Are Establishment Republicans Abandoning Trump?

Donald Trump has always had a strained relationship with establishment Republicans.

He destroyed their handpicked candidates in the primary, and then won the general election without the support a nomine typically receives from party elders.

And now that he is President, establishment Republicans are beginning to betray Trump and his voters.

During the campaign, Trump promised to defend America by instituting extreme vetting of travelers from countries known to be terrorist hot spots.

He also promised to end the Syrian refugee program.

Trump made good on his word by signing executive orders that restricted travel from seven countries with known ties to terror and putting a 120-day pause on the refugee program until proper vetting procedures can be put in place.

He also stopped the Syrian refugee program indefinitely and got the King of Saudi Arabia to work with America on building safe zones in Syria and Yemen so refugees have a protected place to live instead of coming to America.

But these common sense moves were met with professional protests by the left and were assisted by hysterical cable news segments that were more like infomercials than legitimate news.

Trump refused to back down and defended his order.

And establishment Republicans lost their nerve.

Turncoats – and failed Presidential candidates – Lindsey Graham and John McCain led the charge and released a statement calling the executive order “a self inflicted wound” in the fight against terror.

Overall in Congress, eight Republican Senators and 24 members of the House have spoken out against Trump’s executive orders to keep dangerous and unvetted Islamists out of America.

While that number is dwarfed by the 84 members of the House and Senate who backed his decision, it shows that establishment Republicans still have not learned the lesson of Trump.

GOP voters supported Trump largely in part because he not only took a stance hated by the left, but refused to back down when the so-called “mainstream” media would try to force him to back down.

Republican voters had become used to GOP politicians who would initially take a position supported by their voters – up until they faced a hailstorm of media criticism – most of it sensational and fake news – and would be called racist/sexist/xenophobic/Islamaphobic.

The Republican would then cry “uncle” and ditch the policy, signaling to the media it’s time for them to back off.

But Trump did no such thing.

In fact, when faced with push back, Trump would double down.

Establishment Republicans are panicking over fake news stories and paid protestors.

But it isn’t just the extreme vetting executive orders where Republicans are betraying Trump.

Congressional Republicans are abandoning their promise to cut taxes and repeal Obamacare.

These are issues Trump needs Congress to act on; he cannot fix these problems with executive orders.

But GOP members of Congress are terrified about repealing and replacing Obamacare because the media will try to paint their move in as negative a light is possible.

Matt Drudge points out these Republicans are stabbing Trump in the back.

Donald Trump campaigned on upending the establishment.

So far, he has fulfilled his promise.

And the establishment Republicans – who never thought Trump would win, and then when he did win, thought he would revert to a more malleable President – are shocked and beginning to panic.

  • Chris

    Who are the eight Republican senators and 24 members of the house that are opposing President Trump? We need to know their names so we can get them out of office and replace them with a Republican that stands behind President Trump to help make America Great Again.

    • dennis johnson

      You are absolutely correct. Get rid of those Scumbags.

  • Clifton Janney

    Well spoken Chris We must let the “Establishment” RINO’s know how we feel!. I have let my Republican Senator, “little Marco” know that, I and thousands of other Floridians, put him up there, not because he was our choice, but he was the lesser of two evils – “So get with the voters of Florida and back OUR President”!