Americans Sent This Stunning Message To Barack Obama

Many liberal pundits assume that because Americans twice elected Barack Obama they want a continuation of his liberal policies.

They have dubbed this the “Age of Obama” and contend that an ever diversifying America will continue to demand left-wing policies.

But a new CBS poll shocked the political world.

Respondents were asked if they wanted to continue with Obama’s policies, if they favored more liberal policies or if they desired more conservative policies be put in place.

The poll’s stunning findings revealed a majority of Americans favor introducing more conservative policies.

47% reported wanting more conservative policies.

25% said they would like more liberal policies.

And just 21% desired a continuation of Obama’s current policies.


Obama’s policies are not widely popular with the American people.

And a plurality of the country is demanding conservative change.

The causes are numerous.

ObamaCare was a disaster, with the Associated Press reporting premiums are expected to skyrocket 11% next year.

And millions of Americans lost their healthcare coverage when the law came online because their plans did not comply with ObamaCare’s Soviet-style mandates.

In addition, many Americans view the consequences of Obama’s foreign policy as disastrous.

Obama bid a hasty retreat from Iraq and created the conditions for ISIS to grow in strength.

Now terrorists inspired by the Islamic State have carried out attacks in Paris, Brussels and on American soil in Orlando and San Bernardino.

Hundreds are dead as the result of Obama’s flailing foreign policy, which has mixed calamitous intervention in countries like Libya with a reluctance to even say the words “radical Islamic terrorism.”

Americans could also be longing to turn away from the social justice agenda of the Obama administration.

Obama’s new federal guidelines allowing so-called “transgender” students to use the bathroom of their choice sparked national outrage from parents concerned for the safety of their children.

Respondents in the poll could also be reacting to Obama’s refusal to secure our borders and protect our country.

To meet the goal of accepting 10,000 Syrian refugees into America, the administration has slashed the vetting process down from 18-24 months to just three.

The inability to properly screen Islamist refugees before they enter our nation has many Americans frightened.

The results of this poll should give pause to Democrats and their allies in the media who believe Hillary will run away with the presidential election.

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