All Hell Broke Loose When Trump Revealed This Supreme Court Justice’s Replacement

Washington is gearing up for another fight over the Supreme Court.

This could be the end-all, be-all of Supreme Court nomination battles.

And all hell broke loose after Trump revealed who he would nominate to the Supreme Court to replace this Justice.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s health continues to be a mystery.

The radical leftist judge has not been seen in public for nearly two months after doctors announced they had removed cancerous tumors from her lungs.

Doctors discovered the cancer when they were treating her for broken ribs she suffered back in September.

Following her surgery, Ginsberg missed two weeks of oral arguments at the Supreme Court, but doctors claimed she was cancer free.

But Ginsberg has since canceled public appearances and rumors continue to fly around Washington that she may retire.

Liberals are terrified of this outcome.

Republicans grew their Senate majority so Trump could nominate a strong pro-life Justice to replace Ginsberg and not worry about losing the votes of pro-abortion RINOs Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins.

In an interview with the Daily Caller, Trump addressed the issue of a possible Supreme Court vacancy in the Oval Office.

The Daily Caller reports:

President Donald Trump wished Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg good health and said it was likely the person he nominates to fill the next vacancy on the Court would come from his previously released list.

“I hope that she’s healthy … I hope she’s happy … I hope she lives for a long time,” Trump said of Ginsburg, who has not been seen in public for over a month after recovering from lung surgery and a bout with cancer.

Insiders believe Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals Justice Amy Coney Barrett would be the favorite to replace Ginsberg.

California Democrat Dianne Feinstein had previously attacked Coney Barrett during her confirmation hearing for her Catholic faith.

“When you read your speeches, the conclusion one draws is that the dogma lives loudly within you,” Feinstein ranted during the hearing. “And that’s of concern when you come to big issues that large numbers of people have fought for years in this country.”

Americans were horrified about Feinstein’s blatant anti-Catholic bigotry.

But the flipside is that conservatives believe Feinstein smearing Coney Barrett for her faith means the left fears her as the strongest possible Supreme Court nominee.

The Daily Caller pressed Trump if Coney Barrett would replace Ginsberg.

Trump didn’t go that far, but he did hint that she would be a choice since he plans to choose from a previously submitted list of a candidates, of which Coney Barrett was on.

The Daily Caller reports:

Trump would not commit to nominating Judge Amy Coney Barrett in the case of a Ginsburg vacancy, but said of his previously released list of potential Supreme Court nominees, “I have very much confined myself to that list as you know … that list has great people on it … and I’d say it’s highly likely I would say.”

Who do you think Trump should nominate if a Supreme Court vacancy occurs?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.



45 thoughts on “All Hell Broke Loose When Trump Revealed This Supreme Court Justice’s Replacement


    I don’t care who the president nominates, it’s going to be better than RBG , conservatives need more justices in all the court in the lands, Supreme Court, Appellate Court, & local jurisdictions also. That’s where the liberals get their rogue judges at , the local level…M A G A …!

    1. wolverine

      Her qualifications should be considered that she respects the constitution not because she is pro life. The narrow pro life supporters fall into the same trap as the left who are against her for the opposite reason.

    2. Tony Creaney

      right on rbg is actually in favor of changing the age of consent to 12 yrs old you cant make this crap up,not to mention this woman is against using man or woman girl or boy etc i think shes been dead and they are hiding it why havent we seen any pictures ?

      1. Michael Sutton

        I agree. I even thought I heard a report that stated she had died. I’d bet she wouldn’t let her 12 yo girl consent to having sex. You watch, it’ll come out that she died shortly after surgery. I swear I thought someone reported her passing.

          1. redmanjp

            But why create that graphic in the first place, unless it’s true but being covered up except that someone leaked the news to Fox.

          2. David

            ALL media, and FOX is media, prepare POSSIBLE leads JUST IN CASE A STORY BREAKS (so they can get it out fast).

