev.22:15. Just think of her appointment to the Supreme court. She has already bribed Lynch telling her is she is elected that she might retain her as the AT. A federal crime of offering a position for favor. No way was Lynch prosecute killerie . Bill delivered that message to Lynch in her plane, a few days before the FBI made it’s report public.

          • Vickie Hartley

            She is so so corrupt….The left are not so stupid as they are blinded….they are like her…

          • Cathy aka OldTxGal

            I’ve had liberals tell me that she’s been exonerated by the FBI and that we conservatives should just get over it and move on. And even though she and her staff made numerous ‘mistakes’ (and she lied repeatedly about them), they’ll still support her. I just don’t get it. smh

          • Dusty

            You are so right. There are no Dems or Reps…only politicians who are actually puppets for ‘the man’ who pulls the strings. Usually purse strings. People are, like you say, too lazy to research candidates and therefore go with their chosen Party. BOTH sides of the aisle need cleaned out and pronto. If Hitlery wins say good bye to the Constitution and any way of life which merits freedom of any sort. Sometimes we have to trek backwards in order to pick up on losses and I believe this is the time. We need good old fashioned American candidates who say what they mean and mean what they say.

          • lin

            The ‘crock’ is the lame ass Republican leaders who aren’t smart enough to highlight the new failures of Clinton and the Administration that came out in the report. The ‘crock’ is that people like you refuse to believe the first hand reports of those who were there but you’ll believe the woman who has lied her entire life. You still blame the war in Iraq on Bush when every democrat in congress except Sanders voted to go-including Clinton.

          • Vickie Hartley

            All she does is lie!!! What is wrong with people!! Snorting too much???

          • Dusty

            As I recall there were only 2 Republicans who voted against going. The rest fell in line with Dubya. Both sides of the aisle are indebted to the merchants of death who supply weapons and vote to keep them in business. Both Parties are deceivers and need cleaned up and voted out.

          • Anvil6

            Dear Jake: You (AND we) don’t know jack BECAUSE this “most transparent administration in history” has, at every possible opportunity, OBSTRUCTED investigators by DENYING them access to other “Mission Personnel” who both WERE on the ground in Benghazi AND KNEW exactly what the “mission” in Benghazi – which was NOT our main Diplomatic Outpost in that Country – was about. They even had the survivors SIGN A STATEMENT that (as a condition of continued State Department employment) they would NOT divulge Benghazi information to ANYBODY.
            This investigation COULD HAVE been completed in a couple of months, let the chips fall where they may, IF ONLY the White House would have turned over ALL PERTINENT communications and allowed investigators unfettered access to interview knowledgeable key personnel.

            The White House CAN NOT AFFORD to have the ‘chips fall where they may’. The MORE time it takes, the MORE $$ it costs, the MORE people will DEMAND it be ended, WITHOUT any IDEA of ‘What Went Wrong” that caused the deaths of four Americans and ushered in the era of ISIS – Obama’s “J.V. Team” – that has since been responsible for displacement and/or deaths of hundreds of thousands of people across North Africa. May God Forbid all that death and chaos be in vain.

          • Vickie Hartley

            If Hilary and Obama didn’t care about the lives in Benghazi why on earth do any of u think they care if u live or die???….They have so much blood on their hands it would take years to wash it off!!!!

          • autrypma

            You sound like a Democrat. Saying same as one I know.
            She lied about everything. Nothing was said about the ‘Stand Down ” order. Either she ordered it or Obama or Obama ordered her to say it. SOMEBODY Said it. ALSO, she lied about the attack to the public, but told her DAUGHTER and an official in Egypt (don’t remember the name) that it was an ATTACK. They (Hillary & Obama & some state Dept officials) lied about it all because they were told to make Obama look good, re-election was coming up…I know this is true…so, they lied,our 3 military & Ambassador died, and they kept on lying. She lied on witness stand under investigation by Bengazhi Committee, she cannot quit lying and can’t remember who she has lied to, and believes her own lies !!! DO YOU WANT THIS WOMAN TO REPRESENT OUR COUNTRY. It would be the same as Obama, except it would be worst. WHATEVER ANYONE READING THIS MAIL DOES, VOTE AND VOTE FOR TRUMP. Hillary has to go…When Trump wins, if Obama doesn’t pardon her, he will slap her lying ### in prison, also Obama is he isn’t slick willie like Bill Clinton was and is !!!

