AWKWARD: Hillary Puts on Southern Accent to Go In Front of Southern Audience

Southern girl Hillary

Hillary is famous for her Southern accent. You know, the one she trots out any time she appears in front of a Southern audience? In case you haven’t had the pleasure of hearing it (since it disappears as fast as iced sweet tea on a hot summer day as soon as the cameras are turned off), you are in for a real treat.

Hillary sat down recently with the chairman of the South Carolina Democratic party, Jaime Harrison. During their “Chair Chat” you can watch as Hillary rocks in a rocking chair and waxes nostalgic about becoming a granny.

The Weekly Standard was kind enough to give an on-screen rating of the thickness of Hillary’s accent. One cowboy boot means she’s barely putting on an accent and five cowboy boots means she’s gone into full on Southern belle mode.


Do you find it amusing or offensive that she so openly panders to Southerners when she is in front of a Southern audience? Do you think she even realizes she’s doing it?