A Senator Just Condemned The Left’s Insufferable Witch Hunts

A Republican member of the Senate Intelligence Committee is fed up with liberals and their insufferable antics.

The Democrats have continued on their witch hunt to bring down Trump and those in his administration.

But now this Republican Senator is calling out the absurdities of the committee’s investigation –and he wants them stopped.

During the committee’s hearing with Attorney General Jeff Sessions regarding the possible collusion between Russia and the United States government, Senator James Risch claimed they have found nothing against President Trump and his administration throughout the entire process.

The Daily Caller reports:

Idaho Sen. James Risch made the comment while questioning Attorney General Jeff Sessions during a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing.


“We’ve been through thousands of pages of information, interviewed witnesses and everything else. We’re really no different than where we were when this whole thing started,” Risch said to Sessions.


“And there’s been no reports that I know of of any factual information that regard it. Are you aware of any such information of collusion?” he asked.


Sessions took Risch’s questions to be a reference to the dossier of Trump opposition research compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele.


“Is that arose from the dossier, the so-called dossier? Is that what you’re referring to?” Sessions asked.


“It I think has been pretty substantially discredited, but you would know more than I,” he said of the document, which was published on Jan. 10 and makes various uncorroborated allegations about Trump and his campaign’s ties to the Russian government.


“But what was said that would suggest that I participated in continuing communications with Russians as a surrogate is absolutely false.”

The Republican Senator expressed frustration against the liberals and their constant denouncements of President Trump.

And like Senator Risch, many Americans are also beyond frustrated with the constant disparaging of Trump, whose unorthodox political practices are restoring America back to its former glory.

When will the left end their constant battle against conservative values?

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7 thoughts on “A Senator Just Condemned The Left’s Insufferable Witch Hunts

  1. Lt914

    Hey Senator Risch, it’s not the democrat liberals, it’s the republican liberals who are persecuting President Trump with a phony investigation. These republican congressman, including Risch, are attempting to impeach President Trump over the Russian interference lie, which they know is false. The republicans are also assisting Podesta/Clinton in covering up the murders of Molly Macauley, Ambassador Ashe, Sean Lucas, and Seth Rich. What is astounding is that these swamp rats continue with this coupe when half the nation knows what they are doing. Someone should tell Senator Risch that it’s common knowledge thanks to real news sources and courageous journalists, that the senate committees on Intelligence and Armed Services have been receiving bribes from contractors and many other crimes. For example what will the general public think when they learn of all the other really dark things some of our senators have been engaged in? The President by now has got to have all the evidence he needs to crash the company. But really senator Risch, how can the democrats with their pathetic numbers be responsible for the phony Russia investigation? Maybe some of these senators are beginning to have some anxiety over what will come out next?

  2. jim

    About time the republicans begin to refute the slander of the left—–I wonder why it took so long for them to resist and report the “raping” of Trump and GOP.

  3. redrider

    Obama, The Clintons, The Democrats in Congress, let’s just say they lost the Election and are crying about it. We need to move on to what’s more important! Let’s all present our evidence and bring the criminals to justice based on the evidence. We need to move on to more important things like, Healthcare Reform, Tax Reform, and the Budget.

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