Another Leak To The Media Just Created A Big Mess For Robert Mueller

Robert Mueller, a once-revered director of the FBI, is making a mess of things in the government.

Mueller and his team of politically-charged lawyers have single-handedly waged war on the President as they investigate a potential collusion between Trump’s campaign and the Russian government.

But in a twist of events, Mueller’s team is now under fire, as leaks to the media pile up against them.

A person familiar with the probe leaked to the media that the Special Council will investigate Trump’s finances next.

The leak came only a day after President Trump had spoken to the New York Times about the dangers of crossing a line such as delving into his business matters.

Breitbart News reported:

“The Special Counsel’s Office has undertaken stringent controls to prohibit unauthorized disclosures that deal severely with any member who engages in this conduct,” Joshua Stueve, spokesman for the Special Counsel’s Office told Breitbart News in an email response.


Specifically, the person told Bloomberg that investigators are looking at Russian purchases of apartments in Trump buildings, and Trump’s involvement in a “controversial SoHo development” with Russian associates, the 2013 Miss Universe pageant in Moscow, and Trump’s sale of a Florida mansion to a Russian oligarch in 2008.


The probe is also reportedly expanding to other members of the administration, such as Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross’s dealings with the Bank of Cyprus, where he served as chairman.


It is also examining Jared Kushner’s efforts to secure financing for some of his family’s real estate properties.


“The information was provided by someone familiar with the developing inquiry but not authorized to speak publicly,” the report said.


The “roots” of the new line of inquiry lie in a “wide-ranging money laundering probe” that was launched by former prosecutor Preet Bharara, a friend of Comey who was fired by Trump in March before the probe could finish.

That probe, launched last year during the presidential election, involved gathering information on Trump’s campaign chair Paul Manafort, according to “two people with knowledge of that probe.” The probe is now consolidated into the special counsel’s probe.

Mueller’s self-appointed legal team is controversial at best.  Many of the chosen lawyers have special ties to Hillary Clinton and have already proved they are working against the interests of the President.

With so many of them tied to Clinton, it seems almost impossible for an impartial investigation to continue.

In fact, Trump and Republican lawmakers have often questioned the impartiality of both Mueller and the probe, which was created after James Comey leaked his private conversations with the President to the press.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is spearheading attempts to unseat President Trump.

But with leaks coming from members of his own team now, his efforts may prove useless as both President Trump and Republican lawmakers are questioning his qualifications.

Share in the efforts to expose Robert Mueller’s manipulation of power, and leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • Doni609

    We can say thanks to AG Sessions for this Mueller clusterfark. Mueller is scarcely more than a political hack, conned into this errant position by his buddy Comey’s leaking of classified documents, and aided by the AG’s refusal to do his job. It is obvious that Meuller’s only mission is to cause great harm to POTUS. MAGA and fire this bonehead.

  • Evan

    Fire Mueller and trash this stupid investigation!
    We need to move on making America great again!

  • Mike Knox

    So let me get this straight…. Comey & Mueller are best buddies…. Mueller has hired Clinton donors…. suddenly if you do business with a Russian you are a money launderer? President Trump needs to fire Mueller, fire Sessions and get an AG who will go after the real collusion – The Clinton Foundation

  • eagle1jim

    It is time to shut down this witch hunt and get a new special prosecutor to investigate Hillary, Bill, Ex-AG Lynch, and Barrack Hussein Obama. How about the plutonium sale to the Russians by Hillary and Bill as a starter. There are too many crimes committed that have been swept under the rug and these people need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

  • Eldjr

    This “investigation”, with its blatantly partisan character and composition, is a gambit aimed at provoking PRESIDENT Trump into firing Mueller.

    Think about this: If PRESIDENT Trump DOES fire Mueller, he provides the Democrat Party with a narrative which they would LOVE to ride into the 2018 elections; if he does NOT fire Mueller, then this partisan HACK is enabled to continue sifting through PRESIDENT Trump’s – and his family’s – history until he finds something that the media can SPIN-FLATE into an impeachable offense.

    The only hope for PRESIDENT Trump is that Mueller’s partisan inquisition becomes so transparently malfeasant that Congress calls an end to it.

    Given, though, that the Republi-Crat ‘Establishment’ is so heaviy invested in neutralizing PRESIDENT Trump’s – OUR – agenda, it remains questionable whether Mueller’s inquisition can be reined in.

    It seems kind of ironic, doesn’t it, that Mueller is now subject to the same kind of irritating and compromising ‘leaks’ that PRESIDENT Trump has been dealing with since January?