Barack Obama Just Got This Very Bad News He Never Saw Coming

Barack Obama has one horrible goal in mind.

Remove Donald Trump from office by any means necessary.

But Obama just got some very bad news that he never saw coming.

Democrats believe 2020 is their year.

The left thinks that since they won the midterm elections by nine percentage points, it means that the country has turned against Donald Trump and is prepared to boot him from office.

However, the Democrats still must field a Presidential candidate.

And a recent Suffolk University poll found Democrats are not thrilled with their choices.

The survey showed Democrats are most excited about a candidate who has not yet expressed interest in running for President.

This is bad news for Barack Obama and the Democrats.

Obama already held a closed-door pow-wow with Texas Congressman Robert Francis O’Rourke.

The Irish O’Rourke – who goes by “Beto” to fool people into thinking he’s Hispanic – is the flavor of the month for Democrats.

O’Rourke raised an astounding $80 million dollars in his failed challenge to Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

That is Presidential campaign money.

And it immediately vaulted O’Rourke to the head of the 2020 contender field.

NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ host Chuck Todd gushed that this showed O’Rourke was a sure-fire bet to defeat President Trump in 2020.

Todd declared, “When is the last time Democrats fell in line and actually won the presidency? When they fall in line, take Walter Mondale, Hillary Clinton; or when they fall in love—Barack Obama, Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton.”

Robert Francis O’Rourke has become a national name since the 2018 election.

His yard signs have popped up in left-wing hipster enclaves like Brooklyn and Northern Virginia.

The fake news media have promoted endless puff pieces staging O’Rourke as the heir to the JFK/Obama “celebrity cool” mantle.

One fake news ABC reporter even labeled O’Rourke as a “rock star.”

But the Suffolk poll should slam the brakes on that talk.

Even the fake news media love could not push O’Rourke to the top spot in terms of candidates Democrats are most excited to see run.

This poll is also terrible news for names like Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Hillary Clinton.

Biden, Sanders, and Warren began plotting 2020 campaigns the day after the 2016 election ended.

Despite being so well known, Democrats still prefer an imaginary candidate over them.

However, they aren’t as bad off as Hillary Clinton.

Some pundits – and even one of her closest aides – believe she will run again in 2020.

This poll is a giant, flashing warning sign that she will lose again.

70 percent of Democrats told Suffolk pollsters that they were not excited for her to mount a third White House bid in 2020.

One truism in politics is that you can’t beat something with nothing.

If Democrats are pining away for a white knight to ride in and save the day in 2020, they are going to lose the election.

For all the fake news media talk about Trump being vulnerable in 2020, they always leave out the part that the Democrats will still have to field a viable candidate.

And the party-faithful are less than impressed with the current crop.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



17 thoughts on “Barack Obama Just Got This Very Bad News He Never Saw Coming

    1. Missy Victoria

      Emotional much? Placing ‘Communist’ and ‘Nazi’ in this context makes one seem ignorant. Communism is far-Left ideology. Nazi Party is far-Right ideology. Hitler fought the Communists in ww2.. trying to rid the world of Communism. Britain and US sided w Communists to beat Hitler. Nazi Party was Nationalists. (National Socialist w “socialist” being a dead word. Just sounded good at the time. Hitler hated Socialism. And he hated Communism). Never… NEVER insult the Nazi Party by calling American Lib-Tards Nazis. Commies, yes. Nazis, no. Period!

      Also, if/when the shtf… cops will not be your friends. It will be the establishment vs we the people. Including lib-tards.

  1. Bill Mulholland

    This situation is not surprising at all. Dems, Libs, etc., and Soros too, were all immersed heavily in the pointless whining and crying, that captured the “fake news media” for two years after Hillary LOST and Trump WON. Many many times here on FB, I noted that they should put aside their screaming, ranting, lawbreaking, totally useless anti-Trump agenda, and “just get over it”, and focus on 2020. But, obviously, with the funding of Soros, they felt that they “needed” to continue to vilify Trump. Liberal media continued to seek every opportunity no matter how small to disparage Trump. Dems/Libs seriously lost their focus on what should have been their agenda, to field a strong candidate, who could legitimately challenge Trump in 2020. Trump’s strong record especially re the Economy, will make challenging him particularly difficult for Dem contenders. And, continuing to criticize and disparage Trump, with Soros’ paid for shills, for the next two years, would be a risky course as it probably would do more harm than good for the Dems. Dems’ course over the last two years is comparable to a ship without a captain in charge. In the next two years it will be interesting to see if Dems can overcome their penchant to do everything they can to criticize Trump, and align their followers into focusing on 2020.

