Anti-Trump Protesters Vandalize And Torch Veteran’s Home

A retired U.S. Navy veteran recently had his home graffitied with racist remarks and foul language, torched, and desecrated by protesters of now President-elect Donald Trump.

The Daily Caller News Foundation reports:

Smith, who lives in Plant City. Fla., came back to what was left of his home in this small urban center located on Interstate 4 and found his walls covered with hateful phrases.  Someone had spray painted “cracker, F- Trump, not my prez, and F- yo kids.”

It is not known exactly why Matthew Smith was targeted, however, he is a proud displayer of the American flag, and the U.S. Navy and POW flags.

Smith did not publicly show his support for Trump, including not showing campaign signs in his yard. He did, however, post social media commentary on his private Facebook page.

The Daily Caller News Foundation reports:

“Definitely scary,” is how Matthew Smith described his real-life nightmare to the local ABC TV affiliate.

The vandals even went so far as to torch his 18-month-old son’s crib and his 8-year-old daughter’s bed.

The family was luckily away at a relative’s house when they received a call from a neighbor telling them their house was on fire and authorities were attempting to salvage the ruins.

In addition to the racist graffiti and the burning of furniture, the house was also ransacked to the point where it was completely unrecognizable.

The Daily Caller News Foundation reports:

In addition to the fire and graffiti, the vandals destroyed nearly everything in sight. Smith told the local ABC TV affiliate that “the place was ransacked.  Clothes from my room…just made it everywhere.  Papers, important documents thrown everywhere, just torn up.  The Christmas tree set up yesterday was knocked down and had been lit on fire. Every piece of furniture was pretty much burned through.”

Smith was active on Facebook throughout the campaign, posting some pro-Trump messages.

He believes the devastating event he has undergone was a result of a general lawlessness that anti-Trump protestors follow.

In the past few months, rioting and protests have broken out following the results of the election.

Many protesters were supporters of former Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, who even went so far as to include some protesters on her payroll and encourage the violent acts against  Donald Trump.

The Daily Caller News Foundation reports:

“It’s been several months now where there’s protesters breaking the law, damaging property, destroying cities,” Smith said.  “And, ‘oh just let them do it’ and that’s not how it should have gone down.   If you are breaking the law, you should go to jail.   That’s it.”

The Smith family plans to just move on with their lives, and prepare for the Christmas season.

What are your thoughts? Do you believe violent protesters follow a sort of lawlessness?

Leave us your thoughts in the comment section below.

  • Jake319

    The daily caller…lol. I live in fla. I found a story of an abandoned house that was vandalized in oct.
    No mention of who it belong to or damage from a fire lite by local kids hanging around the property during the summer. According to county fire dept. the fire was contained. It was set in barrel for heat.
    Really this lame propaganda. The right wants to stop all kind of opposition or descent. This might fool a few but not many

    • stopspending4

      not sure Jake from Florida, what you are trying to say but if you are saying this article is bs because it was actually a fire in a trash barrel, how do you explain ALL the articles about the burning of a Vets home in Fl?? Here is one example from ABC, not exactly a false news sight or a propaganda sight. YOu just fo on with your winey little false flags – I am sure many of your weak minded followers will use your post as verification that a Vets home was never burned.

      • John Timmins

        Jake is obviously a liberal troll!

      • Karma


      • nicholsda

        Here’s another station’s story on it. Of course Jake will deny it because it is a Fox channel. And just for Jake’s info, I live in Florida too and if this was attempted here, it would be met with swift justice. The dogs have free roam of the 3 acre yard. And you can’t out run them.

        • Jake319

          fox 13.. Lol why would you think somebody would do this to you.
          Justice is swift in Florida because the cops make big money putting people in jail..that’s what swift about fla justice.

    • Howard

      Jake is a far left troll and he believes anything liberals tell him so i do not know why he comments on here since he does not have a mind of his own.Jake Troll just because you found a story about a fire in a barrel does not mean that the Veterans house being burned was not true.So quit spreading your far left Liberal hate and disrespect for the U,S, Military and go down to Key West Florida, since you live in Florida,and jump into the water and swim to Liberal Cuba.

