An Anti-Ice Protestor Just Went To Dangerous Lengths For No Reason

Liberal protests are oftentimes outrageous.

Some of the most infamous liberal protests include NFL players taking a knee during the national anthem and the Women’s March following President Trump’s inauguration — but this liberal’s protest just took it to a whole new level.

An anti-Immigration and Customs Enforcement protestor just went to dangerous lengths to prove her point — but to no avail.

A woman attempted to scale the Statue of Liberty in order to protest ICE.

This led to the evacuation of Liberty Island entirely.

44-year old Staten Island resident Therese Patricia Okoumou only made it as far as Lady Liberty’s base until authorities caught up to her and kept her from continuing.

She is a naturalized US citizen from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

After an hour long standoff with Staten Island Police, she was coaxed down.

The personal trainer turned activist appeared in court on Thursday, and reportedly pled not guilty for her crimes.

After her court appearance, Okoumou told reporters that she was protesting the separation of children from their immigrant parents along the border.

The climb was spontaneous, she also claimed. Okoumou had been a part of a larger protest earlier that Fourth of July day as a part of the Rise and Resist group.

Showing no remorse for her endangerment of many, Okoumou simply stated she would not do it again as the “judge told her not to.

Unsurprisingly, Okoumou cited a familiar liberal source for her inspiration — Michelle Obama.

“Michelle Obama says when they go low, we go high, and I went as high as I could,” said Okoumou, noting that she arrived in the U.S. in 1994.

“This zero tolerance policy on immigration has to go,” she said. “We do not put children in cages, nothing you can say to me will justify putting children in cages.”

Liberty Island is one of the most popular tourist destinations on July Fourth—and was crowded with over 40,000 visitors when Okoumou’s senseless act called for an evacuation.

And now Okoumou may face criminal charges for her “peaceful” protest.

Worse yet, her activist group, Rise and Resist, released a statement claiming they were concerned for her safety in the hands of the law after her “rogue” actions.

“Patricia is our friend, our comrade, our sister,” the statement said in part. “From the moment that we realized that this amazing woman whom we have gotten to know, love, and respect was the person who had climbed to the foot of Lady Liberty, we had three concerns: one for her safety from falling, second, for her safety as a woman of color who was about to be engaged by law enforcement, and third, to find her the best legal representation that we could.”

Despite stating that her actions put both her life and the lives of tourists in jeopardy, the leftist activist group is supportive of her actions still, claiming she was trying to make a point.

Okoumou was not the only protestors arrested during this protest either—seven others face charges for disorderly conduct.

Do you believe Okoumou led a “peaceful” protest?

Or should she face serious criminal charges?

Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.



46 thoughts on “An Anti-Ice Protestor Just Went To Dangerous Lengths For No Reason

  1. Alan404

    What might she have done if her “exercise” went on without interruption. What point would have been made? What other “claim to fame” would she have had. Had she written a great play or book, no. Had she painted a beautiful picture, no. Exactly what would she have accomplished is a question that seems unanswered. No way in the world is she worth such attention as her antics might gather.

    1. JS

      Alan404 – You sound like an ‘Open Border’ type of person. I am sure you also support the ban on ICE Officers. Liberal Socialist. Deranged.

      1. Alan404

        I respectfully suggest, concerning your “you sound like an open border type person”, that you need to have your hearing checked by a competent professional.

      2. Chuck

        JS – Boy, have you got it backwards. Did you read Alan404’s post hanging upside down, underwater and stoned? Read it several times. Maybe eventually you’ll get it.

  2. Suzu M

    She oughta stay off of Lady Liberty! Terribly disrespectful for an act protesting something she doesn’t even have the facts right about.
    If you want to state your opinion, write a letter to your local paper’s editor for publication. Write to your leaders. Don’t make ridiculous scenes. You lose respect….and publicly, that way.


  3. Howard

    She probably cost NY taxpayers $20 or $30,000. She should be thrown in jail and separated from her kids, if she has any. When she gets out, she should be deported. I’m sick of these outsiders thinking we own them something. Tar and feather the bitch.

  4. Robert Walters

    Where were these protesters during the Obama Era? Obama and the Dem/Lib started this policy. Obama put the kids in cages not President Trump, FACT! Over 70% of the kids were sent or came alone. What are we to do with them?
    Just how many immigrants do the Liberals want to allow entry into the U.S? At what point can “The American Tax Payers” no longer afford to support the Immigration Invasion?

  5. Craigmm

    Someone would classify her as bat shit crazy according to DMS 5. She has as so many have an actual a lack of vision for the future for their kids and grand kids. We all know any failure to secure a country’s border make the country disappear. This disappearance had happened so many many time in history. If you fail to know and fail to understand history it will be repeated until it’s learned. No borders = no United States.

  6. Joseph T Foglio Jr

    Throw the book at her and remind her by showing pictures of these ” caged children” witch are dated 2014. Gee, I wonder who was president then.

  7. Ho'honeoxhaa'keta

    Can her “Naturalized Citizenship” be revoked and deport her nasty butt back to the Congo where life would be more to her liking? Just thinking that she obviously didn’t come here to be a law abiding American and instead has adopted and embraced the Obama anti-American position. Where was she when Obama was doing the very same thing at the border to invaders who illegally entered the U.S.? She and the rest of the left said and did nothing. Now that it is President Trump who is enforcing laws he inherited, it is an issue? Phony liberal resist movement that is an ti-American and clearly socialist.

