California to Radicalize Public Education

California Students As Young As Seven-Years-Old Will Now Be Brainwashed Into The Left’s Propaganda Regarding The ‘LGBT Community’.

According to NBC, San Diego:

The State Board of Education adopted the updates as part of a broader overhaul of       California’s history and social science curriculum.


[The new guidelines] weave references to gay Americans and events throughout the       history and social science curriculum, starting in second grade through discussions about diverse families and again in fourth grade with lessons on California’s place in the gay rights movement.


The guidelines also touch on the topics in fifth and eighth grade — looking at gender      roles in the 18th and 19th centuries and examples of individuals who flouted them — and throughout high school.

Public education in California will now revolve heavily around liberal indoctrination of the LGBT agenda.

Children will be required to support “gay marriage” in their answers and essays.  They’ll be taught that Christian teachings on traditional marriage are morally wrong.  They’ll even be taught that the genders ‘male’ and ‘female’ are completely fictional – and encouraged to invent their own personal ‘gender’.

And don’t believe for a second these lessons will be restricted to the broad category of “history and social science”.

Obama’s Common Core guidelines call for LGBT propaganda to be incorporated into even science and mathematics lessons.

Every topic, in nearly every grade, will now have to teach radical LGBT ideology with no consideration made for the children of families who object to these teachings.

With it being slipped into nearly every lesson, it will be impossible for Christian parents and others who disagree to stay on top of the many objectionable ideas being shoved into their children’s minds.

Christian opposition to these guidelines and the laws that spawned them has been strong from the start.  Many parents object to young children being taught they must admire homosexual practices and the homosexual lifestyle.

This is a blatant violation of parental rights and the First Amendment’s guarantee of religious liberty.

Indoctrination at this level will only serve to train children into the mindset of the left.

One can only assume this massive education heist is the necessary predecessor to “gender neutral” or “transgender” bathrooms – now that the children have been mentally prepped for it.

While public schools often claim to be a faith-neutral zone, the truth is school systems like California’s will promote and endorse any faith or ideology that conflicts with Christian or conservative values.

California parents will need to exercise extreme caution going into the new school year in regards to the lessons now being taught to their children.

  • Palomar Jack

    So, just what are you all going to do about it. Ignore it and hope it goes away, no doubt. After they have children indoctrinated into this, it’ll be pot and finally other drugs, then they’ll have what they want, 80% of the population pacified. Don’t believe it? Can’t happen here? And an outright marxist would never be seen in the oval office, either.