AG Pick Leads The Charge To Support Trump’s Immigration Plan

Following his victory in the Presidential race, President-elect Donald Trump has been working tirelessly on choosing solid candidates for his staff and Cabinet.

Among his choices is Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions as the next U.S. Attorney General.

And one of the reasons for Trump’s choice of Sessions is that the Senator is a staunch supporter of the President-elect’s plan to overhaul immigration policies once he takes office in January.

The immigration issue has been at the forefront of both Trump’s campaign and on President Obama’s agenda for his remaining days in office — but in entirely different directions.

Obama and the Democrats have worked to bring a tidal wave of refugees into the U.S. in recent months, and allow illegal immigrants to remain in the U.S. and receive federal assistance with no consequences.

Sen. Sessions has been a proponent of Trump’s tough stance on immigration since the early days of his Presidential campaign.

Breitbart reported earlier this year on Sessions’ support of Trump’s immigration plan:

“This is exactly the plan America needs,” Sessions said in response to Trump’s plan. “Not only would the plan outlined in this paper work, but more quickly than many realize.


“Most importantly, this plan reestablishes the principle that American’s immigration laws should serve the interests of its own citizens.


“For too long, ‘immigration reform’ plans in Washington have served the special interests at the expense of working Americans. By contrast, this plan puts the needs of working Americans foremost, and develops an effective strategy for improving their wages and job prospects.


“Crucially, this plan includes an emphasis on lifting struggling minority communities, including our immigrant communities, out of poverty — by preventing corporations from bringing in new workers from overseas to replace them and drive down wages.”


“When the labor market is oversupplied, it tilts the balance of power away from workers and towards employers. In combination with a smart, fair trade policy this proposal would reinvigorate the middle class.


“Polling shows this plan will appeal broadly to all segments of the electorate: prioritizing the just demands of loyal, everyday Americans who have been shunned by a governing elite.”

Once Trump was elected as the next President of the United States, Democrat leaders at the state and local level vowed to protect the illegal immigrants in their jurisdictions, and many in major cities like New York and Chicago stated they would defy Trump’s policies and provide “sanctuary cities” for their immigrant populations.

Sen. Sessions has said that if he is confirmed as Attorney General in the Trump administration, he believes those who participate in the creation and maintenance of these sanctuary cities should be prosecuted.

The Washington Times reports:

Sen. Jeff Sessions is on record saying so-called “sanctuary cities” that protect illegal immigrants should be prosecuted. He himself may get that chance next year.


Mr. Sessions is President-elect Donald Trump’s pick to be the next Attorney General, and if he’s confirmed, he will mark a 180-degree turn from the Obama administration on a host of issues, but nowhere more so than on immigration, where he’s been the Senate’s leading crackdown proponent.


From his first day in office, Mr. Sessions will have the power to strip some federal funding from sanctuary cities, thanks to rulings this year by the Justice Department’s inspector general, who said federal law requires localities to cooperate with immigration agents — and who provided an initial list of a handful of the worst offenders.

Sen. Sessions has been a leading voice during his time in the Senate against the immigration policies of the Obama administration, and is ready to take the helm against the crime, violence, and manipulation of government assistance programs offered to those who enter the country illegally.

Currently, over 11 million immigrants are in the U.S. illegally, and over two million have criminal backgrounds.

Sen. Sessions has vowed to work with President-elect Trump to protect the safety and security of our nation if confirmed as the next Attorney General.

  • Evan

    Get them all OUT OF AMERICA!
    We owe these illegals NOTHING!
    If we had a Congress worth a ****,
    they would NOT be here at all!

  • nicholsda

    Illegal immigrants and their kids both need to leave. It is the only crime where the criminals get to keep the loot currently.

  • Michael Noone

    This is refreshing news, but the anti-American Democrats in Congress will try like hell to keep him out if office. I suggest all of you Democrats who are sick of giving our country away email your congressmen and senators to tell them to support Session’s nomination. Fixing this will benefit us all, and we don’t even need new laws to get started, just enforce what we have.

    • astrc

      “JUST ENFORCE WHAT WE HAVE”, truer words couldn’t have been spoken. (Must be a “Retired” Law Enforcement Officer.) We have too many laws, coving the same issues, each time, some Harvard Graduated Attorney gets into one of our Government positions , as a, (Senator, House Rep. Justice System, they “rewrite”, more laws, “in their own words of wisdom, B.S. making them 10 pages long when 1-page would do. (LEGAL B.S. talk?) Where is the simple, “Good Common Sense”, laws? (The CONSTITUTION & BILL OF RIGHTS, ARE THE “SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND”. period…

  • Stephen Korup

    I thought there was talk of Trey Gowdy becoming the next AG , if he’s not a contender I Hope that Mr.Trump has some intentions to take advantage of Gowdy’s Talents as a prosecutor.

  • Bama Bill

    Know why the “Celebrity’s” didn’t move to Canada? They can’t get in! No Canadian sponsor, plus many other requirements. I immigrated to Canada as the Canadian lady I married couldn’t bring her boys to the U.S. with her.
    With a Canadian wife they put me thru “Hell” immigrating! Even “Misfiled” my application. Her representative finally got involved, shut down immigration dept. until my application was found!
    Maybe they can get the “Taiwan Exemption”, fork over one million dollars and pass vetting!