A Major Break In Kennedy’s Assassination Was Just Found Out

President Trump promised several months ago to release a trove of documents pertaining to one of the nation’s greatest tragedies: the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

While conspiracy theorists always believed there was more to Kennedy’s murder than was released, government officials swore the documents contained nothing of significance.

But just last week, the documents were finally released–bringing with them a major break in the happenings of that dark day.

The trove of documents released by the federal government last week indicated a communication between Lee Harvey Oswald and prominent members of the Communist Party of the United States of America.

The November 26th, 1963 memo noted a letter from Oswald to Elizabeth Gurley FLynn, an Industrial Workers of the World activist and founder of the American Civil Liberties Union who had prominent Communist ties.

Flynn reportedly died in the Soviet Union 10 months after the assassination, but prior to that, she was arrested for violating the Smith Act.

Breitbart reports:

The meeting between FBI agents and Gus Hall, longtime leader of the CPUSA, and two of his lieutenants, Arnold Johnson, convicted in 1953 along with Flynn of violating the Smith Act, and Irving Potash, who, like Oswald once emigrated to live in a Communist nation, took place in room 707 of the famed Chelsea Hotel, a New York City haunt favored by Mark Twain, Brendan Behan, Jack Kerouac, and other authors and where Sid Vicious killed his girlfriend Nancy Spungen fifteen years after Oswald killed the president.

At the Chelsea, the brash leaders exhibited fear in the wake of the murder of the president of the United States by one of their fellow Communists.

The memo notes of Johnson and Potash that “both were in an excited state” upon arriving at the meeting. “Hall stated he would not visit CPUSA headquarters this present week for ‘security reasons,’” the document reveals. “He stated further that he felt there will be an ultra right attack against the [Communist Party] in view of the alleged involvement of Lee Harvey Oswald with the Fair Play for Cuba Committee.”

The correspondence between the assassin and the prominent American Communists rose to a level well beyond fan mail.

“Dallas, Texas, PD, had leaked the fact that among Oswald’s personal effects were some letters on CPUSA stationary dealing with how he should proceed in his activities in the [Fair Play for Cuba Committee] and as the informant stated ‘how to handle with noisy neighbors,’” the memo chronicling the meeting three days after the assassination pointed out. “According to the informant, it was apparent that Johnson had not revealed the fact that he had corresponded with Oswald. He then told Hall that there were three letters from Oswald that he had answered.”

Some have indicated that the word “noisy” in the type is meant to read “nosy”, but of much more significance is the fact that the larger phrase is believed to be a type of coded communication.

The discovery of this document proves one thing- that there was a definite connection between the party and the assassin not demonstrated before.

It remains unseen why the documents were kept hidden for 54 years, but the information contained in them is vital to the understanding of that tragic day in United States  history.

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15 thoughts on “A Major Break In Kennedy’s Assassination Was Just Found Out

  1. [email protected]

    I still think the CIA and Johnson collaborated to assassinate president Kennedy I also think the FBI was in the plot to cover up for anything going astray and to make it look like only one person was involved and they set up Oswald to take the fall. So we now know that the CIA, FBI and the lying democrats committed this assassination of president Kennedy and they are trying to do that right now to president Trump because they don’t like him and because the liar who is dishonest untruthful untrustworthy and a pathological liar lost the presidency twice. One to the liar Barack Obama and to our president Trump, also I may add which is no secret Barack Obama and the lying democrats rigged the election so that the liar Hillary Clinton would win. But these liars didn’t count on God intervening and caused the election voters to vote for president Trump who won without getting anyone to disrupt the liar Hillary Clinton on her fake racist lying campaign or paid anyone to disrupt or cause damage to properties or to kill police officers who are paid to protect everyone regardless of whether you vote republican or democratic or a racist, BLM, Antifa or other terrorist groups like the Muslims, brother hood, Cair or other racist groups, but the lying democrats can not win fairly without trying to kill anyone who is against their crooked, corrupt mafia party. The real mafia in my opinion is honest at what they are doing but the democrats are really killers, robbers, thieves, crooks who are dishonest, untrustworthy, untruthful and pathological liars and I will never vote for liars period.


      They ALL had motive and opportunity. The Mob because Giancana and Daley were the ones that actually won the election for JFK by keeping Chicago Polls open Three DAYS (!!!) after election day. While Nixon carried more than 95% of the rest of Illinois, the 8-9000 votes tallied over those 3 days in the “Windy City” were the entire margin of JFK’s victory. Sometime thereafter, Bobby K. threatened Giancana to his face, telling him “we’re going to get you Mr. Giancana…” When you dance with the devil, don’t try to call the tunes.

