Bye Bye Harry Reid

After 34 years in Congress, Harry Reid is finally leaving Washington.

Reid spent his political career opposing conservative principles and teaming up with Nancy Pelosi to pass crippling legislation such as Obamacare.

And while Reid claims he is retiring because his race would have “taken money away from other key races”, it’s clear Reid is leaving because he sees the writing on the wall.

As Breitbart reported earlier this year, although no one saw Trump surging to be America’s next President, the Democrats knew they were in trouble.

Breitbart reported:

“But the real reason Reid is retiring may have nothing to do with any of these excuses and everything to do with his concerns that a possible Republican Presidential victory in 2016 would lead to the appointment of a Republican Attorney General in January 2017.”

As Harry Reid’s time in the Senate comes to a close, he’s not bowing out humbly and accepting defeat with grace.

In fact, in typical Harry Reid style, he’s exiting the Senate and blaming everyone else around him for Hillary’s crushing loss.

Instead of admitting his failed leadership and the demise of the Democratic Party, Reid blamed Trump’s surge to victory on FBI Director Comey and the Koch brothers.

And with Trump set to take office, Reid still refuses to accept the fact the Democrats are in trouble.

Politico reports:

“They have Trump, I understand that. But I don’t think the Democratic Party is in that big of trouble,” Reid said in a half-hour interview with Politico on Wednesday, one day before he’ll deliver his farewell address. “I mean, if Comey kept his mouth shut, we would have picked up a couple more Senate seats and we probably would have elected Hillary.”

Reid’s out of touch remarks show he still refuses to admit Hillary’s corruption with regards to sending and receiving classified emails from a private server, which promoted the FBI investigation to begin with.

Instead, Reid believes Hillary is above the law, and should have been elected President regardless of her criminal past.

But the American people spoke loud and clear on Election Day, and elected Trump to be America’s next Commander in Chief.

It’s clear the American people are fed up with political insiders who think they are above the law.

Harry Reid still doesn’t understand his ways aren’t working and were blatantly rejected on Election Night.

And now, with Republicans controlling the White House and both chambers of Congress, anything can happen.

Many voters, concerned with the future balance of the Supreme Court, voted for Trump because he pledged to appoint pro-life and conservative justices.

Reid warned his Party to not let Trump get “wacky” Supreme Court nominees through.

Politico continues:

“Though the filibuster is Democrats’ best weapon against Trump, Reid said it would be a “mistake” for his party to reflexively oppose whatever Trump proposes. But the outgoing minority leader also wants Democrats to stand firm for their core principles, urging lawmakers to do “everything in their power” to block “wacky” Supreme Court nominees and to not be “complicit” in supporting GOP priorities like tax cuts for the rich and repealing Obamacare.”

However, Reid’s out of touch instructions show he still doesn’t get it.

Do you think the Senate will be better off with Harry Reid gone?

If so, write a farewell message to Harry Reid in the comments below.

  • willis owen

    Harry,you just don’t get it do you?your a stupid little man lieing,crooked politician you ,need to come out in the real world and get another beating !!!!

  • David Stewart

    What a foolish question”would the Senate be better without Harry”; shoot, the KKK would be better without Harry!

  • notrig

    Mr Reid was without a doubt Obama’s biggest puppet.
    He alone prevented votes on a budget for 4 plus years.
    NO BUDGET which goes directly against the constitution.
    But… we know Mr Obama has never cared about the constitution.
    Well the American people finally said enough and said no to the 3rd term of Obama with Hillary.
    Thank God……and go away Harry… will not be missed.

  • bzzoff

    You have no idea how ‘OFTEN’ I HAVE WONDERED WHEN YOUR old ASS would LEAVE the Senate. Now of course we will NOT hold our Breath until it’s Official!

    THEN we’re going to VOTE a Conservative into your Position if possible. I don’t think that going to be a difficult TASK Harry.

    I JOIN in with the ‘other’ Millions of Americans in saying that you have made us VERY HAPPY harry. Very much so!