Bernie Sanders Is Delusional If He Thinks Trump Will Let This Happen

Bernie Sanders (D-VT) remains a thorn in the side of conservatives everywhere.

His political career is falling into disarray after a scandalous FBI investigation has turned up unwanted ghosts from his past– yet Sanders is attempting to shift the media’s attention elsewhere by slandering President Trump.

His most recent hyperbolic narrative is one President Trump would never allow to come to fruition—even though the liberal media feeds into the delusional narrative.

In an interview with MSNBC’sMorning Joe’, Sen. Bernie Sanders claimed the Republican health care bill will result in deaths of a catastrophic toll.

Sanders wrongly believes repealing ObamaCare will leave thousands without access to medical care, when in reality, Americans need a better insurance system than the original Affordable Health Care Act.

Breitbart News reported:

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said the Republican health care bill that President Donald Trump is urging the Senate to pass was one of “the most destructive policies being proposed in our lifetimes.”


Sanders said, “I think at a frightening place, in a place where people all over this country are scratching their heads, they’re incredibly worried about the temperament of this president — I don’t have to tell you anything about that. But what we should not also ignore, it’s not just temperament and his stupid tweets, do not forget for a second that the policies that he is proposing are the most destructive policies being proposed in our lifetimes. This legislation that he is urging Congress to pass would throw 23 million Americans off of health insurance. How many of those people will die, we don’t know, but thousands of them will –that’s what we are talking about.”


He added, “I have spent the last month going to Pennsylvania, to Kentucky, to West Virginia, to Ohio to make just that point. The reason you have groups like the American Hospital Association, not the most progressive group in the world opposing this legislation, they understand it can make savage cuts to Medicaid, they will disappear. Where do people go to get the care if he’s talking about taking it away? Republicans talk about rights and freedom and choice, 2.5 million women have chosen Planned Parenthood. Trump did well with the working class people. Are you an older making $40,000 a year, if you are 60 years of age, your premiums will more than double.”

In the past, Sanders was vocally against ObamaCare due to its high premiums and care coverage costs.

During an interview with CNN in May, Sanders bashed ObamaCare for not catering to the needs of the American people.

The Vermont senator pushed for universal healthcare in his own political ideologies and thus has not been in support of either ObamaCare or the new Republican health care bill.

CNN reported:

Now, as you indicated, of course, Obamacare has serious problems. Deductibles are too high. Premiums are too high. The cost of healthcare is going up at a much faster rate than it should. Ideally, what — where we should be going is to join the rest of the industrialized the world and guarantee health care to all people as a right.

Rather than offer advice for a reasonable health care system, the socialist-leaning senator used facts of the disastrous law to promote his method of madness – universal healthcare.

Months later, he continues his rant against the new healthcare plan, yet offers no help to create a better system.

Do you think Bernie Sanders is delusional for claiming thousands would die without ObamaCare?

Would you vote for him for President, considering his socialist background and general ignorance?

Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.



12 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Is Delusional If He Thinks Trump Will Let This Happen

  1. Fredrick Rehders

    Your last sentence is a, “do you still beat your wife and abuse your children” question! In a court of law it is call LEADING THE WITNESS! I am a Constitutional Conservative and a Capitalist, so I would never vote for an idiot like Sanders, but you are not interested in what anyone thinks when you post crap, like this!

    1. Glanda Widger

      What? Who are you talking to and did we read the same article? Although I agree Sanders is an idiot.

      1. Fredrick Rehders

        Well for starters, I was not talking to, or about you, Glanda, unless you penned the article, under a different name. My reply to the blogger was very intentionally pointed at the last sentence in the article and my point was regarding the adolescent manner in which the author presented the material. I prefer to read the facts and arrive at my own conclusion, not have an obvious conclusion presented as a rhetorical question. I am not highly educated, but I did get through the ninth grade. I took the liberty to check some of your previous posts and I’m pretty sure that we are on the same side! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to clear that up. It was not my intention to be obtuse. FR

        1. Glanda Widger

          Okay thanks for clearing that up. I was confused as to what you meant . I am old ,70 and very literal so sometimes something does not seem clear to me. Actually that was a lie, I am 70, but not old, but am very literal. Have a good evening. But I now see what you were saying.

          1. Fredrick Rehders

            Please tell me 70 is NOT OLD! I was trying to make out what that emblem on your left chest is. I enlarged the photo to 250%, it appeared to be a 101st Abn. Div. Screamin’ Eagle, but too fuzzy to really tell. If so, I tip my hat to you, sir! If not, please know, that I do appreciate your courtesy. Best regards, Fred R.

  2. Frank

    Sanders is a socialist who has no message except to criticize all of his opponents he made erroneous statements about the health care bill without any facts to back up his statements- again just like the liberal democrats make up stuff just to confuse the general public because they immediately come out with criticism after something just comes out to the public before anyone even gets to read it -all socialist propaganda! His time is over with the FBI investigation into his wife’s bogus real estate swindle ( lied about amount of donor money)

  3. stopspending4

    It is far more probable that single payer or continuation of Ocare would necessitate rationing of health care. Emanuel said as much when he designed Ocare. Stats show more people would be trying to use the medical lproviders and more providers would be leaving the business. To the old that are happy to make the young pay more for their insurance so the old can pay less – you will be the first to feel the effects of rationing – need a new hip? too bad, the gov decided you are to old to waste resources – both medical resources and money – since you have lived a long life and have little to contribute now. sick children?? They are too expensive to provide extensive treatment with little to no “benefit” to society. The left has no problem killing babies in the womb, why would they think twice about withholding expensive treatment once they are born? To support my claim – look at the UK case of Charlie. The GOV demanded he not be allowed to use their resources but also demanded he could not leave the country to get treatment elsewhere (the US). Is that really what you want for our country? Free medical care for all looks great til you look at the details.
    btw, there is also some evidence that the opiod epidemic was the result of people who suddenly had free health care/meds going to the doctors who got them hooked on prescription oppiods. What other reason would make this problem explode as soon as people got free meds.

  4. Jim

    Crazy burny the thief and commie scumbag. He STILL inhales. Shoot this scumbag in both eyes. And the hog / thief he married.

  5. Cole Johnson

    ovomitcare already left millions without healthcare! That was the whole point behind ovomitcare! Put billions of dollars into a system designed to fail! It was all about stealing money from the tax payers! obama deserves a nice case of liver cancer!

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