    1. Tom

      It’s because of the MSM, they wouldn’t show these pictures when Obama actually put the children in cages, but they sure kept the pictures to show now and say that Trump did it, when Trump didn’t do it, he had them safely in areas that were designed to board children, but not in cages.

  8. Rose Nishiyama

    How ironic that she cited Michelle Obama whose husband put illegal immigrant children in the cages as seen in photos. She should take note that neither Michelle or Laura Bush denounced the actions of their husband in regards to the caged children only Trump’s wife, Melania had the guts to say anything. If you want to be an activist you should at least get the facts right so as not to look like the dockey’s rear-end or how ignorant you are.

  9. RLMyles

    Separate her from her family and friends for a year or so in prison and see how she feels then. She is obviously a “paid” protestor and needs to be taught a lesson.

  10. Ed Mainer

    Liberals have gone bat $hit crazy, and they think the Statue of liberty is/was part of the founding of this country. Yet history tells us the statue was a gift given from France in 1855, 111 years after the founding of this country and the penning of the Constitution. It’s ironic to chose Liberty s a place of protest when it was a point of legal entry.

  11. Karl

    Exactly the kind of low grade trash that should not be allowed to enter the country to endanger U.S. citizens Thanks for being the liberals poster child you idiot.

  12. tedthetruther

    When some go low, she wants to go high. I say we put her on a plane back to Congo and she can go high above the Atlantic for a few hours before she arrives back in her home country, a true s-hole. Fix your own home country before you try to screw up ours!

  13. Jerry Hughes

    Talking does not work with liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical compost heaps, there is only one way to deal with the liberal ersatz life forms, talking isn’t it.

  14. exbobbie

    She is a Naturalized Citizen so her citizenship can be revoked, and should be. If she is so unhappy about our laws, then send her back to the craphole she came from.

  15. Johnny Nightrider

    I voted for Trump.I served my country.I was born in Denmark and came here at the age of 3.That was 1965-66.I’m 55 now.It took until 1977 before i got a green card.Than I became a naturalized citizen a few years later.It takes time to become a citizen as it should do.We need to keep our borders strong.We need to keep ICE as it’s a very important agency in investigations of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

  16. re06tired

    This protester by her selfish act denied others access to Lady Liberty, she should be made to pay all costs involved in her expulsion from the statue. Nothing critical said about her former home in Africa.No just dump on this nation,if we’re so evil go back to Africa and stand for your own kind.

  17. Chuck

    I believe Ms. Okoumou needs to be tested to assure the presence of an actual brain. Should she test negative (and she almost certainly will), there are many willing chickens and sheep who will gladly donate to improve her IQ.

    1. cowboy541

      I was thinking that for starters A BLADE of grass. I f she does not like it she can go over to China or North Korea and live.

  18. Shelba Herring

    When she became a citizen she vowed to obey the law and the constitution of the US apparently her word means nothing, so the people of the US don’t need her law breaking ways, we have enough home grown criminals without putting up with a law breaking ex congo citizen, take away her American citizenship and deport her back to the Dominica Congo republic, this would happen to every naturalized citizen in the US if they broke their vows of law and the vow to obey the constitution if I had any say, it is time the US started to crack down on the people who say they will honor our laws and constitution yet turn around a spit in our face when it suits them

  19. Danny S.

    Is this lady even a citizen? Put her in jail for a while . This lady is a perfect example of why we need better vetting of immigrants. She must have forgot where she came from . I wish she would leave as well as do the tourists who were robbed of their right to see the monument. Very sad go back to where you came from!

  20. Jon Baudendistel

    So when are we gonna start actually keeping these morons in jail, instead of letting them bond out??? 2- 5 in Rikers state penitentiary would stop these people from doing these stupid stunts. You want to protest, fine. Do it peacefully, and dont endanger anyone life. Harassing conservatives in restaurants, gas stations, theatres, like the dip stick Maxine Waters wants, is a misdemeanor. But continue to harass them, make it a felony, with a stay in the gray bar hotel!!

    1. Tom

      And I think Maxine Waters should be charged for the same crimes that she investigated by her encouragement to do crimes to conservatives, like there is an incident that happened in Dallas where a man accosted a young teenager that was wearing a MAGA hat and threw a cold drink in his face and then stole his hat and said he was going to burn it in his fireplace, that man should be charged with a crime and Maxine Waters should be charged with the same crime of what all these people do, due to her instigation, including murder if it is committed. Thats the only way to handle these instogators of crime.

  21. George

    The green color of this iconic statue may be confusing protesters because it is the color of US dollars. Perhaps using vinegar and salt will make it the color of penny’s, the original color of the copper gift from France. We don’t have unlimited funds for every protester’s wish.

  22. cowboy541

    Very interesting in what she said and quoted “Michelle Obama says when they go low, we go high” and the goes on to say that “This zero tolerance policy on immigration has to go,” she said. “We do not put children in cages, nothing you can say to me will justify putting children in cages.” Part of the problem with this dumb bitch is that all of the photo’s of kids in cages are/were staged for the photo shoot or back when BO and Moo were still in the WH and in control (of running the USA into ground).

  23. Pj Pawson

    EU/UK is doing exactly what Obama said is the problem is with the internet, if you think barry gave our internet to the UN for nothing you are the Kool-Aid kid

  24. Charles P

    JUST LIKE THE [email protected] HIPPIES, OF THE 1960’s-1970’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. BichonLover

    This Congo transplant should have to reimburse the people the cost of all the tickets these people bought and couldn’t use due to her stupid actions!

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