      • Jake319

        “Anything they tell you “. Pot meet kettle. You can’t be serious. All the quote are from the daily caller. That rag receives money from hedge fund manager jol Grey who investments are in media companies. See the connection? Lies get attention truth not so much.
        Its all thereis to wipe the irrational and disenfranchised in to a tizzy to vote for trump.
        Claim they are more entitled to life then anyone else. Disrespect for the military? That’s all bait for the sucker con they are running on you….
        The right wing wouldn’t exist if there weren’t sucks for this rebel rosing and simulated outrage…

        • nj101

          You mean “rabble rousing” and that would be the anti-Trump protesters who are rioting in the streets and destroying private

          • nicholsda

            Jake sounds like a typical Palm Beach County Liberal. One of those who was too dumb to even know how to punch out a chad.

    • nj101

      You say that you live in FL, but not that you live in Plant City, FL. And for an abandoned house, it looks very clean. Let me guess, you were hired as the housekeeper to clean the abandoned home once a week, right?

      This story is full of very specific information, but you have none; all you can say is “I live in Florida.” Florida has 401 incorporated municipalities and 19.89 million residents, so “I live in Florida” means absolutely nothing.

      • Jake319

        This article is written in the same fashion as the newspaper and dime books of the 1700 and1800’s
        I’ll explain it to you. White mans home burned by blacks,Indian, Chinese just insert your favorite boogie man
        Then add he’s a vetren and his babies bed was burned then top it off with some anti hero slander painted on the whitemans property….and presto you have a bigoted irrational mob.
        Fake story it just turns hate lovers like the right on….. In a real creepy.

        • nj101

          The “article” that you describe is your very own comment. You point to the “white” bogeyman whom you blame for all of American societies ills. Hitler blamed the Jew; you blame the white.

          Again, you give NO factual information for your claims. You do not have an address for the alleged abandoned home and the only source you have is yourself; ie: “fake news.”

          This story has a photo, a specific city, a real individual and family, and has been corroborated by…ABC NEWS. Have you ever heard of ABC NEWS? You are “fake news” with no facts; just a conspiracy theory.

          • Jake319

            Save it. If it on tv it’s real…Im not blaming anybody? except you suckers that love to hate everything and spend good money searching for a reason 24/7….sad
            But this is reoccurring sucker play by the rightwing media to get you bigots white , black whatever… hot and bothered about some isolated incidence that means nothing to you. It sells advertising they don’t care if they leave you sadness or rage. Your just the suckers that paying there BMW ‘s and hot chicks…..
            Black lives matters is just more rightious indignation click bait. I call it what it is! None of my business effects my life zero !
            You guys,,,, it effects you so much you start calling names want to lynch everybody that scares …..sucker play all day….

          • nj101

            I never called anyone names; you did. I did not get “hot and bothered;” you did. I do not hate anyone; you do. The only person whom you are describing is yourself.

            In every response to my comments, you did not offer one single fact to support your comments or to disprove mine. I have facts; you have an opinion.
            You simply have no evidence for anything that you are saying; none.

          • Jake319

            You have no facts ….your just a click bait warrior. You want something like this to be true. That way you can rationalize your paranoia ….
            People that insert themselves in to a bogus situation as this. Are fearful of this happening to them.. they are incapable of facing there fears . You are one if these people demanding proof of facts for something they cannot prove. Your arguement is definied as circular logic. It has no solution only a need. Your need,,, is for this situation to have some truth to it so your hate is validated. Beleive me your demand for facts is all in your mind. Because there are no facts. This situation has nothing to do with your life anyway?
            That is the fact you should ponder…

          • nj101

            You have accurately described yourself and projected yourself onto me. Everything that you just wrote is 100% true of you, not of me.

            You just keep hurling one accusation after another, hoping that your slander will somehow win the argument. But it is not; the more you write, the less sense you make.

          • Jake319

            I see this is your attemp to be intellectual …lol
            Your a clown . Get a girl friend. Debate is too much pressure for you.

          • nj101

            In few words you admitting that I won the debate and you have nothing left to say; thank you for your humility.

            1.) “Your a clown.”
            You misspelled “you’re.”
            2.) “Get a girlfriend.”
            That is a red herring; it has nothing to do with the topic of discussion.
            3.) “Debate is too much pressure for you.”
            It is really too much pressure for you, which is why you are quitting and hurling a few insults on your way out the door.

