BLM Chains Police Doors in Oakland

Black Lives Matter activists rejected an overture from the Oakland Police Department for a friendly dialogue between the force and the disgruntled community.

Following the example set by other police departments in reaching out constructively to the Black Lives Matter faction, Oakland Police were hosting a BBQ for the public to build relations.

This event was interrupted by a Black Lives Matter protest.

CBS San Francisco reports:

Protesters have chained themselves to the doors of the Oakland Police Officers’ Association offices Wednesday afternoon to call for the city to divest significantly from the Police Department, organizers said.


Multiple people are locked to the front doors of the building at 555 Fifth St. in downtown Oakland as of about 2:30 p.m., and intend to remain there for 24 hours, according to the activists.


The protest is organized by Black Lives Matter, the Anti-Police Terror Project, the Black Youth Project 100 and other organizations.


A small crowd gathered around the chained protesters, who used bicycle locks and heavy chains to lock themselves to the glass doors. Some protesters have also locked themselves to the doors of a San Francisco Police Credit Union branch located in the same building.

Chaining the doors to the Police Officers’ Association offices shut, and using bicycle locks to affix themselves to the doors, BLM protestors called for the Oakland PD to be slashed by at least 50%.

BLM protestors became enraged when the Oakland PD sought to build goodwill and improve relations with the civilian population around them by holding a cookout.

The protestors remained chained for roughly 24 hours over general issues of police conduct nationwide, as well as recent scandals close to home.

The Oakland Police Department is current dealing with what is described as “the most trying time” in its history.

A police commission has been proposed to deal with a recent scandal over the possible sexual exploitation of an underage girl by OPD officers. There are also other allegations of police misconduct being reviewed.

There is talk of putting a measure before voters on whether to create an independent commission of seven people who would have the power to remove the police chief.

The Police Officers’ Association has responded that no decision made by the voters would legally bind the department, or force it to violate the terms of individual officers’ contracts.

While the Black Lives Matter activists called for the police force’s budget — and presumably its actual efforts — to be cut by 50% or more, no answers were offered from the BLM group as to how the Oakland community would remain stable with such a reduction in policing.

Black Lives Matter as a movement has created an environment of fear and hostility in America through its use of violent protests, interstate roadblocks, and a long stream of BLM related attacks on police officers.

Tensions have recently spiked over the separate killings of black men in Louisiana and Minnesota — both deaths captured on camera. BLM activists wasted no time labeling the shootings as murders. Police investigations are still ongoing.

Days after the Minnesota shooting, a dozen officers were shot in an ambush during a BLM protest in Dallas, with five dying from their wounds. Since then, numerous police officers across the country have become victims of ambush-style killings by black men specifically targeting police.

It seems unlikely that the Oakland Police Department will agree to the terms of the BLM protestors.



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