Barack Obama Made A Major Mistake And It Could Hand The Election To Trump

Hillary Clinton is struggling with enthusiasm among some of the key voting blocs that helped elect Barack Obama.

In response, Obama took to the campaign trail to fire up his voters.

But his remarks may have contained a major error which could backfire in a major way.

Enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton has lagged largely with black voters.

In 2012, blacks turned out at a record rate and made the difference in battleground states like Ohio in re-electing Barack Obama.

But Hillary is trailing in Ohio and other key states, so Obama recently gave a speech targeted to black voters, imploring them to vote.

While speaking at the Congressional Black Foundation Dinner, an angry Obama made what some view as a big tactical mistake.

Politico reports on his remarks:

“Declaring he would consider it “a personal insult, an insult to my legacy” if black turnout falters for Hillary Clinton, Obama did what he got reamed for doing almost exactly two years ago, in the heat of midterm elections where disdain for him was the defining force:


Yes, he said, he is pretty much on the ballot in November.


“My name may not be on the ballot, but our progress is on the ballot,” Obama said, his voice rising to a shout as he went well beyond what sources familiar with the speech say was a tamer version of the riff in the prepared remarks. “Tolerance is on the ballot.

Democracy is on the ballot. Justice is on the ballot. Good schools are on the ballot. Ending mass incarceration, that’s on the ballot right now.


Hope and change was his campaign slogan eight years ago. This year, Obama said, Trump presents a nightmarish vision of change that he urged the country to reject…


…Using the museum’s opening to launch into a consideration of the arc of African-American progress, he said people who say their vote doesn’t count are an insult to the people who were beaten and killed registering voters during the Civil Rights Era. People who don’t stand up for their community, he said, shame the memories of the slaves who suffered extra lashes for learning how to read.


The job of everyone in the audience, Obama said, and everyone who cared, was to vote, and to get more voters registered — not just to stop Trump, but to stop anyone who stands with him, and anyone who has backed voter ID laws targeted at suppressing black voters while pretending to chase a problem of mass voter fraud for which there is no evidence.”

While Obama’s rhetoric was designed to inspire his voters, it may end up having the opposite effect.

During the 2014 midterms, Obama declared his policies were on the ballot.

This too was done to fire up Democrat voters who turned out for Obama in 2008 and 2012, but were not likely to turnout for other Democrats in the midterms.

Many said it was a mistake.

Included in that group was David Axelrod, Obama’s chief strategist for his 2008 and 2012 campaigns.

The Washington Times reports:

“I would not have put that line in there,” Mr. Axelrod said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “It was a mistake.”


GOP attack ads featuring a clip of Mr. Obama’s speech last week at Northwestern University are already airing in Kansas, Kentucky and New Hampshire, The Hill reported.


“Now, I am not on the ballot this fall,” Mr. Obama said Thursday. “Michelle is pretty happy about that. But make no mistake: These policies are on the ballot — every single one of them.”


Mr. Axelrod said he understood the message Mr. Obama was trying to convey, but he opened the door to more criticism from the right.


“It was obvious when you saw the speech that that was not the way the clip was going” to be circulated, Mr. Axelrod said.”

Obama’s remarks started showing up in Republican campaign commercials, and some pundits believe it helped inspire GOP voters to turn out and hand control of the Senate back to Republicans.

Will a similar dynamic play out in the Presidential election?

Let us know what you think in the comment section.



44 thoughts on “Barack Obama Made A Major Mistake And It Could Hand The Election To Trump

  1. Debra Lessard

    Obama made no mistake. You should keep your mouth shut. You conspiracies nuts are taken far too seriously. The right wing extremists are as bad as any radical group. You are not Americans you are sore losers. Trump will NEVER be President.

    1. Rich Olmsted

      Yes, those who wish to uphold the constitution and rein in an oppressive government grown completely out of control are not really Americans. You are aptly named Debra Libtard.

      1. Arimathean

        It sounds like you are describing Gary Johnson. He’s the only candidate in this election who wants to rein in government and uphold the Constitution.

