Black Activists Want White Population To Buy Into Monthly Support Fees

12-7-16-cr-3Liberal protesters are at it again; this time, launching a monthly “subscription box” targeted for support of the black population by so-called “white supremacist” groups.

The Daily Caller reports:

Liberal black activists have launched a monthly “subscription box” designed for white people “to not only financially support Black femme freedom fighters, but also complete measurable tasks in the fight against white supremacy.”

The subscription box was named “Safety Pin Box” and was launched last week. The name came from the millennial and leftist fad of wearing a safety pin to show support of “minority protections”.

The group that invented the box was headed by Leslie Mac and Marissa Janae Johnson.

Johnson is an active member of the group Black Lives Matter, and even interrupted a campaign speech by Democratic nominee Bernie Sanders in the 2016 election.

There are four types of box subscriptions an “ally” can purchase. An ally is the company’s term for “white comrades”, referring to the supposedly guilty populace the company is marketing to.

The first service is electronic only, and is essentially a call to aid minority groups “in times of trouble”.

The Daily Caller reports:

There are four different types of subscriptions offered by the group. The “e-ally box” is $25 a month and is “an electronic form of solidarity.” It comes with “exclusive ‘calls to action’ when urgent ally services are needed in times of crisis.” Ally is a term used by Black Lives Matter activists to describe white comrades.

The next level of box includes an actual safety pin to wear, as well as a list of tasks one must do to help their minority members of their community.

The Daily Caller reports:

There is then the “premiere” box subscription which costs $100 a month. This includes a “physical ‘safety pin’ box shipped to you with guided ally tasks for the month. Tasks will vary in scope from individual to group assignments, and task categories include data collection, personal development, influencing your networks, and showing radical compassion.”

There is also a box called the “Revenge Box”, which is meant to be sent to those that align themselves with conservative values or those who supported Trump.

The Daily Caller reports:

Another option they offer besides subscription is the one-time “Revenge Box” which costs $50. The description says: “Send this box to a Trump supporter, bigot, or white supremacist of our choice.”

The recipient of one of these boxes gets “a link to a website that features highlights of the current movement for Black lives and stories of Black excellence.”

Safety Pin Box has yet to comment on the number of subscribers they have, and this is not the first time an online campaign was launched to gain funds from “guilty” white individuals.

Such pointed targeting of conservative groups is inexcusable, and is only leading to the divisiveness clearly evident in the country today.

Black Lives Matter, and other liberal protest groups, target white individuals as a whole and try to force white guilt on them.

The group should not expect reparations to be made or use accused white guilt as a marketing technique.

What are your thoughts?

Do you think that individuals should subscribe to the Safety Pin Box service?

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  • Jake319

    This sounds just like gen mc crystal “Zunni awaking” in Iraq… They paid every Zunni in Ramadi $280/week to not kill American troops.
    That was cheap cause these same Zunni fighters, later known as ISSI were killing and wounding American troops with no problem…

  • Jackie

    The mostly uneducated blacks are already receiving money for welfare, money for each of their children, healthcare and most do not work! Whoever came up with the idea of another “gimme” program must have dust inside their head(s). NO WAY WILL THIS HAPPEN.

  • bryan beane

    Are you serious, another liberal i dont want to earn my own money scam.

  • David Stewart

    I already pay for these terrorists thru my taxes for policing!

  • jtm0071 .

    Who thought of this one Obama?