Another Leak Was Just Brought To Justice

President Trump has been fervent in his efforts to “drain the swamp” in Washington.

He’s further accomplished this goal by prosecuting illegal leaks of classified information.

Now you won’t believe who the Trump administration just caught.

60-year-old Kevin Patrick Mallory was arrested last week for allegedly selling information to top officials in China during a recent trip to Shanghai.

The Virginia-based contractor now faces a life sentence for betrayal of the United States.

Breitbart News reported:

A 60-year-old Virginia man, Kevin Patrick Mallory, allegedly gave officials in China access to Top Secret and Secret documents during March and April trips to Shanghai the Fairfax Times reports.


The former federal contractor was arrested on June 22 on charges of gathering or delivering defense information to aid a foreign government, and making material false statements could carry up to a lifetime prison sentence.


“Kevin Mallory was previously entrusted with Top Secret clearance and therefore had access to classified information, which he allegedly shared and planned to continue sharing with representatives of a foreign government,” according to FBI Assistant Director Andrew W. Vale, who heads the agency’s Washington Field Office. “Furthermore, he allegedly misled investigators in a voluntary interview about sharing of this classified information. The FBI will continue to investigate those individuals who put our national security at risk through unauthorized disclosures of information.”

Malloy was a self-employed contractor, who had held a top-level security clearance from his career in government agencies, though his top-level clearance was officially terminated in 2012 when he left his government job.

The secret selling and exchanging of government information and other leaks have become a large problem for the United States government in recent years.

Thankfully, President Trump is on top of things, proving he is willing to do what it takes to protect Americans first.

Trump, along with the NSA, took only minutes to track down the last White House leak, Reality Leigh Winner, 25.

The Daily Caller reported:

The 25-year-old government contractor who allegedly leaked top secret National Security Agency (NSA) documents to a news outlet didn’t do a very good job trying to cover her tracks.


NSA officials quickly found that Winner and five others had access to the document. Emails between Winner and an Intercept contact gave the government the evidence it needed for a warrant to search her home.

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13 thoughts on “Another Leak Was Just Brought To Justice

  1. drbhelthi

    How quaint. Neat distraction from the criminal Clinton-Obama clan.
    Which is worse, giving away or selling classified info? Both qualify for the same charge.The subterfuge is slowly being uncovered.

  2. murielmcgrann

    There is no honor among thieves…..Is there anything the Clintons came in contact with didnt turn up foul or illegal?????

  3. Richard Bagenstose

    keep digging and you will find oboma, the master mind behind all the corruption, well he may not be the master mind but he was the one dishing out the orders

  4. barbarakelly

    Its getting to the point that they need to be shot for treason. Like it was done in the past. Jail time is not good enough.. They appear to be laughing at the thought. Some how these actions that these traitors are doing need to learn if caught –that it is a automatic death sentence.!! We have to get tough again on the criminals.!

  5. Tony Rowell

    life hell,,, why should we pay for medical care and food for the rest of his life and most of ours?,,, we want death penalties for treason

  6. [email protected]

    In my opinion the Clintons are not very good at being crooks as all their corruption is coming out and soon they will be in the white house but not the one in Washington where president Donald Trump is. Theirs is where they house crooks and criminals in, their mansion will be a four by eight room with a concrete slab for their comfy bed, but after a few weeks they will get use to it. No more steaks just horse meat and whatever else they have like dog food yumm happy chowing down criminals and convicts, and yes you both deserve this for all the people’s lives you destroyed.

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