        1. Charles Girard

          There’s only 3 places R.B.Ginsburg could possibly be, Nancy’s, .Fiensiein’s or Barack’s basement. I believe this group has the nuts to try and pull that off.

      2. Roger Martin

        You will see a picture the next time they bring her body into court and prop it up in her chair.
        She will look the same as always. Asleep.

      3. Bob

        What have you heard of the story about RBG lying in a medically induced coma? I’m a sucker for these conspiracy theories. This one smacks of a fairly recent movie about a President. Of course, with RBG, it would be difficult to tell much of a difference, cosmetically.

    3. Teresa Nazareth

      Judges are supposed to be of the highest integrity – unfortunately one has to see the outcome of cases that go through the 9th circuit court. Innocent people are destroyed. May God protect the innocent.

  2. loran

    Look, we all know that the liberals will try to block any Justice which Trump nominates. Trump will nominate a justice which he believes will represent our Constitution. Trump will not nominate a justice of the liberal persuasion or a fence sitter just to placate the left. Other Establishment Presidents my have done that only to be betrayed by the left. As Obama stated: Elections have consequences. Live with it.

  3. yellowjacket2

    Whoever Trump nominates they must be prepared for the Democrats to pull every dirty trick to prevent their confirmation. The Republicans must be ready to fight back and not go limp wristed like they did with Cavanaugh.

  4. joleenworden

    I was wondering the same thing. If she dies is there a law that requires someone to notify the Supreme Court and the President? I hope the President picks a woman who is just as strong a RBG was, but for different reasons. I want someone who actually follows the Constitution, and will state that it guarantees everyone born or unborn a Right to Life. I want someone who does not make up “rights” that are not in the Constitution. I want someone who has the guts to tell the truth, not someone who wants to sound politically correct.

  5. guest

    I DO NOT LIKE ginsburg – But I am unwilling to put her in the ground. Besides, rumor has it she was seen at a gym recently. Don’t ghoulishly count your corpses before they are in the ground. She could easily live through President Trump’s whole 8 years. Look to who will be pres then – let GOD take care of what he allows to happen to ruth.

  6. James D. Gerhardson

    I am not a person that hammers the board into place, and I would never slam the door on anyone that has served America in her total best interests for America. This lady has served, for many years with only the best thoughts and reasonings for the land, and I applaud her in many ways

    1. Charles Girard

      Ralph, When i look back at how bad our Government has become ( Dems and especially Obama comes to mind. He’s still trying to change America. Someone should tell him he is a private citizen now and i think we’ve heard from the destroyer enough.

  7. BHR

    Feinstein shows again, she does not believe in the Constitution of America, we have religious freedom but Feinstein and all liberals do not believe in religious freedom.

  8. Ovomit1

    …as long as the pick is a constitutionalist christian conservative that packs at least 2 handguns and a modern sporting rifle as their every day conceal carry

  9. Kay DeWinter


  10. Debi Pimental

    Interesting that they would bash her for her Catholic faith and yet say nothing about the new Muslim elect who was sworn in on a Koran and wrapped herself in a Palestinian flag. Can we say double standard hypocrites? Who use God when it suits their needs and yet have absolutely no relationship with him. While blatantly critize those who do.
    I’d rather have someone who believes in God in the Supreme court than someone who believes in Allah.
    Sadly, many will say that is a racist remark. No it wasn’t. Because you see, Muslims are NOT a race. Look the word up in the dictionary. If Muslims ARE a race, then so ARE Christians, Catholics, Hindus, Krishnas, etcetera.

  11. Dude McCool

    It wouldn’t matter who the President nominates. The Demwits would accuse Mother Teresa of rape if she were nominated by President Trump.

  12. h8aliar

    The second she dies, Mueller will get a call to indict the President on something anything so they can impeach him before he has a chance to put a nomination in place. There is no way the sewer is not going to do something to stop him.

  13. Don Moretti

    It seems to me some of these justices don’t just use the rule of law as written. They use their biased opinion on what the interpret. Some of them should be disbarred for using their political beliefs to twist the law to fit their agenda.

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