Bernie Sanders is In Serious Hot Water

Bernie Sanders has faced several obstacles in his political career this year.

Between being the subject of a federal investigation as well as losing the presidential primaries, Sanders’ favor in the government may be faltering.

But Sanders has an even bigger problem to face–and it may mean trouble for his entire campaign team.

Sanders presidential campaign owes an outstanding amount in debt after losing the federal election.

The political team is said to not yet have paid bills from event venues and owes hundreds of thousands of dollars to major companies they worked with during the campaign.

Despite allegedly retaining about $5 million in leftover funding, Sanders is about $450,000 in debt–and has made no move to change that.

Sanders reportedly also owes enormous amounts of money to security details.

The Daily Caller reports:

While Sanders’ campaign racked up debt all across the country in Arizona, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington and Wisconsin, much of the outstanding debt is owed to localities in California. Sanders has visited the state often in search of a sympathetic audience to rally around his single payer health care push.

Sanders plans to return to his creditors’ home state in late September to make an appearance at a California Nurses Association convention in San Francisco. Sanders’ return to California is due to occur roughly one week after the expected roll out of his single payer health care legislation, “Medicare for All.”

The progressive single payer movement has found a home in California as Sens. Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren, likely 2020 primary rivals, have come out in support of Sanders’ bill.

Sanders office did not respond to a request for comment in time for publication.

Bernie Sanders’ fellow running mates, now-President Trump and Hillary Clinton, have settled all their running debts from the election.

Do you think Bernie Sanders’ political career is in ruins after he lost the election?

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14 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders is In Serious Hot Water

  1. Eldjr

    Debts of these sort are the kind of private-sector contracts which “Progressives” disdain. It’s no surprise that, in their willingness to ‘rob from Peter to pay Paul’, – and they’re always “Paul” – they’re also willing to stiff those people and businesses which agreed in good faith to provide them with the funding they wanted.

    So let this be a life-lesson: NEVER TRUST A SOCIALIST TO FULFILL A CONTRACT.

  2. rodschmuland

    Just look at the VA Health System and multiply it many more times to see how “Medicare for ALL” will work. As a veteran, let me give you a clue —- IT DOESN’T!

  3. George T Horvat

    The best way to shut this communist up is to tie his right arm behind his back. Just watch him speak if you don’t understand what I mean.

  4. Janis

    Typical leftie. Take the $5 million and run. Isn’t it amazing how the MSM is right on this story and covering it – NOT. Bernie and the Mrs. need to go to prison. Both of them are thieves masquerading as Social Crusaders.

    1. Wmichaelmic

      Aren’t all Democrats masquerading as social crusaders? That’s all they have got. Sounds good, but is a lot of smoke and mirrors to cover their real agenda – Socialism and Communism.

  5. Thomas Price

    Just another Dem look a like who think it is just fine to spend money you do not have. Maybe he can get his wife to pull off another bank fraud to pay his debt.

  6. Marialice Barone

    Why don’t they talk about how they are going to pay all the Clinicians..the only way it sort of works in England and Canada iscapping their salaries. Do you really think they will hold still for that.

  7. Marialice Barone

    If somehow salaries for Clinicians gets capped, medical schools and nursing programs will not be attractive and we will get inferior products England and Canada have to import them from 3rd world countries.

  8. wynswn

    Bernie, and His Wife, Need To Be Held Accountable For The $5 Million!
    Any Other Common American, Would Already Have Been Arrested.
    Why Do We Have 2 Sets Of Laws Within This Country?
    This Is Sickning!

  9. RG ODOM


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