Brett Kavanaugh Was Slammed With The Extremely Bad News That He Was Dreading

Ever since Donald Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, Democrats have hunted around for a way to neutralize him.

After months of failure, liberals may have struck pay dirt.

And Justice Kavanaugh was just slammed with the bad news he was dreading.

For weeks, rumors that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg would retire hovered over the Supreme Court.

Doctors had recently removed cancerous tumors from the liberal Justice’s lungs.

Following her surgery, she missed weeks of Supreme Court oral arguments.

But she finally showed up back to work and Americans across the political spectrum were pleased she recovered.

However, they wondered if Ginsberg would be able to perform her duties “full steam ahead” as she had indicated.

A Ginsberg retirement would create a third Supreme Court vacancy for Donald Trump.

That would allow the President to replace the most far-left member on the court with a conservative, creating a six to three majority for Republican appointees.

A five Justice majority is not enough for conservatives.

Chief Justice John Roberts is an institutionalist first and a conservative second—meaning he cares more about the “reputation” of the court with the liberal media than he does handing down principled and ideologically sound judicial decisions.

And there are multiple instances of Roberts selling out conservatives in order to claim the court is “above politics.”

Roberts famously rewrote the Obamacare individual mandate to be a tax and not a penalty to please Obama and the media ahead of the 2012 Presidential election.

More recently, Roberts sided with the court’s four liberals Justices to keep a lower court ruling in place that blocked President Trump’s changes to asylum laws.

Roberts then proceeded to stab conservatives in the back by allowing a lower court to block a Louisiana law that said doctors performing abortions needed to have hospital admitting privileges.

The Chief Justice hit the trifecta when he once again voted with the court’s four liberal Justices to overturn a lower court’s decision that would have allowed Texas to proceed with the execution of death row inmate Bobby James Moore.

Roberts overturned the lower court’s decision claiming the court had not correctly interpreted the 2017 Supreme Court case.

The Chief Justice made this ruling despite the fact that he wrote a dissent in that 2017 case.

Conservatives are baffled by Roberts behavior.

When liberal Justices hand down sweeping left-wing decisions, no one ever accuses them of playing politics.

But when the Republican Senate Majority confirmed Kavanaugh, liberals panicked that their landmark decisions like Roe v. Wade were in danger.

So they quickly turned up a public relations pressure campaign on Chief Justice Roberts.

If the media can turn Roberts into the “swing vote,” then the left will have neutralized Kavanaugh’s appointment.

That is because conservatives will not own a true majority on the court despite five of the Justices having been appointed by Republican Presidents.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



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