    2. DoggyDaddy

      Trump has already won the election. Hillary is the biggest pathetic joke of a candidate in the past hundred years or more.

    3. Gary

      Ha Ha Ha oh stop Ha Ha Ha what an idiot loser liberal still sucking on odumbasses lies. Ha Ha ha to funny must not have a single active brain cell ha ha ha.

    4. Jae Ashley Stewart

      obama IS a mistake! It’s such a tragedy you’ve been so brainwashed that you can’t see what democrats have done to this country. obama has spent more of our money than the combined amount of all our other presidents. The ramifications of that “intentional mistake” alone will be devastating to America.

    5. Jae Ashley Stewart

      obama IS a mistake! It’s such a tragedy you’ve been so brainwashed that you can’t see what democrats have done to this country. obama has spent more of our money than the combined amount of all our other presidents. The ramifications of that “intentional mistake” alone will be devastating to America.

    6. My country

      You are the one who is not American ! You know nothing about what is happening around you. Yet you are willing to sacrifice America for your ignorance of facts . You had better hope he wins are you will be standing in a bread line or your head might be cut off . Think about your actions before you speak . Or you will be the loser

    7. Arimathean

      Trump is not a “right wing extremist”. He is an old-fashioned 1950s Democrat – which is why so many of us conservatives refuse to vote for him. But you are right about one thing: Trump will never be President.

    8. Roy Garrard

      You may be correct…Trump may never be prezz…but….to say that obummer never made a mistake makes you the mistake your parents made !

  2. DoggyDaddy

    Obama’s presidency is a mistake just like the whole Democrat agenda. America will not tolerate anymore of this craziness.

  3. ToniStimmel

    WOW !!! I can now kill 4 birds with my one vote for Trump:
    1) Deny Obozo for his imagined progress.
    2) Deny Hellery her imagined heritage.
    3) Personally insult Obozo
    4) Insult Obozo’s legacy, something I previously thought to be impossible.

  4. Gary

    This guy is the worst kind of idot this country could offer up as a person to listen to all he has to stand on are lies and they are falling away faster than a black man at a kkk rally.

      1. concern4us

        ARIMATHEAN , ask the Dum-o-crats what socialism/communist are, they could define it pretty well, since this is what they stand for!

  5. My country

    It is truly a shame that the first black president who said he was going to unite divided America in more ways than anyone in BLM could. . He is a disgrace to all blacks because he is about himself not America If you are a legal black person then you are an American not African American . There are no Africans born in America just Americans ! Our flag stands for this country It is a symbol of America anyone that sees it knows it is American . It is not the flag of federal bureaucrats it is the of of a free people . Hopefully when he is gone our people will settle down without his hatred. People like Louis Ferragon that are calling for blacks to kill white people well maybe they will be prosecuted. They try to push vulnerable young people into crime while they set in a cozy place it will take every without fear of going to jail . But these people Al Sharpton , Jessie Jackson BLM are all about hate crimes and racism. They too should be prosecuted for causing to incite a riot .

    1. Bama Bill

      “Legally Black”? His mother, white. His father, Arab. A BLACK grandmother makes him black? Guess we are going back to the colonial times, with the “One drop” rule? So we are all blacks?

      1. My country

        No only half . And black people were not the only people enslaved ! His mother was white his grandmother that raised him white . His black family including his African dad ( not Arab ) never knew slavery . I

          1. My country

            Not from his so called birth certificate And not from his book I agree that he really looks like him . But if he claimed him then there would be no African connection! I think we probably will find out all the truth when he is out of office about 5 years !

    2. Craig Fisher

      Amen and well said ! I’m so sick of people saying that they are ” Something American ” If you were born here, then you ARE AN AMERICAN !!! Period Point Blank, no if and’s or But’s. People need to start being PROUD again, we live in the GREATEST Country on Earth. Stand up, unite, and shout from the rooftop’s I’M AN AMERICAN !!!

      1. Joe Palooka

        ” If you were born here, then you ARE AN AMERICAN !!! Period Point Blank, no if and’s or But’s”

        Not without 2 US citizen parents at the time of your birth you are not. Anything else is contrary to everything the founders required for US citizenship.