          • Vickie Hartley

            Most liberals are sooooo uniformed…Go around your towns and ask them questions…..Most don’t even know who is the Vice President!??!?
            And if u ask them about their opinion on Benghazi they say ” who is he”?

          • Dusty

            Some even believe al quida (sp) is a person! It simply means ‘the camp’….even the press would tell us what ‘al quida’ did today!

          • Dusty

            You can bet your bottom buck she would be ‘pardoned’ by Obama….just as Obama would be ‘pardoned’ by her should she win. How much more corrupt can a nation become with leadership as we have endured past decades. From BOTH sides of the aisle. Remember what happened to the Roman Empire? Same thing only different time zones.

          • Vickie Hartley

            Oh Really???

          • tcurry

            The testimony were not from the CIA agents who went to save and protect Stevens and the staff. How can you believe Hillary and Obama when first, they were not there, then they perperated a lie about a video causing the murders and destruction? The eventually admitted the lie, but it took them months. They lied to the parents and family of those murdered. What is wrong with you to support people who admit they lied? Hillary also lied before the House Oversight and Reform Committee. I am hoping she will charged with perjury, if not there is no justice.

      • Bobby Hopkins

        she has a problem called mental,like obozo,and a lot of dems,illness.

      • Ron

        Both the book and the movie, The 13th Hour, are fiction, based on one fact: the Consulate in Benghazi was attacked. Most of the rest is the writers rendition as to what could have happened. Support troops were not sent, as per the command from our Commander-in-Chief. They were ready, but did not arrive until after the attack, at which time the Americans were already dead and most of the violence had subsided.

        • lin

          I read the foreign new reports on what happened in Benghazi because I heard a short blurb one time on radio news that day. After that not one American news station reported what happened to Ambassador Stevens. Our soldiers were ready to go and could have been there in time. There was much arguing in the State Department about whether they should wear their uniforms or wear civilian clothing. Four times they switched clothes but no one gave the order to go. The anniversary of 9-11, warnings of possible attacks, hundreds of requests for additional security, Hillary did not answer the phone.

          • Cathy aka OldTxGal

            WHO gave the order to stand down? That’s what I want to know.

      • Diane

        Obama and Hillary are both narcissist and sociopaths. Sociopaths feel nothing for others, only themselves.

    • You made a great comment until the last word. I call her the Waddling Witch of Westchester. I can think of many other words with lady being last on the list. I have an aversion to foul mouthed females.

    • AmandaTrebiano

      Gee. Gunrunning to the Muzzies maybe? You don’t really think the Post office and the National Weather Service got all those guns do you? Obama sold them for lots of cash for after POTUS gig ends. He thinks he’s going to peddle influence like Hilly and Billy but he doesn’t know that only the impoverished blacks still think he’s “cool”.

    • Dave G Marshall

      You are probably more right than you know. I thought Mr. Steven’s death was a way to tie up loose ends, he knew too much which made him a danger so he had to be gotten rid of. Sure stinks to high heaven doesn’t it?

      • Btty

        Remember when she told Chris Steven’s mother and others that Chris was her dear friend? I sure wouldn’t want to be a friend to that Murderer! Her friends have a way of ending up dead! I feel so bad for the parents of those young men. If those were my sons I’m afraid I would have no other choice than to figure out a way to have Killary taken out. Even if I had to go through her daughter! I’d find a way.

        • Dusty

          She has no friends…let alone ‘dear’ ones. She only has bodies who do her will when she needs them. Politicians only have ‘patsies’ and anything which uses heart is beyond their comprehension. The bottom line is the bottom dollar and this is what they hold ‘dear’.

          • Btty

            Elitism produces this kind of -itch! Way to many of them in our government. Everytime I think of Killary and her heartless crap I see Chris Steven’s mother’s face and see the pain. It breaks my heart. When she looked right in her face and lied I’m afraid they would have had to peel me off her. I wouldn’t have been able to keep my composure. I really admire his mother. I just wish she would go on TV more and keep her sons story out there and how it has devastated a whole family for the rest of their lives. Dear God don’t let Killary become President and if she does please beam me up because I don’t want to see what destruction that -itch can and will do.

