Americans Just Sent A Stunning Message To Hillary And Obama

Ever since Donald Trump declared his candidacy for President, liberals have claimed his proposals to secure America will alienate the immigrant voting base.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have led this charge.

But a new poll sent a jaw-dropping message to the political class about the potency of Trump’s attacks on Obama’s open borders policy.

Morning Consult released a survey on Trump’s proposed ideological tests for incoming immigrants.

62% supported an ideological test for those seeking to immigrate to America.

But what truly shocked media elites was 61% of those who immigrated to the United States also backed the proposal.

Morning Consult reports on their findings:

“Most Americans who immigrated to the U.S. support Donald Trump’s call for a temporary immigration ban from some countries, along with other proposals that appear to view foreigners with suspicion, according to a new Morning Consult poll.


The online survey, conducted after Trump unveiled his national security platform on Monday, shows that the views of immigrants and descendants of recent immigrants do not differ much from those of the general electorate.


As with the entire electorate, about six out of 10 immigrants (61 percent) said they back Trump’s proposal to have all foreigners take an ideological test when applying for a visa to make sure they share American values. About a quarter of immigrants (26 percent), as with the electorate as a whole (23 percent), said they opposed it.


Immigrants, or children or grandchildren of immigrants, also hold similar views to the entire electorate on Trump’s proposal to temporarily ban entry to the U.S. from people residing in countries with a history of terrorism. But there were small differences among those voters who differ by generation.”

Most Americans also backed Trump’s proposals to stop immigration from countries with ties to terrorism until we can fix our vetting system.

This had the support of nearly 60% of voters.

Immigrants supported the proposal 52% to 39%.

And while they back pausing immigration from at-risk countries at a slightly lower rate than voters as a whole, a solid majority stands with Trump on this issue.

The media has painted Trump as toxic to immigrants and minorities because he has made ending illegal immigration, securing our borders, and preventing radical Islamic terrorism from gaining a foothold in our country as the core planks of his campaign.

But polling data indicates he may be able to frame his arguments in a manner which may now appeal to voting groups that many pundits assumed were out of reach for his campaign.

Do you think Trump can make inroads with immigrant and minority communities?

Let us know what you think in the comment section.

  • longshorts

    I think that immigration of any sort should be stopped until the economy improves enough to employ all Americans that are unemployed. The employment rate for all Americans is not what the Government reports. They only report the number of Americans that are presently ON unemployment, not the ones whose unemployment benefits have run out. The actual figure is about 23% without counting those on welfare that are able bodied and mentally capable of holding a job. I also think that a crash program to re-educate the unemployed American should be instituted so that we get the most productivity in their new jobs.
    I know the alphabet news media is so liberally biased, that objectivity has not been seen since Edward R. Murrow retired. Their “reporting” has misdirected Americans for a long time.The above poll is a refreshing take at what Americans really believe, and the liberals should take note of it.
    It is far past time that American workers take pride in what they do, for their fellow Americans, and their families. Trump will hopefully make this possible – while Obama/Clinton will be “business as usual” (or – same stuff, different day).