Americans’ Confidence And Enthusiasm In Trump Presidency Growing

In the recent weeks following Donald Trump’s election as the next President of the United States, it appears that enthusiasm for the President-elect is growing, as is confidence in his ability to lead the country on a new path.

And it is not just with Republican voters that we see a growing percentage of Americans who believe Donald Trump will be a good president and lead the nation in much needed change.

A recent study by Gallup asked several questions of respondents — both Democrat and Republican voters — about their feelings following the election in such areas as confidence in the economy, job growth, and foreign affairs.

According to Western Journalism:

Data from a Gallup poll taken after the presidential election shows that American confidence in President-elect Donald Trump has increased since the election.


According to the poll, 51 percent of U.S. adults say they are “more confident” in Trump’s ability to serve as president based on his statements and actions over the past few days.

Poll respondents reported their confidence in Trump’s leadership has grown due to his dedication to following through on his campaign promises early on, his choices for Cabinet and staff members, and also his serious and subdued temperament in preparing to lead the nation on a positive path once he takes office.

It appears that although the liberal left threw a temper tantrum in recent weeks following Trump’s victory, many Democrats are turning their support towards the President-elect.

Many have decided that for the good of the country, they need to rally around our next leader and unify a divided nation.

And now that the dust has cleared, many who were in opposition to Donald Trump’s candidacy are finding his demeanor as a leader is a step in the right direction for the country — and others are ready to look forward to the future following such negativity and bitterness in recent weeks.

Confidence in Trump is particularly strong when poll respondents were asked about the economy and job growth.  Trump the businessman appears to have gained the trust of the majority of Americans who believe he can bring economic growth and prosperity to the nation.

U.S. News and World Report analyzed the data from the recent Gallup study:

Trump’s support on the economic front explains in part why so many Americans feel so much better about the country’s future, though his behavior following the election is also worth highlighting. The president-elect has mostly flown under the radar – at least by his standards – since he delivered his victory speech, and that seems to have resonated with the American public. Fifty-one percent of respondents in yet another Gallup report said they are now “more confident” in Trump’s ability to lead based on his behavior in the days following the election


A separate Gallup study put out this week showed 62 percent of the public thinks Trump will be able to reduce unemployment and create new jobs, while 60 percent think he will improve the economy.


“The election of Trump has transformed the way Republicans and Democrats view the economy, particularly in their assessments of whether it is getting better or worse,” Gallup said. “It’s too early to say whether these are sustainable gains in confidence, but in the immediate future, Trump’s victory has improved his party’s confidence in the economy.”


An economic confidence index published Tuesday by Gallup surged into positive territory for the first time since March 2015, mostly off the backs of significantly more optimistic Republican respondents.

It appears the majority of Americans are ready to get on with the business of fixing the problems in our country, and realize that whatever feelings they had during Trump’s presidential campaign needs to make way for support of our next President.

  • notrig

    I was around when President Reagan made me feel PROUD to be an American. He was a true leader something that’s been missing far too long in this country. Honestly……thanks to Mr Trump…..that sense of pride is growing inside of me once again. I’m again hopeful and excited to see a great leader doing what he does best……bringing people together to discuss and solve problems.

    • Dora

      Isn’t it GREAT to feel PROUD of Our Country again! For far to long we have been THE laughing stock! Not to mention that now WE CAN begin to dream again! TRUMP IS THE REAL ‘HOPE & CHANGE’ of AMERICA! Continue to FOCUS because the LIAR in chief is NOT DONE!

      • notrig

        Dora…….I could not agree more! Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone.

  • SouthernPatriot

    The mass media worked overtime dreaming up false accusations and negative coverage for Trump, while glossing over and ignoring all the scandals of Hillary and her crime family. Voters began to see through this biased media coverage a couple of weeks leading into the election and more are having their eyes opened by Trump’s steady hand in choosing cabinet members and staff while the mass media are lambasting him for his transition being disorganized and imploding. Yet, Obama chose less cabinet members by this time after his election and the media didn’t say a peep.

    I like most of Trump’s choices, though if he is thinking of something for Romney I would make him an adviser, not give him a cabinet position. Romney viciously and personally attacked Trump and certainly did not need to do so.