          • Dusty

            Btty, she is a loser and I care less what she ‘wins’. Soul-less people are the bonds of Lucifer and she knows it. How horrible it must be to be so empty. I’m not a religious nut and prefer zero affiliations with any particular denomination but do have faith and hopefully morals. Sure glad politics aren’t my profession. Regardless what she amasses she will always be a soul-less creature.

          • preacher bill

            Remember what happened to Vince Foster. He knew too much.
            Why did they raid his office? And the files wound up in Hillary’s hands at the WH

    • Korean War Vet

      Jim: She’s a lady????????

    • Ron


      We did have troops amassed to help. General Carter Ham (yes, that is his real name), Commander of U.S. Army Ground Forces in Northern Africa, had assembled a response team as soon as his intelligence division discovered increased chatter (internet activity) in and around Benghazi. Since the only U.S. presence in that region was the Consulate in Benghazi, General Ham assessed that was where the attack would occur. He contacted both the President and Secretary of State Clinton with his intentions to send the re-enforcements to Benghazi, but was denied the mission. Obama, with the full support of Clinton, denied every request from Ham to send in a support team. Any statement otherwise is a lie and Clinton has yet to admit her role in the deaths of the four Americans killed in Benghazi; thus she is lying and covering up even more lies!

      While there are numerous reasons as to why one should never vote for Hillary Clinton, this is more than I need to deny her access to the Presidency and command of our armed forces!!!!

      • Lauretta A Tate

        General Ham was also relieved of his command and forced into retirement because he went against Obama. His 2nd in command was ordered to relieve him.

        • Suni Godbold

          How about the 3 officers that went down in a plane crash just after Bengazi?

      • Lee

        Hillary gave a response to Ambassador Stevens death. She said “maybe he would still be alive if he would have contacted me.” She blamed him for his own death ! Other sources said Amb Stevens had made comments to several different persons within the government, on 13 separate occasions about his concerns that the Benghazi compounds, etc were not secure enough. These attempts were all a month or two before the attack. So the State Dept DID know about the poor security issues.

    • Graham

      I think your first sentence was right on.Especially with their gun running operation going on.

    • cardnut

      She’s no lady! She is dishonest, corrupt, greedy, power-hungry, and a megalomaniac, but she is no lady! And her husband certainly is no gentleman!

      • Dusty

        They deserve each other. Why spoil two homes.

    • merrill

      they were giving weapons to the ones that were fighting with us weapons that they didnt want the people to know about

    • autrypma

      She is no lady !!!!!!!!!!
      I DEFINITELY do not support her…

    • Btty

      She is no lady Jim. I’ve heard the stories the secret service has told about her and believe me she is vile and a poor excuse for a human.

    • ricktenny

      In answer to your questions, they had all of the above. It has come out, our assets were spooled up on the runways ready to take off with all the support needed. However a direct order to go was need from the President and or Sec of State. That order never came.

  • jim mccollum

    Her stand down order and the blame on a You Tube video makes her an accessory to murder and terrorism. She is an enemy to freedom and to our nation and so is anyone who supports this woman. The first step in winning a battle is to identify the enemy.

  • Daniel Spickard

    Hillary Clinton will not be the next president. The only place Hillary Clinton will be seeing is the grounds at Guantanamo Bay Cuba for her treasonous act against the people of the United States! And once we put the pressure on Hillary Clinton, she will crack and spill everything she knows about Obama, along with all the other people that will be testifying to save their own asses ( Louis Lerner, Eric Holder, Valery Jarrett, just to name a few). Obama will be sitting right next to her at Guantanamo bay!

    • David Markham

      Sir, I pray that you are right, but sadly, I believe that she and obama will walk away with every penny that they have stolen from our Country.
      But I will pray for everything that you said will come true.

      • Ted for President

        If Slick Willie had any sense at all he would turn states evidence and burn Hilimonster and save his poor tired old ass from being penetrated by BUBBA in the showers!!

    • Lauretta A Tate

      Daniel, none of those will go to Gitmo, it is for prisoners of war, and terrprists. But they could very well go to Ft Leavenworth Federal Prison. Robert L Tate

      • Daniel Spickard

        Treason is an act of war against the people of the US! Both Operation Fast & Furious, and Benghazi are terrorist acts when you give guns to those who want us dead!

        • Lauretta A Tate

          The difference being, they are US citizens which puts certain rights on their side that Prisoners of War don’t have. Personally I kinda think all of them should have their citizenship revoked. R L Tate

      • Bobby Hopkins

        hopely tate u are right.

