Black Lives Matter Activists Vandalized Trump’s Hotel

Republican nominee Donald Trump recently opened his Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C.

It was barely open but for a few weeks before being vandalized.

The culprits appear to be supporters of the controversial Black Lives Matter movement.

Violence has defined the Black Lives Matter movement ever since they appeared on the scene in the wake of Michael Brown – who was killed after starting a fight with police officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri.

And riots have continued to follow, spreading into the other cities where black men have been killed in confrontations with police.

Violence, arson, and the targeting of white people and police officers for assault exploded in cities like Baltimore, Charlotte, and St. Paul.

But now Black Lives Matter can add vandalism to their list of attacks.

Politico reports that Trump’s hotel was spray painted with pro-Black Lives Matter graffiti:

“On October 1st at approximately 4:03 p.m., officers received a call about destruction of property at the 1100 block of Pennsylvania Avenue NW, which is also the Trump International Hotel,” Metropolitan Police Department spokeswoman Aquita Brown said. “We are investigating an offense of defacing public and private property.”


One of the phrases said simply, “Black Lives Matter.” The other said “No Justice, [No] Peace,” with the second “no” conveyed by a red slash. Photos posted online suggested the two tags were signed by someone using the name “Van.”


Brown said that as of early Sunday afternoon there had been no arrests in connection with the incident.


Removing the spray paint could be routine at an ordinary building, but the Trump Hotel operates under special requirements imposed by its 60-year lease with the federal government.


Many of the restrictions requiring consultation with preservationists and federal officials are aimed at preserving the historic Old Post Office building even as Trump attempts to operate a luxury hotel in the 125-year-old facility.”

 The racially charged group has achieved near legendary status with the left.

Politicians who initially said “All Lives Matter” were heckled until they recanted their views.

Obama invited the Black Lives Matter leaders to the White House and bestowed upon them the stamp of institutional legitimacy – meanwhile – their supporters were chanting for the death of police officers at a state fair in Minnesota.

Hillary Clinton, also, has met with some of the group’s high-in-command to increase the enthusiasm among black voters for her campaign.

But despite the high minded statements from leading Democrats, a trail of property destruction and chaos often follows.

Liberals have only encouraged this violence against Trump.

With Hillary Clinton as the ringleader, Democrats have smeared Trump as a racist and a bigot.

So Black Lives Matter supporters picked up on their cues and vandalized Trump’s property.

And yet, liberal pundits have written countless think-pieces about the supposed lack of civility in the Trump campaign and the violence he’s encouraged.

But it’s the Trump supporters who are routinely attacked by vicious mobs of radical leftists – and it’s Trump’s property that has been defaced.

Clearly the lack of civility and acts of violence in this election have been egged on and carried out by none other but the left.



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  1. jake hoek

    Such actions of this pundits, encouraged by Hitlery and Hussein, create justified resentment in law abiding citizens, which will be twisted into reason for hate crime prosecution by the INSANE LEFTIST!

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