Anti-gun Activists Just Did This Despicable Thing

An innocent picture posted by the Northumbria Police Force on their Facebook page attracted approximately 2,500 anti-gun trolls who posted heinous and absurdly critical comments.

The picture?  Just two casual, visibly armed British police officers posing for a photo with smiles on their faces, happy to be serving the citizens – with a busy Christmas market behind them.

In the post, the force insisted they were following orders from the Home Office, telling the public:

“It may be a bit chilly out and about but there have been a lot of smiley faces with there being just two more Fridays until Christmas!


Don’t be alarmed if you do see our armed officers, they are there purely for reassurance and to make people feel safe.


These patrols have begun following the announcement from the Home Office last year that armed patrols would be stepped up across the country.


Our FSU officers are just regular police at the end of the day and if you have any concerns make sure you go and have a chat.”

And this occurred on November 22nd after the U.S. government warned its citizens in Europe it had “credible information” Islamic State and al-Qaeda were planning to attack Christmas celebrations in Europe this year.

Yet the oblivious anti-gun social justice warriors crawled out of their holes to chime in.

One Facebook user wrote:

“I think a militarized police is the last thing I would want my children pictured with.  This kind of visibility of armed police contributes to a climate of fear.


Safety is the last message this presence is sending out.  It’s sad, and an extreme over reaction to a very slim chance of a terrorist attack.  More likely to be hit by a drink driver.”

Another user chimed in:

“Keeping us safe from what exactly?  Santa?”

The force responded in a statement, writing:

“Being an AFO requires a huge amount of training and we are very proud of the officers who have taken up this role in Northumbria.”

And then the Berlin truck attack happened.

At least 12 have been killed and dozens more injured after a heavy truck, reportedly driven by a Pakistani migrant, smashed its way through a Christmas market.

And if you go on Northumbria’s Facebook page now, you will see comments pouring in about the truck attack that just occurred.

So who looks foolish now?

Other Christmas markets in the UK also took precautionary measures.  Concrete barriers were erected around the market in Birmingham to stop a truck or car attack.

Now, a total of 200 undercover SAS soldiers are due to be deployed to markets and crowded town and city centers.

A total of eleven UK forces are deploying armed officers, and in response to Monday’s deadly attacks in Berlin and Turkey, more look set to follow Northumbria.

London police announced in a statement:

“The Metropolitan Police has detailed plans for protecting public events over the Christmas and New Year period.


As a matter of routine, as a precaution, we review our plans after attacks overseas, and we are doing so at present following the awful incidents in Berlin and Ankara last night.”

Wherever you are living this holiday and wherever you go, if you see these men standing around, show them gratitude and appreciation, because they’re spending time away from their families for our safety.