  • There is a bible verse that says ” God is not Mocked ( fooled) a man or in this case woman reaps what they sew”. If anyone doubted the level of outrage people have around the world with business as usual and disgust, with the Global elite look no further than the UK vote to leave the EEU. All the polls and experts said the British would vote to stay. Well they were wrong and wrong by a wide margin.

    The big Liberal cities like London voted to stay but the rural areas and Suburbs voted overwhelmingly to leave. None of the polls saw the level of anger with the current situation. I say all this because I think the same holds here in the United States. People are fed up with all the lies and deceit of Odipshit and Hellary. If I were Hellary I would be scared to death of where the American people are really thinking.

    It’s not that Trump is the greatest but he says what a lot of people think. At this point people feel he has to be way better than her and the Libtards and the RINO Republicrats like Bitch McConnel and Lying Ryan.

  • USMC

    Democrats need to wake up and see this witch for what she really is, pure evil, Do not give her this country, if she wins then all America loses.

  • bob davis

    Hillary will get 125% of the black vote , for some damn reason they still vote Democrat . They have put blacks back in slavery .

    • I think with education and more exposure to whites, blacks are coming into their own so to speak. There are more blacks learning to abandon the plantation mentality and think for themselves. Sports has enriched blacks (Think NBA & NFL). Millions and millions of dollars is showered on them by white fans who are in the majority if you look at the crowds at the games.

      Once this gets posted, I expect the Hillary supporting, mentally challenged will call me “racist” — so be it. My black friends know better.

    • Steamer

      That is a true statement! A number of urban precincts had in excess of 100% voter turnout which can’t happen unless dead voters raise from the tomb to vote or people are allowed to vote more than once. The 2008 and 2012 elections were unlike any I’ve seen in 65 years.

      • marshmil

        Ant that is a matter a lot of us have been concerned about since November 2008.

  • carlolisa

    the obama maggot was in on this, I would bet the farm,he lied about the gun running scheme(executive priv.)F&F, and the video BS that the rice pig was selling almost made it to being gospel…imagine telling that lie to the families after telling the truth to the inner circle..this bitch should be in jail.

  • Dross Cool

    read between lines you dopey idiots ,,, lies all lies

  • Anvil6

    Keep sounding the ‘Failed foreign policy brought us Benghazi’ loud enough and long enough that the MSM CAN NOT ignore it. Blend in a dash of ‘poor judgement and total lack of SHTF planning’. Add a large dollop of ‘she’s the architect of those failures and PLANS TO CONTINUE them’. Bake at high heat in the campaign oven until The Turkey falls off her bones.

  • Mac

    Hillary’s idea of loyalty is stabbing a friend in the front.

  • Howard A Milor Jr.

    If America does not stand up and make this woman accountable for her lawlessness and deceit then I fear we are all lost!

  • unbridled

    Clinton and her whole family should be stripped of their citizenship and banished from the country….

  • Paul Nix

    There is no adequate verbiage of polite society to impart the extent to which HK is a pariah and along with Obama & husband Bill the poorest excuse for human beings known to this generation!!

  • proudvet

    Paronto you failed to do your job, but to a certain degree that’s understandable since the Republican legislators voted against increased security for the consulate.

    • Lauretta A Tate

      Proud vet you are not quite right, they did vote not to provide more money to the State Dept, they did not vote against more security for the consulate. Something like that would be in the pervue of the State Dept only to decide and would not have come to Congress for a vote. Even Hillary’s main spokeswoman admitted in a news conference that funding for security was not an issue.

      • proudvet

        And why did the State Dept. initially ask for more money, which was voted down, for additional security measures. FACT!

  • ahufekim

    In answer to Jim: The US military forces in Italy were ready to dispatch planes. Leon Panetta, Hillary Clinton, and Obama made them stand down, and did so by placing a flag rank officer under house arrest. The officer wanted to do what was right. The 3 politicians wanted to do what was wrong, and they prevailed.
    My belief is that all 3 were traitors, and should have been treated as such.
    But, here in socialist dominated America we are no longer the home of the brave and the land of the free. Instead, America has become the home of the knave, and the land of the handout. That is what happens when the fools in the electorate elect the prince of fools as their leader.

