An Ohio Police Officer Has Been Hospitalized After Biting Into A Sandwich Containing Broken Glass

Reported by ABC 6 on Your Side:

A Columbus police officer was rushed to the hospital after officials say he cut his mouth after biting into a sandwich, which contained several shards of glass from a restaurant on East Long Street Monday afternoon.


Police say the officer bit into the sandwich and felt what was a grisly texture as well as a crunching sound. When he looked into the sandwich, he saw the glass. When he checked his mouth, he saw it was bleeding.


Detectives said it’s not clear whether the incident was accidental or intentional.

While the police are reserving judgment until they finish their investigation, the nature of this story is quite troubling.

Since the rise of Black Lives Matter (BLM), police have been frequently targeted by employees in food service for harassment and discrimination.

And of course, over the last two weeks, BLM ideology has led to a frightening string of armed assaults on police — causing multiple deaths and injuries.

With all the animosity towards our nation’s police, it is not hard to believe how an angry cook or server may have decided to harm this Columbus police officer by putting glass into his sandwich.

And Ohio police officers are particularly in the spotlight this week since the Republican National Convention is meeting in Cleveland.

BLM and other leftist movements are flooding into the city with plans to antagonize and defy law enforcement overseeing crowd control — while also hoping to disrupt the actual convention.  5,000 officers from numerous departments are reported to be on hand for the event.

With anti-police sentiment running rampant with the radical left, the inevitable conclusion is, this officer was most likely the victim of a targeted attack.

The restaurant that served the deadly meal is currently shut down and scheduled to be inspected by public health officials.  The names of both the restaurant and the officer injured are being withheld during the police investigation.

While the officer was hospitalized overnight, doctors expect him to be okay.

  • brooksandstreams .

    More than likely this was an intent to harm a police officer by some low life supporter or actual member of the BLACK LIES MATTER group of rabble rousers. Why has the identity of the restaurant not been exposed so that the owners/management catch the public’s wrath at putting the public in harm’s way.? Exposing the culprit food establishment may save further injury or death to an unsuspecting officer, fireman or even the public. Accountability by this restaurant should be high on every ones agenda.

    • Palomar Jack

      Yah think?

  • NJHuguenot

    My cop brothers in law will not eat in fast food joints. In the past it was because they suspected some employee would spit on his food or worse. Today it might be poisoned.

    • Mys77

      Since most criminals probably are hired in this fast food places, it is not surprising they continue to think, act and behave like criminals.

  • Palomar Jack

    In retaliation would it be just too bad if some tofu bound for San Freakcisco had become contaminated with the same thing? Just horrible…

  • ME

    I don’t like judging people, however, there are so many people that feel sorry for themselves working for min.wage and now with all this BLM terrorist group. I wouldn’t put it past it being done on purpose either. Everyone’s LIFE matters!!!!!!!! God don’t like UGLY….TRUMP 2016!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bobby Hopkins

    god dam blm

  • Ariel Valyo

    This is horrible! What if the police officer had swallowed the glass? Just sick.

  • AL

    Who did that should be the cell blocks bitch for 5 years

  • unique201

    What has been done to this officer is absolutely disgusting.
    The person that made that sandwich should be arrested.
    I hope the officer is alright. Prayers to you officer.

  • Roger Long

    I was a cook & baker in the navy. There is no way this was an accident. Too many people around to break glass and put in sandwich, especially when it is only one sandwich. We used to kid about pissing in the jell-o on board ship, but it never happened. Is there no cameras in the shop?

  • rchguns

    As a retired executive chef this type of action is unforgivable. Kitchen employees have a responsibility to those they serve to provide the best possible food within the parameters of the restaurant. They must remember that they have the clients/customers safety in their hands and when asked like this are taken they should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.
    Purposely putting glass in someone’s meal should be equivalent to the crime of attempted murder. Ingested glass can do damage all the way through the body. It’s a paramount act of a coward and an overly stupid individual. There are only a limited amount of people in the kitchen at any given time so the individual should not be difficult to identify.
    Up until that individual is turned over to the proper authorities the entire restaurant should be close down and the owner should also be held accountable. In fact every individual working in the restaurant at that time when the sandwich was made should be arrested and processed as accomplices to the act of attempted murder up until such time as a guilty individual is turned over.
    If this does not happen all the individual should be brought up and indicted and tried in a court of law. The restaurant should be seized and sold at auction with the proceeds going to the officer and his family.
    The owner should never be granted another license to do business in the state at least in every individual should lose their food handlers cards and should not be permitted to acquire a replacement. All individuals involved should now have a police record in their photographs should be published in the local newspaper for a week with a full explanation as to why they were arrested and charged.

  • aurora9

    Our nation is turning into So. Africa. Heard some stories of people who had lived there and then emigrated to the U.S. They said that some of their friends had been poisoned by the blacks when they lived in So. Africa!

  • mikegru

    if it was intentional I want to make a sandwich for the bastard and make him or her eat it

  • crockett

    It was intentional for sure .. That kind of crap will stop people from any restaurant period . Bad for business ..Hope the Officer is alright .

  • kathleenirish

    GD BLM!

  • goldlions

    ALL THIS CRAP STARTED WITH GEORGE SOROS………heard he gave millions to this group.

  • goldlions

    Hope the bas&%^^ that put the glass in that sandwich soon enjoys the same kind of sandwiches in the locked up hole he belongs in, with the key thrown away.

  • Mys77

    Sue, the restuarant and the employees who work in the kitchen. Do these idiots really think they are going to get away with this?

  • del

    We need to jail old crook soros who funds this terrorist group along with media matters, rigged voting machines, etc