A Democratic Group Was Just Caught In A Huge Scandal

A major scandal just broke within the Democratic Party, and the group is now trying to cover its tracks.

A hacking leak revealed detrimental information about several liberal organizations, and their response was to resort to bribery to supposedly uphold their image.

Now the scandal has gone public, and the responses of the Democratic groups to the hacker’s demands are unbelievable.

Over a dozen Democratic-funded groups were contacted recently by a group of Russian hackers, who gained information on their protestor funding operation.

The key information the Democratic groups were concerned with keeping secret involved their many groups who held anti-Trump protest rallies.

Breitbart News reported:

The report highlighted a conversation between an employee with a left-leaning nonprofit organization and an unnamed donor about using government-funded grants to protest the Trump administration.

The hackers demanded ransom in order to keep the liberal secrets quiet, and the Democratic Party did what they often do – resort to bribery.

An FBI investigation into the matter has been launched, and it was discovered the liberal Center for American Progress is one such group targeted.

The Daily Caller reported:

Bloomberg reports that some of the groups paid the demanded ransom in an attempt to hide sensitive data that revealed the group’s role in funding anti-Trump protesters nationwide.


One conversation obtained by reporters was between an employee with a left-leaning nonprofit organization and a donor over how to use government-funded grants to protest the Trump administration.


The ransoms paid by various unnamed groups ranged from $30,000 all the way up to $150,000, according to the report, and were paid through untraceable bitcoins.

The information uncovered during the hack is undeniable proof the Democratic Party funded anti-Trump protests, a fact which Republican congressmen were trying to prove themselves.

The report uncovered by the hack does not detail to what extent the protests were funded by the Democratic groups.

The Daily Caller reported:

Republicans in Congress blamed progressive donor George Soros for funding the string of national protests, something Soros vehemently denied.


The report doesn’t name the donor who discussed using grants to pay for protester supplies. The report also doesn’t specify if protester time was paid for or if the groups simply attempted to pay for costs like sign materials and other needs.

What are your thoughts?

Can you believe the Democratic Party funded and promoted anti-Trump protests and tried to cover it up?

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