Black Leaders Defend Trump

While the media continues their smear campaign against Donald Trump, attempting to portray him as a racist, leaders in the Black community are speaking out in defense of Trump.

Most recently, Pastor Mark Burns acknowledged Trump wasn’t the typical Republican, and pointed out that Trump’s clashes with the GOP establishment are a good thing.

Pastor Burns is confident in Trump’s ability to get things done, and said Trump cares about the real issues facing the Black community.

Breitbart reports:

“You’re going to hear how he’s really concerned about the educational system, and why our children, in many urban communities, are failing. They are doomed to fail the day they enter the school system, because the public schools are so under-performing. And Donald Trump is saying, we’ve got to give parents the right to choose schools.


You’re going to hear him talking about law enforcement, and police brutality, and why he is the law-enforcement candidate, but he also has compassion for those who felt, in some cases, that they were targeted simply because of the color of their skin, and how he would tolerate no abuse of power,” Burns continued. “Whether it be on the Executive Branch level, the State Department, like Hillary Clinton, or a common police officer who is taking advantage of his power, abusing people, because he just gets a kick out of it.


Donald Trump will be the President of all races,” he declared. “We’ll hear him talking about jobs, and how many African-Americans are unemployed across this country, but we’ve got to challenge that, and how we’re going to do that.”

Pastor Burns criticized the Democrats and the Obama administration’s failure to reach the Black community, and accused them of creating a welfare state which promotes poverty instead of solutions.

At the Republican National Convention, Burns spoke to a room of fired-up Republicans and said,

Listen, Republicans, it is so important, Republicans, that we come together to defeat Hillary Clinton and those race-baiting Democrats.”

Breitbart reports Burns’ frustration with the Democrats and their policies:

“Not only that, how we murder our babies. We can’t declare ‘black lives matter’ when black baby lives don’t matter,” Burns continued. “African-Americans make up 13,14 percent of America’s population, but yet we make up over 40 percent of abortions in America right now. That’s a lot of dead, murdered black babies.”

Burns continued on to say Donald Trump has been speaking to America from day one, which includes the Black community.

Do you agree with Pastor Burns that Trump will do wonders for the Black community if elected President?

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