Amnesty Organization Sends Mass Email And Trashes The Right

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg openly supported Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, so it was no surprise to learn that he owns an amnesty organization.  And that organization just released a mass pro-amnesty, anti-right email showing love for the immigrant community.

The email reads:

“A project of Define American and I Am An Immigrant, #ToImmigransWithLove is a new letter writing campaign for immigrants and the allies who love them to publicly acknowledge that we are standing with immigrants no matter what.


Through the #ImmigrantsWithLove campaign you can make a difference by showing the immigrants in your life that you are not afraid to publicly support them through this period of uncertainty.”

The website says that it is “mobilizing the tech community in support of policies that keep the American Dream achievable in the 21st century, starting with commonsense immigration reform.”

And beside Facebook’s Zuckerberg pictures is Microsoft’s Bill Gates, Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer, and others.

Under the “Reform” tab there’s a sub-category called “GOP Reform.”  The page is entitled “The Republican Road to the White House.”

Under the title it says:

“Opposition to immigration reform has created a demographic disaster for Republicans with Latinos, Asian-Americans and college-educated and young white voters.


These growing segments of the electorate have shifted their support away from the Republican Party, putting some state’s electoral votes out of play.


Failure to pass immigration reform sets in place an Electoral College map that makes it nearly impossible for Republicans to regain the White House for a generation.  See how these changes will affect future elections.”

Under that message, it has a tool for the Electoral College map which you can play with to show how key demographic groups will affect the Democrat and Republican Parties in the upcoming elections.

Essentially, it’s telling minorities not to worry because the GOP will dissolve soon.

The website also has a tool for recording a video and it includes “tips on recording or telling your story.” It also has a mechanism for uploading an existing file.

There’s a video by Sara Orton that says “to those of you with records.  We need you.  We learn from your resilience, bravery, and your heart.”

The mass email states, “Right now, you can make a difference, too. Just record or upload a video showing that you are not afraid to publicly support the immigrants in your life.”

It says that artists, actors, musicians, and celebrities–along with everyday people from every part of the country–are coming together to stand with immigrants in their communities and remind them that they are loved.

The problem with the rhetoric of this email and website is the underlying subtext.

It presumes that the GOP establishment is against immigrants and therefore the liberals need to put these immigrants under their wings and patronize to them that a better world is coming.

Except that the right is – and has always been – copacetic with immigrants.  The right is not okay, however, with ILLEGAL immigrants.

Essentially, they’re muddying the lines between legal and illegal immigrants on purpose to trash everyone on the right.

But some of us see “right” through their tactics.