Bill Clinton’s Rape Victim Is Now Living In Fear For Her Life

Juanita Broaddrick claimed Bill Clinton raped her in the 1970s.

She has re-emerged as a fierce Clinton critic this election cycle.

And now she has a frightening new message.

In a recent interview, Broaddrick claimed she is selling her house because she is in fear for her life.

The American Mirror reports:

“Bill Clinton rape accuser Juanita Broaddrick says she is selling her house because she fears for her life.


Speaking to World Alternative Media, the woman who claims then-Arkansas Attorney General Bill Clinton raped her in 1978, says, “I don’t feel safe anymore.”


“I have my home up for sale now because I live alone in a huge home on 23 acres. It’s just an absolutely gorgeous place,” Broaddrick says.


“I’ve loved it all these years but I just don’t feel safe anymore.”


Broaddrick says she will be building a home on her son’s property.


She adds she will fear for her life even more if Hillary Clinton becomes president.


“Especially if she does become president, I’ll fear even more the retribution I might suffer,” Broaddrick said.”

But why does Broaddrick fear for her life?

She describes a previous encounter with Hillary that left her frightened.

The Mirror also reports:

“It was so cold, but then the second expression was frightening. Here she is and she’s standing below me, looking up at me and saying these very frightening things.”


Broaddrick says she couldn’t believe Hillary “came into that function and came straight to me.


“There was nobody she went to before, except it looked like to ask where I was and if I was there, I guess. My heart started really pumping. My heart started beating really fast when she started walking toward me and I was trying to figure out a way to get out, but I couldn’t. She was between me and the door.


“And so I just tried to relax as she came over to me but after she changed her tone and grabbed my hand, I just wanted to get out of there. It scared the heck out of me.


“All she did was let me know she knew and I better stay quiet. That’s the essence of what I got out of that.”


And she says it affected her life because “I kept quiet, up until 1998,” when she met with attorneys for Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr.”

But now Broaddrick refuses to remain silent.

After Hillary declared that all rape victims have the right to be believed, many questioned why this standard never applied to Broaddrick.

The backlash was so fierce that Clinton quietly scrubbed the line from her website.

In a world where Social Justice Warriors declare virtually all sex as “rape culture”, the fear Broaddrick now has to live in – because she accused a powerful man of rape – is stunning.

Silencing a victim of rape or sexual assault is one the biggest no-no’s in the current liberal social justice movement.

However, the rules never apply to the Clintons.

And now this woman feels her life may be in danger – because she named Bill Clinton as her rapist.



One thought on “Bill Clinton’s Rape Victim Is Now Living In Fear For Her Life

  1. Dusty

    I believe this lady but am also concerned she gives out too much personal information. To be on a more secure feeling she should not reveal about selling her property or where she plans living afterwards. NOT a good idea for her own savety.

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