Americans Just Told Barack Obama He Is Full Of It

In an interview with former chief strategist David Axelrod, Barack Obama claimed he would have won a third term.

He boasted that his vision of America is supported by a majority of the people and he could have mobilized them to his cause.

However, the American people had already actually sent a message – and Obama won’t want to hear it.

In July of 2015, Rasmussen polled Americans on if they would like to see a third Obama term.

Just 30 percent of Americans said they would vote for Obama for a third term.

Rasmussen reports on their poll:

“In a recent speech criticizing African political leaders who stay too long in office, President Obama said he could win a third term if he ran for president again but acknowledged that U.S. law does not allow it. Could Obama win again?


A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 30% of Likely U.S. Voters say they would vote for the president if he ran for a third term. Sixty-three percent (63%) would not. (To see survey question wording, click here.)


Most Democrats (57%) would vote to give Obama a third term. Ninety-three percent (93%) of Republicans, 68% of voters not affiliated with either major party – and 32% of Democrats – would not.”

While some may claim this poll is old, the events of the election have proven Obama wrong.

Hillary Clinton campaigned for his third term.

And Obama made the election a referendum on his legacy.

Trump pointed this out in two tweets, saying it was Obama whom the American people rejected.

All of Obama’s policies were on the ballot in November.

Hillary Clinton eliminated all daylight between here and the Obama administration on foreign policy, Obamacare, and open borders.

In fact, Obama himself told one audience his own legacy was on the line.

Trump even made that a campaign theme too and constantly hammered Clinton for running on a platform of “more of the same”.

Trump also flipped 200 counties that twice voted for Barack Obama.

And he did so largely on his “America First” platform.

A key flashpoint was the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal between the United States and 12 nations in Asia.

Obama fully backed the deal while Trump claimed it would erode the middle class by shipping jobs overseas and gutting the paychecks of working Americans.

On November 8th, the American people officially measured the full effect of the Obama agenda – and rejected four more years of it.



12 thoughts on “Americans Just Told Barack Obama He Is Full Of It

  1. ANC

    It is impossible to to communicate to a democrat socialist because they have no knowledge of the fact that they have been deceased.

  2. proudvet

    What a bunch of ignorant hogwash. President Obama would have buried Cheeto. Facts are Hillary won, screw the electoral college.

    1. Victor Perez

      Yes, you keep telling yourself that, but on January 20, Donald J Trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of United States of America and NOT Hillary Clinton!

    2. Mike

      Half of New York and two thirds of California voted for the Hilderbeast, the rest of the entire Country Voted For Trump , not to mention the millions of democrats that voted for Trump because of how Disgusting her lying cheating deplorable ASS is. Two states basically that’s all, and after you remove all the illegal votes it’s less than that. The electoral college is the way all presidents have been voted into office. Waaa waaaa but I want my Hillary because my Mommy said she is such a nice lady,. Ok I gotta puke now !

    3. nicholsda

      I guess you missed his statement that if she did not win, he would take it as a personal insult to him. SMACK!! < the sound of the insult hitting him up side the head. If he had run against Hillary, there is no doubt he could have beaten her. People will vote for a dog before they vote for a skunk.

    4. texexpatriate

      You must be insane. Or just stupid. Better read some history and learn how American presidents are elected. Better take your blinders off first.

      1. proudvet

        Are you able to read? My opinion, SCREW THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE, in this household Hillary won not that lowlife coward draft dodger.

  3. barbarakelly


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