    1. Stikit

      Here is the problem the DemonRats have…Trump stands for everything right for America. The economy, the military, secure boarders, low taxes, small business loans, rebuilding the inner cities and infrastructure, free and fair trade, less regulations, lower unemployment with higher wages…etc.
      The DemonRats are against that…and HATE Trump, because he is to strong and smart for them. That is what scares them!! They are not good enough, smart enough, or care enough for our country…to unseat him.
      That is why day and night…day after day, 24-7, they LIE, and LIE,,,And LIE!!
      And the only policies they can run on, are insane!! And would bankrupt our country…Which is what they want and are running on…Destroying America!! Open boarders, sanctuary cities, states…our country!! For criminals from around the world!! Get rid of ICE, limit communication between police organizations, free criminals from our prisons. Free health care for everyone…free college for everyone…free welfare, free Medicare…and No Social Security!! DONE!!!
      So their real purpose to win the White House, is to finish stealing the wealth, rape our resources, and corrupt our DOJ, CIA, DNA, IRS…which the Clinton’s and Obuma Administration virtually had complete control of…EXCEPT…for TRUMP!!! Not a one of them can beat TRUMP!!! And that is why they have to impeach him…or ASSASSINATE HIM!!! And we can’t let that happen…EVER!!!

      1. Bill Mulholland

        I agree, Dems never met a tax they didn’t like and have always loved spending OPM, our tax moneys. I am apprehensive that converting our America to a vast Socialist economy is their goal. Their blocking of the Wall now when they strongly supported it in 2006 is suspicious, hypocritical and political, simply still still more whining and crying that their shill, Hillary lost and Trump won. Allowing in thousands of ILLEGALS, improperly investigated, is a recipe that is a terrorist’s wet dream. More importantly, at least for Dems, is that these illegals, mainly entitlement seekers, undoubtedly will vote consistently, a Dem/Liberal ticket. And Health Care is still a hot button issue. Simply, Odumbo wanted Single Payer, a Lib/Dem/Bureaucrats true wet dream, but realized that was not an attainable goal at the time. So, he rammed thru, with only Dem votes, the ACA, knowing that it would easily lead to Single Payer, under future Dem Administrations (Odumbo anticipated a Dem win in 2016, but Hillary lost!). But….sneaky dirty Odumbo also knew that the ACA would prove to be a problematic issue if a Republican (Trump) won in 2016. Single Payer is continuing to be widely promoted and discussed, and is a high priority goal of Progressive Dems who see it as a key to capturing huge numbers of voters, young people, of course idealists, who with the ignorance of their youth, do not see that their generation and their children too will be burdened with the astronomical costs in future decades. It is sad that Humans always seem destined to not learn from past mistakes, and, thus, repeat those mistakes over and over in a cyclic fashion. With age, the high ideals of youth are gradually seen more realistically. The high costs of buying votes via “open borders”, rampant Socialism, Single Payer,, will easily and painfully be seen when OPM runs out. There are currently many many examples of the failures of Socialist agendas/economies in the news. Youth, idealists, blissfully ignore these examples at their own peril, tch tch. MAGA MAGA MAGA

  2. George T Horvat

    The Dems should choose Bernie because he’s the only one who can wave their Socialist banner non-stop with that right hand of his that’s always raised and waving while he speaks. I’m just not sure if he’s constantly scolding us or shagging flies away from his putrid face.

  3. Cang Dong

    Forget the 2020 election, Oba should concentrate on the answering to the law about
    supporitng the national enemy 150,000,000,000 dollars from tax payer money

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