    • marshmil

      And that’s how I saw the Kenyan-born foreign student joker in 2008. It’s what we get when the low information voter faction comes out of the woodwork to vote because color has been added to the candidate list. It’s a sad time when racism exerts such a powerful influence but it was the order the days in November 2008 and November 2012. Racism is a bad thing. See what it got us.

  • Daniel Graves

    Since I do not know the details of this attack first hand. I have given Hillary the benefit of the doubt. Now that I know more, I believe she is guilty of stupidity for not gtiving the consulate help. She is a proven liar by the information that she gave her daughter and yet she tried to sell the video lie to everyone. She cannot be trusted with any responsibility.

    • Jake319

      Hard to give any of the consulates help when the republican congress cut the security budget…

      • Lauretta A Tate

        Hey Jake-Ass, Even Hillary’s main spokeswoman admitted in a news conference that funding for security was not an issue. We were called to active duty during Cuban Missile crises I was first Sgt of a C-119 “Flyintg Boxcar” squadron and we sat at Homestead AFB ready to do whatever the President wanted. This woman is a proven pathological Liar (not lier), a thief, and quite possibly gave aid and comfort to the enemy. I am 83 years old served in the Infantry in Korean War, and over the years we have had some sorry Presidential candidates on both sides. I truely believe she is the absolute worse to ever represent any party, and if the people of this country are stupid enough to elect her they deserve what they are going to get. I will not have to live very long in a completely ruined country. I only keep trying on line to educate people because of my 16 Grandkids, 15 Great-Grandkids, and 3 Great-Great-Grandkids because I fear that they aren’t going to oinherit much of a country. Robert Tate

        • Jake319

          The security has been privatized. The CIA provided only a safe house. Stevens was known for working with all of the NGO’s and local militias. He spent weeks away from the embassy in Tripoly. He was in the field helping Libyans with healthcare and housing during the renal uprising ..
          Stevens was the target of a kidnaping. Romney tweeted about the kidnaping at Less then 30 minutes after the attack. Claimed that the asst. ambasitor was killed. How did he know before CENTA. knew?? Because the republican operatives were behind it. They never questioned Romney or any of his assistants how he knew so much when he was in Utah? ” me thinks the republicans protest. To loadly”. Because they know all about the kidnaping……then the siege at the safe house..

  • Bama Bill

    I am a victim of the “Shut Up” order also! Does anyone know the truth about the “Bay of Pigs”? I keep seeing about it on tv, and every time it is a “Manufactured LIE”! Heller is lying through her teeth! My “Tin Can” was there, 8 nuclear warhead ASROC missiles aimed at targets in Cuba. And JFK stopped us with 8 seconds to launch! We were ordered to leave about 1,500 Americans on the beach. And we ransomed them with millions to get back those that survived. I could be sent to Leavenworth just for this post! But “Hellery” can keep lying with no consequences!
    I say “Hillary for prison” in 2016. My service was in the 60’s, and I’m still not allowed to speak about it! NUTS! Any other “Tin Can” sailors that were there?

    • Jake319

      You can get an can’t get a nuclear warhead on an asroc. That’s an anti submarine weapon. Those weren’t Americans left on the beach they were illegal cuban immagrants. The Cubans kicked there ass like every opponent the us military comes up against…

      • Bama Bill

        I am a missile technician, with top secret clearance, guess I didn’t know what I was doing? Built Predator, Javelin, Hellfire, THAAD, hold most certifications in the field. So as I said, “Look it up” FIRST.
        I was there, on the U.S.S. Robert L. Wilson, been to Guantanamo several times.

        But you are “Right”, cause you say so.

  • NWOBS9014

    The shame of it all is not one Hillary democrat voter will be diverted from her alleged crimes.

  • NWOBS9014

    Crooked Hillary is human flypaper and the flies are Islamic donors.

  • daveveselenak

    The world knows that this ole ugly commie whore is a liar and her useful idiots that commit political suicide by supporting her don’t care – that is how dumb-downed and drugged-up her sheeple have become!

  • This country is so dumbed down and brainwashed it’s pathetic. Why with all of the facts out on Obama and the Clinton’s would anyone in their right mind vote for any of them. Our Main Stream Mean is a bought and paid for Propaganda Machine plain and simple. And the ignorant masses believe what they are spoon fed by that Machine.
    The silent majority are the only ones with any sense but have slept and let this happen to us all. And it gets worse by the minute until we can get those anti-Americans (to put it mildly) out of office

  • Korean War Vet

    Clinton lied: AMERICANS DIED!!!! Clinton delayed: AMERICANS DIED!!! Clinton slept: AMERICANS DIED!!! She needs to be IMPRISONED!

