A Big Sex Scandal Is Bad News For Chuck Schumer

The day Chuck Schumer was dreading finally arrived.

And the top Senate Democrat did his best to bury the bad news.

But this sex scandal is causing Schumer and the Democrats a massive headache.

Fridays are when politicians typically drop bad news.

They call it “take out the trash day.”

That’s because Americans are distracted with their weekend plans and the Saturday newspapers are traditionally the shortest edition of the week.

If you want to hide bad news and hope it doesn’t dominate the news cycle, you leak the story after 5PM on a Friday and hope the public already moved on for the weekend.

Chuck Schumer followed this playbook to a ‘T’.

After the midterm elections, Chuck Schumer’s communications director Matt House left his post.

The departure struck many as odd.

Democrats had just won back power in the House and that strengthened Schumer’s hand in legislative negotiations with the White House and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

But on Friday, the real story leaked out that Matt House had allegedly engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct with female staffers.

The Huffington Post exclusively reported:

House’s departure, however, was not voluntary. HuffPost has learned, through two sources with knowledge of the situation, that House was pushed out for allegedly having inappropriate sexual encounters with junior staffers, ending what was a nearly six-year tenure as communications director for the New York Democrat. The sources spoke on the condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to speak to a reporter about the allegations.

Schumer’s office confirmed that House was forced out.

“Upon learning that he had inappropriate encounters within the office and that it was making some staff uncomfortable, he was asked to leave,” Schumer’s office wrote in a statement.

House texted the Huffington Post in response to their story.

I absolutely loved my time working in the Senate and it was the honor of my life. I deeply regret the mistakes I made on the number of occasions when I had too much to drink, and I apologize to anyone who was affected by my behavior. I have always respected all of my colleagues and I was horrified to learn that I made anyone feel uncomfortable. In the past three months, I’ve stopped drinking and I’ve committed to making myself a better colleague and person,” House wrote.

The “Me Too” era has forced a reckoning for Democrats.

The party depends on the votes of women to prop up their coalition.

MeToo scandals have largely affected liberal men like Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose, Al Franken, and others.

Because Democrats need to run up large margins with female voters to have a winning chance, any man accused of wrongdoing is immediately excommunicated from public life.

Democrats don’t have an altruistic motivation for this though.

They want to use their policing of sexual misconduct on their own side to demand Donald Trump also resign from office based on the phony accusations made against him.

But the big difference is that the liberals caught up in these scandals have all admitted to their predatory behavior, meanwhile, Donald Trump denies every allegation against him and the accusations are clearly politically motivated.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



7 thoughts on “A Big Sex Scandal Is Bad News For Chuck Schumer

  1. Statesman Patriot

    The hypocrisy on policy within the Demon-rats is only eclipsed by their stupid immoral and illegal acts!
    Let them implode.
    They will blame everyone else but themselves and start a civil war.
    I wonder who will win??

  2. 8_patriot_9

    Wait until they find out that Schumer has some bad crap in his back ground. His $2.00 dollar glasses will blow off his crooked nose like a rocket. He has to have some Nazi connects coming from New York.

  3. Bryce Thompson

    What did Hillary have to hide, she didn’t do anything wrong, did she??? why didn’t she give all her emails??? shes is an alcoholic, drug addict, a liar, murderer of Seth Rich, and Vince Foster who turned her emails to Wikileaks, she can’t walk, can’t talk, was coughing, and pedophile billy boy had to talk for her, you wanted them to be president, are you a retard stupid liberal demon-rat, we the people voted for a non politician that is not stealing us blind, and you want more theft of our money, and destruction of our economy, you have shit for brains
    look at the high waste, and pollution our cars are producing, a 200 mpg Porge vapor carburetor sitting in the patient office collecting dust, liquid gas does not burn, Volkswagen has a 264 mpg diesel not coming here, boycott the oil company owned auto company’s, spread the word.
    The only thing that will bring us out of this depression is free energy, hydrogen from water, have this as your debate, you can make all the hydrogen, as you drive from a tank of water, you know our space shuttles,are powered by hydrogen / oxygen made from water, tell every one not buy a new car / truck, to boycott the auto company’s, when they can’t sell their pieces of junk low mileage vehicles, they will have to bring out water to hydrogen powered vehicles, and kits to change the vehicles now that we have, just think what our world would be like with free energy. Do you want your world back? spread the word boycott the auto company’s that are destroying our world. the inventor of the water to hydrogen auto was murdered by our Democrat Government, get
    mad get real mad of the Democrats. Also audit all the Senator’s and representatives, they have wasted, and stole our money, make them repay all, and tax them. Do these 2 things, and the Demo rats will be finished, don’t do this and the civil war, will escalate, and the economy will collapse, get this out all over the USA. this is the only thing that will bring the economy around.put this out , and spread the word to boycott the auto company’s don’t buy a new car/ or truck. do this Trump, and we will have our dreams back again.

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