All Hell Broke Loose When Democrats Took This Act of Revenge on Brett Kavanaugh

Democrats searched far and wide for a way to take out Brett Kavanaugh.

They may have finally settled on their plan for revenge.

And all hell will break loose when you find out what it is.

Democrats raged over Republicans confirming Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

They railed that his nomination was illegitimate for two reasons.

First, they think every act of Donald Trump’s presidency is illegitimate because they buy into the fake news hoax about Russian collusion.

Second, they bought into the lies and smears that Kavanaugh was somehow a Bill Clinton-esque abuser of women.

This anger never subsided.

And now it is bubbling up into the 2020 campaign.

Eric Holder – who served as Obama’s former Attorney General – endorsed the idea of packing the Supreme Court with additional liberal justices the next time the Democrats control the presidency and the Senate.

This would nullify the votes of Justices Kavanaugh and Gorsuch and gift the Democrats a Supreme Court majority.

Holder said Democrats should “seriously consider adding two seats to the Supreme Court to make up for @senatemajldr power grabbing antics.”

His spokesman doubled down in a statement released in response to questions about Holder supporting “court packing.”

“In response to a question, Attorney General Holder said that given the unfairness, unprecedented obstruction, and disregard of historical precedent by Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans, when Democrats retake the majority they should consider expanding the Supreme Court to restore adherence to previously accepted norms for judicial nominations,” the statement read.

But just because Holder passed on a White House bid does not mean this idea fell by the wayside.

Candidates struggling for traction in the increasingly crowded Democrat Primary field are latching on to the idea in the hopes it allows them to break through.

“I have not reached a considered position on the question of court-packing,” South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg told a crowd on a recent campaign stop. “Although I don’t think we should be laughing at it. Because in some ways it’s no more a shattering of norms than what’s already been done to get the judiciary to where it is today.”

“Well they’re interesting ideas that I would need to think more about,” New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand said in an interview on the Pod Save America show. “But I do think what President Trump has done with the judiciary is, is shocking and is so destructive.”

Gillibrand echoed previous Democrat attacks that Trump’s nominees were corrupt and illegitimate saying Justices Kavanaugh and Gorsuch were “disqualified in my mind because of their records, because of their previous statements, because their belief that money is speech and that corporations have same free speech rights as you, and I think that’s outrageous.”

These endorsements may seem tepid.

But as Americans have seen with gun confiscation, reparations for slavery and homosexual marriage, ideas that start on the fringe of the Democrat Party quickly become red line litmus tests for mainstream Democrat voters.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



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