  • Ted for President

    Why is this Criminal still in the running for President.? She shouldn’t be in the running for dog catcher She should be worrying how many cigerettes she can come up with to keep her self safe in the yard!! NUFF SAID!!

  • barbarakelly

    I have known how this Barry was thinking, don’t ask me how, I’m not sure but once I figured the Bas****** out His damn HOPE AND CHANGE BECAME CLEAR WHAT HE MEANT. What is behind this will be a disaster if we don’t stop him NOW, BY ANY MEANS. Because what he plans is VERY DANGEROUS TO OUR SURVIVAL Nothing like to undermine our CONSTITUTION AND BILL OF RIGHTS AND THEN CHANGE OUR COUNTRY FROM CHRISTIAN TO ISLAMIIC. DO YOU GET THE UGLY PICTURE NOW.!!!!!!!!!!! With everything that he as been doing —it now all adds up to his direction. AND OUR CONGRESS AND SENATE BETTER PUT A COMPLETE STOP TO HIS PLANS NOW. WHAT EVER IT TAKES TO STOP THIS ANY FURTHER.!!!!!!!!!! THE CUNNING SNAKE. THAT SAID HE WAS A CHRISTIAN IS NOT THE TRUTH.!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wayne Markel

    As Americans can you put yourself in the ambassador’s shoes??? The knowledge of the white house doing another weapons deal in Libya after the fine job they did in Mexico with fast and furious. Knowing things were getting bad and requested the extra security but it was repeatedly denied. Then when shit hit the fan the state department sits with their finger up their ass. They didn’t want the weapon deal to get out so as Obama goes on a fundraiser and Hillary makes up the lie about the video. 13 hours go by without any help. Many planes could have been there as our men were dying. So if any of you are going to vote for crooked Hillary remember the men standing there fighting for their lives and we just left them to die. She would do the same to anyone of you if she felt that it would damage her politically. If we have any Morals left at all here she cannot become president and if you vote for her your unamerican!!!!

  • Bobby Hopkins

    killery should be hung for treason.

  • Jeff Witt

    Weapons given Gaddafi when he gave up his weapons of mass destruction where being transferred to Al Qaeda by Hillary & Obama were caught and the truth needed to be covered up or Obama would have lost the election. So Obama & Hillary let our people die rather than find out they were running arms to our enemies..


    By J.B. Williams

    April 23, 2014


    In the United States of America, our U.S. Constitution
    creates a Constitutional Representative Republic, as opposed to the
    myth that we are a pure democracy. That Constitution lays out the specific
    enumerated powers of each of three branches of the Federal government, and the
    authorities to carry out those assigned duties.

    The U.S. Bill of Rights is an additional statement of
    restrictions upon Federal authority, not the least of which is the Tenth
    Amendment, protecting the Rights of a sovereign state and the people who reside
    within each state.

    “The powers not delegated to the United States by the
    Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States
    respectively, or to the people.” – Amendment

    How does Amendment X line up with the Federal Supremacy
    clause found in Article VI, Paragraph 2 of the Constitution, commonly referred
    to as the Supremacy Clause, which establishes that the federal constitution and
    federal law generally, take precedence over state laws, and even state

    “This Constitution, and the laws of the United States
    which shall be made in pursuance thereof; and all treaties made, or which shall
    be made, under the authority of the United States, shall be the supreme law of
    the land; and the judges in every state shall be bound thereby, anything in the
    Constitution or laws of any State to the contrary notwithstanding.” – Article
    VI, Paragraph 2 of the Constitution

    Is a balance of powers between the states and the federal
    government an “unconstitutional” concept? Or is this a highly “constitutional”
    concept? Is Article VI, Paragraph 2 of the U.S. Constitution in conflict with
    Amendment X of the Bill of Rights? Does the Supremacy Clause take precedence
    over Amendment X, or does Amendment X take precedence over the Supremacy Clause?

    Only in recent years has this issue become bastardized by
    “legal experts,” including a number of legal beagles at so-called “conservative
    think tanks” like Heritage Foundation, Wall Builders and ALEC, all of which mysteriously find themselves doing the
    bidding of the tyrannical Fed on far too many occasions.

