Bill Clinton Tries To Raise Money In A Really Idiotic Way

The Clinton family never seems to cease in the creation of absurd financial schemes.

Usually in their quest for greed, they come up with some radical way to convince members of the political left to donate to the “important work” their organization is apparently carrying out.

Now former president Bill Clinton has found another way to raise money – but bizarrely enough, he will “donate” the money right back.

Bill Clinton recently claimed he would match any donations made to his family’s organization up to $100,000 dollars.

The fundraising scheme was promoted in an email, claiming the money would go to “important work” in regards to climate change, with little else information except how to pay.

The Daily Caller reports:

Former President Bill Clinton sent out a fundraising email Tuesday morning saying that he would personally match any donation made to the Clinton Foundation, up to $100,000.


Clinton is on the founder’s board of the Clinton Foundation and receives an average of $200,000 per speech.


The Foundation usually covers the cost of his hotel’s, lavish meals, private jets and private drivers, The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Richard Pollock reported.


“No matter how much you give, I’m committed to personally matching your gift, up to $100,000, so we can double the impact of your support,” an email sent out by the Clinton Foundation said.


Clinton claims that the funds are going towards “important work” concerning climate change, improving lives around the world and raising money for new politicians.

Bill Clinton’s income comes primarily from appearances, like the ones for the Clinton Foundation.

So has he lost his mind?

Is Bill Clinton attempting to raise more money for his company, by spending it all right back?

There is no question whether Clinton can afford to match the donations, as his most recent net worth was appraised at $80 million.

The Daily Caller reports:

There is no doubt that Clinton can easily match donations, as his most recent net worth puts him at $80 million, according to The Richest, a site documenting the fortunes of celebrities.


But his plan is baffling.

What is even more confusing is the nature of the fundraiser itself.

Very little information is provided, other than donors being told that their money will go to “important work”.

The Daily Caller reports:

“We’ve fought on the frontlines of climate change, empowered new community leaders, and improved millions of lives around the globe. But we still have so much important work left to do,” Clinton said.

The Clinton family is certainly not known for their legal upstanding, so the former president may find himself in hot water if he does not match the donations as promised.

Time will tell what the fundraiser is actually for, but more than likely, Clinton is looking to line his own pockets rather than help with “important work”.

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6 thoughts on “Bill Clinton Tries To Raise Money In A Really Idiotic Way

    1. way2confused

      yes they will. One only needs to look to AlGore who created a company that “sells” carbon credits which he claims he too buys. BUT what Gore is essentially doing is taking money out of his left pocket to pay for the “carbon credits” and puts it into his personal account located in his right pocket.

      These liberals try to make you think they “care” about the poor, the earth, whatever yet basically play the shell game and really never give anything. but make it look like they do on paper. They only know how to spend other peoples money.

  1. jreg9304

    Just another shim scam flim flam scheme to fleece the ignorantly unwise American population of the hood winked left. When are you liberals going to learn that the Clinton’s don’t care a bit about any of you. All they want is your hard earned green backs

    Wake up and smell the rotting stink that they really are!!!

  2. Derek McGowan

    We should never be surprised that wealthy Clinton supporters would give Bill money even if it went in one pocket and out into the other. In particular Deep State supporters are keen to keep the Clinton’s image on the front page as they have too much at stake to have Bill or Hiliary to get caught. Bill made a telling remark before the election that he would wrap up the courts if Hiliary was ever charged with wrong doing after she won the election. He apparently inferred that they could keep the courts in knots for the whole period of her possible Presidential term. Such is the power of the political elite. Keeping the name of Clinton on everyone’s lips is essential for them to launch Chelsea into the political arena. Prison should be the only option.

  3. ReaperHD

    The problem with this is that how many STUPID DUMBAZZ LIBTURDS will give to this Chief SCAMMER Expresident. Life would really suck if the CRIME FAMILY CLINTONS would have to drive themselves to the store.

  4. way2confused

    The Clinton’s are scam artists who worship the almighty dollar. Here is how I think this scheme actually works. Someone donates, say $500K, it goes into the foundation then a check is written from the foundation to the foundation. Bill and Hillary give nothing in actuality.

    They have to do something as donations to their money laundering and lifestyle improvement fund, is woefully lacking in donations since Shrillery lost the election. And how will poor Chelsea survive in her multi-million dollar apartment in NYC and the lovely home next to her parents in Chappaqua? None of them work, so they need to get creative and try to get suckers to buy into this money grabbing scheme. My guess is they may get smaller donations, but no more million dollar bonanzas

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