Baseball Star Curt Schilling Planning To Run For President?

Retired Boston Red Sox star and pitcher Curt Schilling may be planning on running for president in the near future.

However, Schilling has been emphatic with his endorsement of Donald Trump.  He even added a bullet point summary of why he endorsed him, which read:

“I trust him.  I don’t agree with him on many things, that’s cool.  I also know that there is and never will be a candidate anywhere that I will agree with on everything.  That candidate doesn’t exist.  If you say it does, I think that makes you a sheep, someone afraid to have or voice an original, albeit unpopular, opinion at times.


While I don’t agree with him there are two incredibly important things he possesses that neither candidate on the Soviet ticket do.  He loves this country.  You can laugh, you can mock, but you also are full of crap if the current administration has ever given you the confidence that they love this nation above all else.


Trump will protect my family, and my loved ones.  I say that because Mr. Trump is where he is for one major reason.  He’s been successful because he understand that surrounding yourself with smart people and listening to them, then parsing ideas and deciding, is how you win.


Not all the time, but most of the time.  When he says he ‘will make the military great’ he means ‘I’m going to create a group of men and women I trust to rebuild the world’s greatest armed forces and then insure that you and your family are protected BEFORE looking out for the interests of others.


I firmly believe that to know the real heart and soul of a man, you look at his children.  Who are they, what are they, and how do they act?  I’ve never—even for a second—heard his children speak with anything but respect, courtesy, integrity and confidence.  While you may think they are spoon fed rich kids, experience tells me they have busted their asses to make their own way and be their own people.”

Schilling didn’t stop there.  He has a strong stance on illegal immigration as well, saying,

Eliminate all but five legal entry points to this country. One north, one south, one east, one west, as well as the port of Miami. Create a process by which violent criminals and terrorists never get into the country legally, for any reason.”

This is a strong endorsement of Trump’s policies.

But when asked if he’ll run in 2020, Schilling said,

I have no idea. It was an off-the-cuff mention about something I had pondered. The first hurdle to even contemplating that would be my better half’s blessing.”

Schilling did offer what the nation would get if he ran:

Someone in office with a passion for this nation and its history.  Someone with a pretty good grasp of the global picture. Someone who understands this job is not about one person, but about the person who surrounds themselves with the best brightest and most honest people. A leader cannot lead surrounded by a room of ‘yes men.”

 Schilling also acknowledged how well he knows the media and how good he is with them even though they, “lie its ass off to serve personal agendas.”

Clearly Schilling is supporting Donald Trump and has no intention of rivaling his candidacy, but he acknowledges how important this race is:

“There is no alternative to Mr. Trump this time.  I don’t intend that to be as bad as it may sound, having known Mr. Trump for about a decade.  


We need someone to clean up this God-awful mess we’ve been handed the past seven-plus years and to once again love the country more than themselves. I want someone that I know has my country and my family’s safety as a priority.


 Our government is supposed to provide for the safety and security of our nation and its citizens and provide for those unable to provide for themselves, period.


It has proven time and time again to be beyond inept in so many ways. Who has the ability to make that stop? I think I do.  But I sure as hell am not on the ticket!”

Schilling is not running for president this year, obviously, but his supporters and fans are calling for something different in 2020.

Does Schilling have what it takes?



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