A Leak May Have Caused This Fugitive To Get Away

Capitol Police have been investigating a fugitive with ties to Democrats in the House of Representatives.

This fugitive was thought to have hacked into secured servers to gain sensitive political information to leak for profit.

But now, it may seem there was more than one leak in this investigation.

Capitol Police may have leaked pivotal information to the fugitive’s attorney.

Worse yet, this mistake may have cost them their case.

The Daily Caller reported:

The Capitol Police turned over a trove of evidence in the alleged Imran Awan House cyberbreach and theft case to the defense attorneys when they were supposed to deliver it to prosecutors instead, according to court documents and a source.


And hours after The Daily Caller News Foundation asked prosecutors about the disclosure, Awan’s lawyer said he had learned of the forthcoming story from a source on Capitol Hill. TheDCNF had not told anyone other than prosecutors about it.


“The cop came to [Awan’s defense attorney] Chris Gowen’s office with a stack of papers … Then he came back and said, ‘I thought you guys were the other party.’ He was very, very angry. But Gowen made copies,” the source, who’s familiar with The Awans, told TheDCNF.


Awan, three relatives and a friend ran IT for one in five House Democrats and could read all their emails and files until they were banned on Feb. 2, 2017, for “numerous violations of House security policies.” The violations alleged by the House Office of Inspector General include logging into the House Democratic Caucus server thousands of times without authorization. This allegedly occurred during the same period in 2016 the DNC was hacked.


Prosecutor Michael Marando alluded to the disclosure of evidence in court on Oct. 6, 2017.


Earlier this week, there was the inadvertent disclosure of law enforcement materials to defense counsel,” Marando told the judge. “There may be a motion on that.”

Another disclosure occurred after the Daily Caller reached out to a spokesperson at the Attorney General’s office, Awan’s lawyer, Gowen.

The Daily Caller continued:

I hear you are writing another article about me — I assume you don’t want to fact check it?” Gowen wrote. “From what I hear, you have it totally wrong as usual.”


TheDCNF had not told anyone other than the spokesman about an upcoming story involving Gowen. TheDCNF followed up with Miller to ask if prosecutors had provided that information to Gowen.


“I’m not going to get into what we do internally,” but “I really don’t know why that would be the case,” Miller told TheDCNF. “I communicate with the prosecutors regularly when I get media inquiries.”

Not surprisingly, Chris Gowen has connections to failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

He claims he knew of the story—but would not comment for fear of indictment.

The Daily Caller continued:

Gowen — a former aide to failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton — said he learned of the story through someone on Capitol Hill. “I have been told by my source on the Hill,” he said.


If true, this would imply congressional staff, or possibly even members, are feeding information to the attorney of a hacking suspect.


Awan exclusively worked for Democrats, including Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who formerly headed the DNC and whose brother is an assistant U.S. attorney in the D.C. office.

Do you believe Capitol Police accidentally leaked information that may have benefited Imran Awan?

Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • donald540

    We need more arrests to show those corrupt politicians that they could get put into jail and soon because they will be caught and put into jail for all of the bad thing some of them have done against the American people.
    The corrupting is being brought into the light and it is exposing the corruption in our government and they will get caught and then they will get put into jail very soon because those that helped them to do their crimes are trying to get off by telling what happened and who was the leader of those crime and how it was done so they might not have to go to jail if they can convince the higher ups that they did not have any real action in those crimes and it also puts the blame squarely where it should go and should be enough evidence to that person into jail for quite a few YEARS in jail for those crimes they pulled on the American people.

  • mike mckleroy

    But I’m not surprised.
    When President Trump drains a little bit of the swamp, there is plenty of ooze seeping in from the contaminated ground water to just fill it right back up.
    Until the DOJ decides to put on their big boy pants and start sending some of these criminals to jail, the swamp will never get drained.
    If you eliminate one crook, there are a dozen waiting to take their place.
    I don’t know how anyone works in that sewer they call DC without getting sick, I get sick just reading about it.

  • Wmichaelmic

    I do not think this was a mistake. It was intentional, even the dumbest of the dumb cops knows better. I guarantee you he (or she) was paid well.

  • Dave Nettles

    Sounds to me like they are trying to cover up the Seth Rich murder. He’s the guy who hacked the DNC. Read about it @ http://www.davenettlesgospelmusic.com/thesethrichmurder.htm Trying to say Awan did it..