Anything And Everything Is For Sale

A new email released by WikiLeaks shows the abusive power of the Democratic Party, and particularly Hillary Clinton.

Former Navy Seal and Blackwater CEO, Erik Prince, appeared on Breitbart News Daily with Sirius XM host, Alex Marlow, where Prince discussed just how abusive Democrats are when it comes to everything being for sale.

Prince told Breitbart News Daily:

“Truly indicates that everything is for sale for the Democrats, that it really is pay-to-play – and if you don’t pay them, they crush you.


For the weak-kneed Republicans that cry crocodile tears about some stupid private conversation that occurred eleven years ago, and, instead, want to be embraced, or to embrace a Hillary presidency, is flat-out disgusting.


If nothing else, it will make America… it will make patriots realize who is pro-America and who is pro-political establishment.


The choice could not be more real and more important for the survival of the Republic than what goes on November 8.”

Recently, House Speaker Paul Ryan spoke out publicly against the Trump video and condemned Trump’s comments in a private conversation he had with Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush.

Ryan colluded with other GOP leaders on a conference call to try and overthrow Donald Trump as the Republican nominee for president.

The timing of the release of the Trump video was clearly meticulously planned to coincide with the release of WikiLeaks’ new batch of emails exposing Hillary Clinton and her campaign staff.

There’s a clear collusion between Clinton and the liberal media — and it’s most likely bought and paid for.

Prince continued:

“I guess we’ve always suspected that the Left and the media, or the media writ large, has always put their hand on the scale in favor of the Democrats.


But the fact that the Clinton Foundation has raised $2 billion, and that 90 to 95 percent of that money was consumed in overhead – paying for salaries, paying for private jets for Bill and Hillary and Chelsea to fly around the world – 95 percent of the money is consumed by overhead, and only five percent goes to programs?


That is the worst charity in the history of the world.  That is truly a Ponzi scheme on par with Bernie Madoff.


I don’t know how the IRS could even regard that as a tax-exempt organization anymore. It is a lifestyle support fund for the Clintons. Chelsea Clinton goes to work for the Clinton Foundation; she gets paid a million dollars her first year there?


What American kid in their twenties does that?  Again, the level of corruption, the level of imbalance, I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again: I fear for the survival of the Republic, if we don’t get this ship going on the right track.”

The Clinton Foundation is currently being accused of profiting from the most recent hurricane disaster in Haiti, which took the lives of nearly a thousand people.  That’s what the Clinton Foundation does, it profits off death.

Then Marlow asked Prince a very important question about the email insinuating that Saudi Arabia and Qatar are secretly funding ISIS.

Prince responded:

“You have to understand, there is a full-on war between Sunni and Shia Islam –  Sunni of the Saudis, Shia of the Iranians.  Were they knowingly, directly, funding ISIS?


Maybe, but what I know they were doing is, they were funding any Sunni radical group that could tilt between an al-Qaeda affiliate, an al-Nusra affiliate, or an ISIS affiliate.


All three are bad.  All three need to be killed.  It speaks to the weakness of Saudi Arabia and their ability to affect realities on the ground, that they’re spreading the money liberally and actually making a bigger problem.


But remember, the CIA was very much part of that, as well, arming some of these Sunni radical groups and doing a bad job of vetting, or a non-job of vetting these guys.  And so putting money and weapons in the hands of evil people makes them even more evil. The badness will continue.”