    As is always the case with legal text, the devil is in the
    details… In this case, the details of the Supremacy Clause itself…

    The first key phrase is “made in pursuance thereof…”
    – Before any federal law can enjoy federal legal supremacy, it must meet the
    stated standards of this section, which states that all federal laws must be
    made first and foremost in pursuance (or furtherance) of the Constitution
    itself, to include the Bill of Rights, which became an equal part of the U.S.
    Constitution on December 15, 1791.

    “…that the following Articles be proposed to the
    Legislatures of the several States, as amendments to the Constitution of the
    United States, all, or any of which Articles, when ratified by three fourths of
    the said Legislatures, to be valid to all intents and purposes, as part of
    the said Constitution;” – Resolved in the Preamble to the U.S. Bill of

    Next, federal laws “shall be made, under the authority of
    the United States” in order to enjoy federal supremacy. The authority
    referred to in this section of the Supremacy clause is the authorities granted
    the Federal government by the people and the states under the enumerated powers
    of each branch of the Federal government.

    To enjoy supremacy, a federal law must first be “made in
    pursuance thereof” (all other constitutional text) and be “made under
    the authority of the United States,” as defined in the enumerated powers of
    the Federal government according to the U.S. Constitution.

    To put a fine point on the matter, the Constitution of the
    United States assigns all “law-making” authority to Congress alone, the
    legislative branch. This means that policies set by either the Executive branch
    or the Judicial branch cannot possibly be “laws,” according to the

    Further, only when Congress enacts laws which are “in
    pursuance thereof” – within the purview of, or under the authority granted
    via the Constitution, and not in conflict with the Bill of Rights, can those
    laws enjoy Supremacy.

    Policies set by the Executive or Judicial branch are not
    laws at all. Therefore, they cannot enjoy supremacy in a Constitutional
    Representative Republic. Amendment X of the U.S. Constitution states
    unequivocally that – “The powers not delegated to the United States by the
    Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States
    respectively, or to the people.”

    Constitutional Laws do indeed enjoy Federal Supremacy.
    However, what about unconstitutional acts of the Federal government? Do unconstitutional
    intrusions into states or individual rights also enjoy Federal Supremacy?

    According to the Constitution and Bill of Rights, the answer
    is an unambiguous NO! As all governmental powers are derived by the consent of
    the people… the people have the final say.

    But it is the U.S. Supreme Court which has original jurisdiction on any dispute over constitutional
    authority arising between a state, the people and the Federal government.

    “In all Cases affecting Ambassadors, other public
    Ministers and Consuls, and those in which a State shall be a Party, the
    Supreme Court shall have original Jurisdiction.” – Article III – Section II – Clause II

    The Article VI Supremacy Clause protects “constitutional”
    laws passed by the law-making branch of the Federal government, so long as they
    are passed by constitutional means and do not violate any constitutionally
    protected rights.

    However, Amendment X of the U.S. Constitution protects the
    states and the people from the “unconstitutional” acts of the Federal
    government. Acts which are beyond the authority granted each branch, or are in
    conflict with constitutionally protected rights, are themselves,
    “unconstitutional.” As such, they enjoy no force of law at all, much less any
    form of supremacy.

    Although many state legislators remain entirely misguided on
    the subject, millions of American citizens are awakening to the reality that
    their government has been functioning in a tyrannical “unconstitutional” manner
    for decades now.

    As long as state legislators keep listening to federal
    “experts” on the subject, they will remain misguided and unable to represent
    the interests of their increasingly angry and desperate constituents.

    But if the people will take the time to read and understand
    the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, they can properly educate their state
    legislators and only then can they begin to work together to reinstate the proper balance of powers assured every state and every
    citizen in our Founding documents.

    In a Constitutional Representative Republic, the
    Constitution has Supremacy, not the federal authority. The federal authority is
    limited to enumerated powers and constitutional processes. The people, not an
    unelected oligarchy of lifetime political appointees, are the final arbiters of
    what is or isn’t constitutional.

    Write me at: [email protected]

    © 2014 JB Williams – All Rights Reserved

  • Teddy

    I can’t believe that people put their party before truth. So many Democrats are so brainwashed that they’re not seeing Benghazi as murder or even tragic. Even now-a-days Democratic politicians get bent out of shape and make that annoying face every time Benghazi is brought up. As a long time Republican and a Veteran, some people from my party better get their head out of their butt and back Trump. Thank you Kris for never letting up on Hillary and Obama. If any of them ever served they woulds know we never give up.

