All Charges Dropped Against Ryan Lochte After USA Swimmer Changes Last Name To “Clinton”

Team USA swimmer and gold medalist winner Ryan Lochte is in a whirlwind of trouble.

After a successful performance at this year’s Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Lochte and three other USA swimmers were allegedly robbed at gun point while attempting to leave a gas station.

The problem is: Lochte exaggerated what actually happened to his mother, who in turn, told media outlets, which ultimately led to an international news story.

The Brazilian authorities claim Lochte wasn’t “robbed” at gun point, but instead broke a bathroom door at a gas station and was held at gun point by security until he agreed to pay for the damages.

Now officials in Brazil want blood.

They’ve filed charges against Lochte for filing a false police report.

And reports suggest that if Lochte refuses to pay the fines as punishment for his actions (as if losing all of his sponsorships wasn’t enough), then Brazilian officials could make international travel a headache for Lochte in the future.

Basically, what Lochte needs to do is play the Clinton Defense and change his last name to “Clinton”.

Within a few days of legally changing his name, all charges against him would eventually be dropped.

It works for Hillary and Bill so why won’t it work for Lochte?

Time and time again Hillary Clinton has been caught in global scandals that become international news.

In Benghazi, Libya, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton failed to provide adequate security to U.S. forces who were begging for help while under assault by radical Islamic terrorists.

At the time, it was Hillary Clinton’s job to help defend them, but she left them out to dry — and four Americans were killed, including U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens.

To make matters worse, it’s now common knowledge that Hillary Clinton was leading the efforts to smuggle weapons out of Benghazi through an undercover network of intermediaries to radical Jihadists, including ISIS, in Syria.

During a congressional testimony on Benghazi, Senator Rand Paul posed a question to Hillary Clinton asking if she had any knowledge of weapons being shipped out of Libya into Syria.

Hillary Clinton went on public record denying any knowledge of the procuring of weapons out of Libya into Syria or surrounding countries.

Secretary of State Clinton flat out lied and committed perjury on an international scale.

But the media let her off the hook.

And this isn’t the first time the Clintons have committed perjury and lied about a serious issue.

Bill Clinton explicitly said he did not have sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky.

Hillary Clinton also lied at least three times to Congress about her private “homebrew” email server.  She lied about handing over all her emails to the State Department.  She lied about sending and receiving classified information on an unsecure device.  And she lied about how many unsecure devices she used.

But Hillary Clinton is allowed to run for President of the United States with the full backing and support of the American mainstream media — the same media who was quick to turn and pounce on Ryan Lochte as soon as holes began to form in his story.

When holes begin to form in Hillary Clinton’s stories, the liberal mainstream media shifts into overdrive to excuse her behavior and protect her political ambitions.

So the best thing that Ryan Lochte can do in the wake of this media hailstorm is legally change his last name to “Clinton”.

Then, in the media’s eyes, all will be right in the world again.



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