      Upon returning from Dallas, LBJ was scheduled to go before a Senate hearing at which a Texas insurance man was allegedly going to testify that he had paid an $80K bribe to LBJ to get the insurance business for one of the companies he had Ladybird run for him. Have any idea what Bobby K would have done to Johnson thereafter? Sent him back to Texas in disgrace. (BTW: the owner of the book depository was a friend of Johnson’s.) (Check the History Channel: The Men Who killed Kennedy.)

      CIA had its reasons, as well as the Deep State. Hoover and the Kennedys hated each other, so the nation’s chief cop declared Oswald the killer the Monday after the assassination; CASE CLOSED. No more investigation. The Warren Commission was a joke. Remember that line in the Godfather :”…you have to share all the politicians and judges you have in your hip pocket.”? That was a direct reference to Joe Colombo, who stifled Congress and the Justice Dept for decades. (There is a National Geographic Documentary on the NY Mob in which Rudy Giuliani openly admits that was the case. Great Viewing.) There was no chance the Warren Commission would unearth anything but to rubber stamp Hoover. Motive and Opportunity………they all had it.

      1. milmac

        Never trust the findings of any commitee. I don’t know of a single one that has solved an investigation or provided the truth to the American people. Kennedy’s failure to support the Bay of Pigs operation after it began falling apart did rile CIA officials as many of the operatives died unnecessarily. Agency planning was not the best.

        1. LIVE FREE OR DIE

          My recollection is that JFK called off the air support to “Bay” at the last minute, perhaps at Bobby’s insistence. Whatever, the reason, he didn’t make a lot of friends there.
          JFK also admitted to authorizing the 1963 assassination of the South Vietnamese President Ngô Đình Diệm, because he was not cooperating enough with the “Harvard Boys” plans for Southeast Asia. I think they used the world as a metaphor for their pelvises.

  2. Pete Greco

    The CIA by then was a rogue agency well before 1963. They were in bed with the Federal Reserve (Rothschilds) and the globalists. JFK wanted to have the US government print their own money thus eliminating the Federal Reserve (and IRS). Plus trying to get rid of the CIA and RFK’s going after the mafia, all contributed to the three parties to conspire to murder JFK and then RFK as well as MLK. The Deep State was very active by then. Any other theory is a huge disinformation and propaganda to deflect from what really went on.

    1. Mtuck

      I agree. And ‘directing’ Oswald to become involved with the American Communist Party is exactly the kind of diversionary tactics the Dark Boys excel at.

  3. Nancy Glick

    A lot of people believe that the democrat party itself was directly involved because Kennedy was working for the people who elected him instead of toeing the line of the direction the party was taking even back then toward the NWO. Too many in politics involved to let those records see the light of day.

  4. Sharon Jeanguenat

    I’ve always believed that LBJ had a hand in it too. You can guarantee that there won’t be a smoking gun among the papers released. Papers like that have a habit of disappearing, & nobody the wiser.

  5. SirWilhelm

    We already knew Oswald went to Russia, lived there for a while, and had a Russian wife. Why is it a surprise he continued to have contact with, and ties to, communists? It’s not evidence that Oswald was the shooter. It is evidence that he made a good scapegoat, if someone wanted to blame the communists for being behind the assassination.

    1. Pat Wells

      The shot that would have been taken by Oswald was way beyond his ability. Oswald was known as worthless with a trigger, but the dumb ass sure put himself in a position to be framed (the term ‘useful idiot’ comes to mind.

      1. bill soule

        Pat; not sure about his level of competency as a rifle shooter but Marksman is the lowest level, then Sharpshooter, then Expert. But? all sorts of things contribute to shooting poorly at Marine corp distances.Eye sight and physical conditioning would cause lower scores, but at 100 yds, not much.

        1. Pat Wells

          It’s been a long time ago, but i remember at the time there was quite a bit of discussion on the issue. From what i understood about the shot, from his position it was a really bad angle with the target moving away from him. There was a lot of discussion on his poor marksmanship in the military as well. Of course all i know is what i read and heard, Bill, do you recall any of the details involving target acquisition from his location? You mentioned 100 yds, was that the distance? Your correct, if that was it you wouldn’t have to have to be Carlos Hatchcok to make the shot.