  • Jim Crumpton

    I watched the interviews with those 4 who survived Benghazi. I believe they have no reason to lie about Hillary. They were there and watched their friends being killed while being told to stand down. Hillary lied and 4 men died, I have that decal on ,my car. Hillary does not need to be president with murder on her hands.

    • Cathy aka OldTxGal

      If she won’t protect people being attacked in a foreign country, how can we rely on her to protect an entire country?

  • Dusty

    All politician’s lie. It’s job security for them. We’re the dumb ones as most believe them and keep voting them into office. When will people learn!

  • Lookfortruth

    It takes a courageous and moral electorate in the majority to do the right thing. Crooked Hillary has gotten away with lies, corruption, scapegoating a video maker, selling influence, incompetence, security breaches, blood on her hands and more and yet she gets on stage with constitution killing Obama in front of their adoring sycophants. The creepy and scary part is raging ignorance and the MSM perpetrating daily the sin of not calling out this horrible woman .

  • Mike Knox

    RINO Romney had BHO in the debate- he wouldn’t seal the deal,,, letting the moderator step all over him- the weak willed Mitt could have given the voters “the opportunity to hold Obama responsible” and he (unintentionally or otherwise) BLEW IT.

  • Eduardo Paler Galves

    we all know she is a liar and has been since Bill was Governor of their state and how they ripped their donors off

  • ahufekim

    Let’s put Hil-LIAR-y where she belongs: PRISON.
    A crime is a crime, regardless of who commits it.
    Allowing Hil-LIAR-y to go free proves there is no rule of law in America.
    Therefore, none of us are constrained by law.
    We are free to do as we please, and shoot what we choose to.
    Either Hil-LIAR-y faces the consequences for her crime, or there is no America.

  • Awaitingtherapture

    Hillary and Obama got caught with their pants down running weapons to support a private war through the embassy. Add that to the damage it would have done to the upcoming election and you have your reason, motive, and truth.

    • Cathy aka OldTxGal

      Exactly! And Stevens knew it and was probably ready to spill the beans about it because they kept ignoring his requests for additional security. All I know for sure is that when our people in Benghazi needed help once the attacks began, they were ignored. That is NOT the American way.

  • Jim Terio

    I am not a religious man, but I do pray – virtually every day – that Obama and Hillary Clinton spend eternity in hell for their lies and incompetence and INDIFFERENCE to the brave Americans who were slaughtered in Benghazi. These vile liberal-progressive-Marxist-“Democrats” are amoral useless scum.

  • coconuisse

    There is a secret reason why the ambassador was sent to Benghazi. There have been some rumors, but the truth is so toxic that the Democrats would rather spout a thousand lies (which they are adept at) than to admit ONE truth.

  • jim jones

    Trump 2016, America’s choice!

  • Jim Wiley

    The Clinton’s always do what they need to do when in trouble. I guess that may leave you to believe why there are so many people killed that have been around them.

  • tcurry

    We can only hope.

  • Reg Dahl

    We need to understand the ” SYSTEMS of FRAUD” to understand the realities here! Start with the money merchants, the suppliers, then the politics, then the enablers like Clinton, Obama, et others , then the merchant media mob. Then you will have the best understanding of their “systems of fraud”. JFK to 911 – A Rich Mans Trick is the best to expose it

  • Suni Godbold

    Through out the years we the people have not been privileged to know the actions of the government. We are supposed to TRUST our leaders to make the proper decisions for the good us, the ‘people the protect’. Now we have hilly and billy running the show with foreign big powers pulling the strings. These two can not do this alone, neither can o. He is not smart enough. We are screwed if we do not get someone in office that is not a politician and does not need the money. I do not care who it is, just not a politician.

  • Cindy

    I agree with Jim. How can anyone in their right mind vote for Hillary.
    They must all be going mad, crazy. Wake up people!!

  • Ken morris

    wikileaks has published many of the Clinton Emails, however the Clinton Krew obviously sorted thru the damming ones and provided only the ones that would shed a better light on that Disgrace of a Woman. https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/?q=Libya+Stevens&mfrom=&mto=&title=&notitle=&date_from=&date_to=&nofrom=&noto=&count=50&sort=0#searchresult