A Benghazi Survivor Delivered This Powerful Message To Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton has lied repeatedly about Benghazi.

She lied about the attacks being caused by a YouTube video.

And she lied about the “stand down” order which prevented our military assets from rescuing our consulate personnel.

But a Benghazi survivor who was on the ground during the attack sent a powerful message to Hillary and the supporters who continue to lie for her.

Kris “Tanto” Paronto is a former Army Ranger and was part of the CIA annex security team on duty during the Benghazi terrorist attack.

Paronto was interviewed on The Blaze TV, responding to a Hillary Clinton campaign surrogate who claimed the family of slain Ambassador, Chris Stevens, was fed up with all the focus on the Benghazi attack.

You can watch the video below:

Paronto responded forcefully.

The Independent Journal Review reports:

“I’m tired of hearing people defend Hillary Clinton, because she left us. The bottom line, she left us.

George W. Bush – I served overseas when he was President as well – he never left me behind. Not once.”

Lydie Denier, fiancé of the murdered Ambassador, Chris Stevens, also believes Hillary lied.

Breitbart reports:

“Denier said that if she could talk to Clinton, she would ask why it took so long to send help to the consulate on the night of the attacks, and “Why are you coming out and saying it’s a video — sending someone to say it’s a video, when she was texting her daughter like, oh, we’re being — we’re under attack.”

Denier added that if it was a member of Clinton’s family who was the Ambassador to Libya during the attack, “She would move earth. She would call everyone.” And that Clinton “no doubt” lied to families of the victims by blaming the attack on a YouTube video.”

The attack at Benghazi and the lies surrounding the administration’s conduct have haunted Hillary continuously.

Many critics contend the attack was a direct result of the war she supported which ousted Libya’s leader, Muammar Gaddafi.

Removing Gaddafi from power created space for jihadists to establish their base of operations where they were able to launch attacks such as the in Benghazi.

Hillary and Obama have lied about the attack from day one.

Blaming the attacks on a YouTube video served as a distraction from their failed policies which allowed the terrorists to strike in the first place.

The terrorist attack occurred in the middle of a Presidential campaign, and if the public were given the opportunity to hold Obama responsible, it would have cost him the re-election.

And if Obama lost the election, it would have severely weakened Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential prospects.

Will all the lies and deceit eventually catch up with Hillary and Obama?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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