  6. Micah Chastain

    He is so delusional about the ‘power’ that he has over people that he thinks all he has to do is send them on a guilt trip if they won’t vote to continue his ‘legacy’ (whatever he thinks that’s supposed to be) and they will comply like little children. What a sicko he is!

  7. billwhit1357

    What policies? Expensive Vacations ten times a year? Overrunning our Nation with radical Islamist Pigs? Blacks need to ask themselves one honest question – are they any better off that they were in 2008? No, they aren’t! Obama has done nothing but divide this Nation Racially and Politically, just like the True Communist Islamic Pig that he is. If we want the USA to turn into a 3rd World Sewer, then yes, elect Hillary and continue the process. But if we want to be the greatest, most powerful Nation on earth, a Shining Light of Freedom, then we need President Trump at the Helm. Simple as that! This old disabled Christian Vet is voting for the only Patriot on the ticket and that is DONALD J TRUMP!

    1. concern4us

      Thanks for your service and sacrifice, I served 1968 – 1972, and my dad lost
      his right leg in France under Patton. You’ve pretty much hit the nail on
      the head, but remember, Obama’s, Clinton’s, and a lot of the Dum-o-crat
      official’s don’t have a clue and have never served in our military to defend our freedom or knows what our Nation stands for, they want understand what you are talking about!


      1. billwhit1357

        Thank you for your service also, Brother! I enlisted in 68, the first time, myself, got out in 72, but reenlisted in 74 until 1990. Yea, the Kenyan Queen or the Serial Rapist never served our Nation, hell, Obama didn’t even come to the USA until he was six or seven! I still will never believe the SOB is a natural born American Citizen, no way in hell! God Bless you and yours, my fellow Brother in Arms!

    2. DEB52CARTER

      Trump is a crooked business man…good luck.radical islamists,,no,cia mercs.pretending to be whatever.mercs dont care who is president,,honest.

      1. billwhit1357

        Sounds like you need to lay off the Democrap Koolade and stop watching MSLSD. You sound just like that whore Hillary, who loves to leave Americans to be slaughtered by Pigs of Islam!

  8. Bama Bill

    So “To Hell with the Constitution”, “RIght to Work”, just turn the country over to Putin. We have 26 states that fought for “Right to Work”, Hillary say’s unions must be in all states. Guns, she says,”Turn ’em all in”, and put fossil fuels out of business!
    I say, keep coal, bring back off shore drilling, and get the “UNIONS out of GOVERNMENT”! That is the real problem. The VA workers are like the “Walking Dead”. I’m 72 and have never gotten any benefits! VA home loan, no seller will take one. Health benefits? Can’t get all the records needed in 90 days.

  9. mmazzi

    Evidencing quite dramatically that BO has no clue about this country due to being brought up in a controlled and hating atmosphere. No, there is no legacy but hatred; terror and intimidation. No points for that.

  10. Richard Bagenstose

    he ain’t on the ballet but his failed policies are , and hillary want more of the same he has done nothing in 8 yeas , tells his trolls what to do then goes back out to the golf course , and i want nothing to do with his failed america, because that is where he has taken us

    1. DEB52CARTER

      Again,,obama is part JEWISH,LIKE HIS MOM was.see above about his dad.,,OBAMA SR.was his step-dad.also,muslims dont drink alcohol.grorge soros is jewish,also.

  11. HMan570

    Worthless President and Hillary is just like Obozo. Neither one is worth the power to blow both of them to hell. 5 More Months of that ass hole and with luck we will be done with the Clintons.

  12. Jonathan Brooks

    Understand, I do NOT hate Barrack, because I do not hate the insane or psychopaths. Obama cannot help it. He is just deranged, in a very dangerous and vile way.

    I hate the constant invasion of my life by the Obama and company policies and laws, that cost me money in taxes, put me at risk with religiously demented Sunni Muslims invaders, and makes my life shorter with his death panel Obamacare killers.

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