  6. Craig Holt

    This is another of the million conspiracy theories of JFK’s murder. Most Americans found out about Oswald’s support of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee. From there it’s not a big jump to the CPUSA (the Russians supporting Castro, who was mad at the U.S. because the CIA, under Kenned’s watch, kept trying — unsuccessfully — to assassinate El Presidente Fidel). That’s why CPUSA officials went into hiding; they feared retaliation. The most intriguing theory involved mob boss Carlos Marcello, who ran the New Orleans branch of Chicago’s wise guys. Then-Attorney General Robert Kennedy, JFK’s brother, had declared war on the Mafia and U.S. agents, under orders from RFK, kidnapped Marcello one night off a N.O. street and flew him to either Honduras or Guatemala and booted him off the plane and told him to stay out of the U.S. Witnesses have said Marcello, who later returned, vowed revenge on the Kennedys and JFK was assassinated in 1963 and RFK 5 years later in a Los Angeles hotel after a campaign rally during the 1968 Democrat primary. JFK also tacitly approved the actual CIA-led assassination of Ngô Đình Diem and his brother Ngô Đình Nhu on Nov. 2, 1963, in a coup de’tat by S. Viet generals. So a LOT of international power brokers wanted revenge on the Kennedys.

    However, as always, evidence in clear sight has been ignored because most political “experts” and “investigators” are ignorant, especially about firearms. The Zapruder film shows what happened in striking detail. JFK first was hit in the back by a rifle shot fired downward, probably fired by Oswald, the bullet exiting below his throat then striking Texas governor John Connally. That bullet was a full-metal jacket round (it didn’t disintegrate). But the killing head shot came from the right front because it was a hollow-point exploding bullet. Zapruder’s film shows JFK’s head snapping back, up and to the left as it exploded. Brain and skull fragments go in that direction. That’s why Mrs. Kennedy, sitting to JFK’s left, had her’ pink dress and face splattered.

    In light of the Zapruder film, ridiculous lone-gunman comments have been floated, such as the recoil of JFK’s head made it APPEAR his head had snapped back and to the left after being pushed forward by Oswald’s second shot. But boys’n’girls, Oswald was an ex-Marine marksman and marksmen don’t load TWO TYPES OF BULLETS IN THE SAME RIFLE, a full-metal jacket round and a hollow-point (exploding) round. This is total Bravo Sierra, professional tradecraft lying to the ignorant media and public. One guy did an “expert” analysis and concluded a Secret Service agent, riding in a security car behind the Kennedys and Connally and his wife, accidentally pulled the trigger of his M-16 and shot JFK in the head….total BS…..in that case, brain and skull fragments would have been blown FORWARD on the Connallys and the limo driver….Didn’t happen.

    Do an experiment. Go to an abandoned house, pick up a rock and throw it through a window. Then go inside and throw a rock through a window to the outside. Now go look at the glass fragments and how they are scattered. If most of the broken glass caused by the rock thrown inside the house is on the OUTSIDE of the window frame, I’ll eat the house, brick, motor, floors, doors and shingles. Vice versa for the rock thrown from inside to outside.

    Did you know that NO X-RAYS of JFK’s head were permitted to be taken at Parkland Hospital and no x-rays are now available taken at the Bethesda Naval Hospital? Not only that, but JFK’s BRAIN HAS DISAPPEARED. A story was floated that RFK took possession of his brother’s brain — BUT THERE’S NO EVIDENCE THAT HAPPENED. Ethel Kennedy, RFK’s wife, never said anything of the sort an she, of all people, would know. Any half-decent forensic investigator could determine what type of bullet hit JFK’s head — if the doctor had the remains of JFK’s brain.

    Cover-up artists and certain agencies in the government are fighting tooth-and-nail to prevent Donald Trump from releasing all the JFK assassination documents from being unsealed 54 years later, even after they were ordered unsealed by President George H.W. Bush, who signed a law on Oct. 26, 1992, requiring all documents related to the assassination be released within 25 years, unless the president said doing so would harm intelligence, law enforcement, military operations or foreign relations.

    Well, there it is: Who will be hurt by telling the truth about JFK’s assassination?

    Oliver Stone might have been on the right trail after all.

  7. TooHotForU

    The question remains, why was anything classified in the first place?? One reason I can think of was to protect Johnson and Bush.

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