            Again, what you write about me accurately describes you: “I see this is your attempt to be intellectual,” (sarcasm), perfectly describes you calling me a “clown,” telling me to “get a girlfriend,” and saying that “debate is too much pressure for you; all very shallow comments. You have no facts, just opinions and insults, both highly unintellectual.

          • nj101

            “You are one of those people demanding proof of facts for something that they cannot prove.” Thank you, you just summed up the ideology of Marxists, Communists, Fascists, Socialists, Stalinists, Maoists, Liberals, and Progressives around the world: their ideology is one devoid of any factual support. No matter what terrible results it causes, no matter how much political turmoil, economic disaster, or human suffering or death it causes, the ideology is always more important that the facts and the results.

            To you, facts do not matter; only your own subjective opinion and feelings. Reality is an obstacle to your ideology, so you just choose to ignore reality and go one with your own fantasy. I suggest that you move to Cuba, where you will have a guaranteed job, home, transportation, and medical care for LIFE. Of course, you will live on $25 per month, but don’t worry, you will be happy, because the government SAID SO.

            If you do complain, they have a warm tropical prison cell for you, in order to “reeducate” you. Cuba is waiting, and they hate Donald Trump as much as you do, so they will welcome you with open arms and treat you with charity and compassion. What are you waiting for? Paradise is “just around the corner!”

        • nj101

          Your comment is “real creepy.”

  • bill

    In My Book This Is A HATE CRIME and the Cowards that did this need to do some Major Federal Prison Time. This Will Be Part Of The Legacy of OUR Number One HATER OF WHITEs “”OBAMA”” with his continued destruction of American

    • Karma

      Not federal time its too soft, with too many amenities..put them in general population in a state prison…

    • Comrade Molotov

      It is most definitely a hate crime. If they’re ever apprehended, sentenced and jailed, we should throw away the damned key.

    • Rani

      I AGREE!

  • Ken Henkel

    When people hear or read ” F- yo kids.”, it brings out the Moma bear in parents. Some of the anti-Clinton voters remember when her soon to be Impeached husband sent in the tanks to Waco to crush, burn or poison gas kids over a $5 AOW NFA-’34 tax violation.

  • screminmimi

    Hope this site carries the news if he starts a GoFundMe page for his children’s Christmas.

  • Jay Crossbow

    But you won’t hear a peep of this on the ‘Real News’ (according to the Real News subversives). Cause you see this kind of stuff happening is only ‘news’ if it was a muslim, black , pick your liberal minority, that it happened to (hey they’ll even make up a phony story that it happened to a muslim, black, etc.) If it’s a white conservative, it didn’t happen, therefore the ‘Real News’ won’t report it.

  • Jay Crossbow

    This town is 17% black & 17% hispanic. Take your pick between them. No colleges in this town, so it couldn’t have been snowflakes and I don’t think even them would torch a babies crib.

  • mainefishman

    If he was a Muslim or transgender it would be front and center in every media outlet.

  • ceciliabell

    They should be tarred and feathered!

  • marina knife

    Can’t believe what the Left and their “Preferred Profiles of Ethnic & Religious minorities” are allowed to get away with. Nothing more than ‘civil shock troops’ for the global Oligarchy. Racial prejudice against whites freely expressed in ordinary conversations -allowed in the public lexicon – even used by WHITE COMMENTATORS and rioting and yet garnering SUPPORT from the APOLOGIST IN THE POLITICAL & LEGAL CLASS and loudly cheered on by the Pavlov Dog cheerleader mutts in the FALSE NARRATIVE FAKE NEWS MAIN STREAM MEDIA – same globally – Germany UK France for decades. Law is Law and time these feral scum bags were extended some EQUALITY.

  • Tony Themover

    This is the liberal left showing America how their love Trumps hate. This has to be a hate crime. It will be after Jan 20 2017

  • JWPerlsen

    This sounds like the work of BLM activists. They think they have a right to destroy other peoples property and lives. Our current POTUS doesn’t seem to give a care about anything but his plans of action or in this case inaction. I for one can’t wait until the President (elect) takes office and puts an end to this BS. With a honest AG we can take our country back from these radicals, unfortunately we may have to build more prisons.

  • 46patrick46

    I proudly fly the Flag 24×7 … 365…
    Whether home or away, Old Glory sits atop my flag pole ( lit at night )