All Hell Broke Loose When Kamala Harris Said Two Jaw Dropping Words

California Democrat Kamala Harris was considered to be one of the top challengers to Donald Trump in 2020.

But that all changed in an instant.

That’s because Harris said two jaw dropping words that turned everything upside down.

Harris recently appeared on “The Breakfast Club,” a New York City rap station morning show.

The interview focused on issues central to black voters.

In the course of the interview, the hosts quizzed Harris about the status of American healthcare and her plans to improve the situation should the American people elect her President.

Harris jumped at the chance to take another swing at calling America an inherently unfair and racist country.

The California Democrat claimed, “black women are dying at 3 to 4 times higher rate, in connection with childbirth in America.”

Harris said she knew why that was—because structural racism is built into the American system.

“It is literally about racial bias in the healthcare,” Harris declared.

Harris then explained that she would support legislation giving racial preference by training doctors on how to treat black women.

“And so I have an initiative, it’s a bill, that says we need to train medical schools and doctors on how to take black women seriously, when they walk through that hospital door. And talk about their illness, and take them seriously and not reject their complaints or think of them as hysterical.”

This was not the only race-related controversy during the interview.

Host Charlamange Tha God pressed Harris on whether she would support reparations for slavery.

Harris launched into a tirade about America’s sins of slavery.

“Well look, I think that we have got to address that again, it’s back to the inequities. There, through–look, America has a history of 200 years of slavery. We had Jim Crow. We had legal segregation in America for a very long time. The Voting Rights Act was only strong for 50 years and then they wiped it out with this United States Supreme Court in the Shelby decision, to the point that 22 states immediately thereafter put in place laws that one court found were crafted with surgical precision to have black people not be able to vote,” Harris began.

Harris continued to describe all the ways she supported redistributing income in America to solve the issue of so-called “structural racism.”

“So we’ve got to recognize, back to that earlier point, people aren’t starting out on the same base, in terms of their ability to succeed and so we have got to recognize that and give people a lift up. And, there are a number of ways to do it. Part of my initiative again around the ‘Lift Act’ is that same point–you lifting people up who are making less than a hundred thousand dollars a year. What I want to do about rent is the same thing. What we need to do around education and understanding disparities, what we need to do around HBCUs. But we have a history of racism in America.”

But her stump speech did not satisfy the hosts who wanted a “yes” or “no” answer on reparations.

Harris finally admitted that she did indeed support some form of reparations for slavery.

Some pundits thought Harris made a massive mistake.

Democrats do not win elections by running as racially divisive candidates.

They already tried the identity and grievance politics in 2016 and it failed miserably.

Americans do not want politicians unfairly smearing America as an evil and racist country.

If Kamala Harris’ campaign is going to be centered on tearing down America with racially motivated attacks and racist policy proposals like reparations, then Donald Trump can go ahead and start planning his second inaugural address.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



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