Barack Obama Just Got This Devastating News

ObamaCare continues to fail in spectacular fashion.

The centerpiece of Obama’s socialist takeover was troubled from day one.

But new reports reveal just how badly this government run healthcare scheme will harm everyday Americans.

For years, Obama and other liberals claimed once the benefits of Obamacare kicked in, the law would become more popular.

But like all Obama promises, that was a lie.

The latest Real Clear Politics Polling average of the law’s approval rating shows – after nearly three years of the scheme coming online – 49% disapprove and 39% approve.

And some critics are amazed that many citizens still give Obamacare their mark of approval, considering millions lost their healthcare, even though Obama claimed that if you liked your plan and your doctor, you could keep them.

However, the disapproval number could get a big boost in the wake of the latest ObamaCare debacle.

The Obama administration announced premiums would skyrocket a staggering 22% in 2017.

CNN reports:

“The price hike is the latest blow to Obamacare. Insurers are raising prices and downsizing their presence on the exchanges as they try to stem losses from sicker-than-anticipated customers. Enrollment for 2017 will be closely watched since insurers want to see younger and healthier consumers enroll.

The benchmark silver plan — upon which federal subsidies are based — will cost an average of $296 a month next year. That figure is based on prices for a 27-year-old enrollee in the 39 states that use the federal exchange, plus the four states and Washington D.C. that have their own exchanges.

  For 2016, the benchmark plan’s premium rose only 7.2%, on average, for the states that use (Looking only at states on the federal exchange, premiums are rising 25% for 2017.)

The average premium increase masks wide variation among the states. In Arizona, the benchmark plan’s average premium will increase 116% in 2017.”

This news is especially damaging considering it’s just two weeks out from Election Day.

Republicans across the country can make ObamaCare’s failures – and the need to repeal the disastrous scheme – their defining argument in their campaign’s closing days.

And there is precedence for that to work.

When Republicans were able to frame the 2010 and 2014 midterms on repealing Obamacare, they won massive landslide victories.

But in 2012, when the GOP establishment foisted Mitt Romney – the man who invented Obamacare at the state level – on rank-and-file voters as their candidate, the party suffered a disastrous defeat.

Republicans have a winning message that could save endangered House and Senate seats – and possibly help Trump close the gap with voters.

Will Obamacare’s latest fiasco help Republicans in the 2016 election?

Let us know what you think in the comment section.

  • David Stewart

    Thirty-nine percent approval, eh? About the same percentile as Obama voters in 2012—–before they counted the dead vote and the illegal “immigrant ” vote! Tsk tsk! Absolutely amazing!

    • Jake319

      Higher then any republican president before they left office. Correction is its 47% approval. David….loser

  • Good point….Trump will need a huge turnout to overcome the fraudulent voting.

  • MikeyParks

    In addition, Anthem/Blue Cross is ready to drop out. Can you say “debacle”?

  • jwood1952

    The only ones who like OCare are the Health Welfare Group.

  • conservmrs

    REMEMBER, obama’s ULTIMATE GOAL is single PAYER LIKE THE VETS GET!!!! Are you happy with the DEATH TOLL in the VA SYSTEM???? Get in line; YOU’RE NEXT!!!!!

    • Jake319

      Lol….oh the uninformed hillbillies. You know nothing except fear. Your group is a scared minority that should be round up and put in a FEMA detention area. Lol

      • conservmrs

        Tell that to the DEAD and SERIOUSLY ILL VETS!!!! Government REALLY is taking GOOD care of them, aren’t they!!!

        • Jake319

          You better check yourself! I’m a DAV.
          The VA takes good care of vets.
          If you are so concerned about our care.
          Bring your azz up to the VA clinic or hospital I your area and volunteer…
          Otherwise STFU about us vets. We don’t want to be part of your political conversation. Isn’t it enough we served when others refused…..